Wednesday 24 February 2016

Batman Game Bane Crew.

This past week has been really busy hobby wise. I have decided to goto the Titan Games Batman tournament after being asked a few times by Pulp Citizen I have decided to have a crack. My last batman game with my Penguin Crew things finally began to twig with the rules.

I have enjoyed learning the game with my Penguin Crew and they are far from finished but I fancied something different for the tournament and besides the large numbers make them quite unwieldy to manage. I plan to get more free agents such as Deadshot, Catman and perhaps Copperhead (I still like the model Pulp Citizen :P )

Anyway my new crew I have settled on is a Bane one. The main reason I really like the military/mercenary look to the warband. Bane is a nice imposing model and I can choose 3 flavours of Bane to lead the crew. Also with the DKR Bane I can dip in my toes with the League of Shadows.

Now someone happened to be selling a Bane starter and Merc set 2 (unpainted and unassembled) on one of the facebook groups and this was to good an offer to refuse! The crew was rapidly started :). They arrived last Wednesday afternoon and in a blur of activity I managed to get them all assembled, based and painted in 3 days finishing Bane Saturday evening. (I have been on  leave).  I still have more to add to it to bring it up to the full 350 rep $1500 required for the tournament which is on March 19th. I have another merc set on there way (hopefully arriving tomorrow). I want to add a free agent but can't decide again neet make my mind up by end of week in order to get the model painted in time.

I have had my first run out with the Crew (Borrowed Deadshot and proxied some gaps) They played quite well a lot easier and with some of their traits (Veteran on most henchmen) more forgiving when planning actions for the turn.

The main man himself I lost him in my first game I let him get pounced on by the Court of Owls Butcher and one of the O'Malley Henchmen he was knocked on his ass then stabbed repeatedly by the smaller henchmen removing him from play before I could rescue him. (Bad deployment on my part didn't help) Though the game ended with Bane 36vps to the Courts 32vps (Counts as a draw tournament wise) I was quite pleased I had managed to catch up with PC's early lead in the first few turns and started to take over towards the end I nearly could of pipped a few more VP's in the last turn but the dice gods were against me with Dallas rolling triple 1s when I really need to finish off Branden O'Malley in the final turn.

Here is the main man himself. This version comes in the starter set and is known as Origin Bane. Nice thing about this guy is that he is all one piece :)

Next up is Dallas equipped with an Assault rifle he is the ranged firepower of the group. Undecided on any extra gear for him at the moment certainly Night Vision goggles (Unlimited vision) and either extra ammo or Grapnel gun(bat claw). Dallas was probably the fiddliest to put together right arm with rifle, left arm, body and head. The arms were annoying to line up but I got him together in the end.

Next in the gang is one of my favourite miniatures out the set McGregor. This one comes in three pieces legs, body and right fore arm with machete on.

Another Melee fighter named perfectly is Smash wasn't so much fiddly to assemble bit had some awkward gaps to fill where his arms attached to hammer join his shoulders/waist.

The Starter crew completed :)

The additional blister I got was the Bane Thug Set 1 (These can only be used in a pure Bane Crew no LoS crossover)

First up is the Venom Soldier another tough melee fighter he has the bodyguard trait meaning if I keep close to Bane (which I didn't do in my first game) he can soak some of the damage from his leader. This guy is three pieces legs body and the backpack with pipes quite simple to put together really.

The second thug in the set is TNT (He is a bit special in the fact he has Elite 'Soldier of Fortune' trait which hints at least one more character like him and a special boss in order to take more  than one in of his kind in a crew) I really like this mini as well really intimidating. Sadly I can't fit him and Dallas in the same Crew they eat up all the cash leaving very little for gear or other characters. I may one day take pure Bane mercs in a friendly game and see how things work out :)

The Elite Duo

The whole crew so far.

Sunday 21 February 2016

Pulp City Nuclear Jones

The Second Pulp City Character finished this year is Nuclear Jones a level 2 Support character again he belongs to the Heavy Metal faction and is a Heroic Supreme. With Lady Cyburn and Dr Mercury from last year it brings me up to 5 levels ready for my Heavy Metal Faction. I will have a Blaster, Support and Brawler character ready giving me a more balanced team.

The Trio so far. I have one more Heavy Metal Character to paint up then I need to buy some more for this faction! Really like the look of Tomcat especially. Giant Hadon looks ace as well not sure how i'd go about painting such a huge figure though.




Giant Hadron

Saturday 20 February 2016

Pulp City Lady Cyburn

Well hot off the painting table for Pulp City this week is the lovely Lady Cyburn from part of the Heavy Metal faction and a level  blaster hero. My Plan is to get a level 12 Heavy Metal team prepared ready to have a game with Pulp Citizen at some point in the future. I have a couple more characters being worked on. So watch this space.

Wednesday 17 February 2016

Pulp City Villains Starter Set Review

The Second starter set I picked up was the Villains naturally I wanted adversaries for the Heroes I picked up. You can view the Hero set review Here. Also If your interest in the rulebook review click Here.

For more information and background on the rich and wonderful universe it set pop over to the main website and have a browse.

Anyway onto the Villains starter. It comes in a similar size box to the Heroes Starter with lovely artwork and painted examples of the contents within.

The rear of the box naming the characters and telling you what inside.
All nice and neatly packaged with foam padding to protect the figures.
You get a quick reference and quick play rules sheet with it so you can start playing straight away. 

Character cards for each Supreme in the boxed set, stats on the front and then attacks etc HP etc on the back.

The figures are gorgeous the only real difference is that some of these come in a few more pieces. Nuke has separate hands and Anansi has her right arm. The castings are nice and crisp again very few moldlines. The joins are socketed nicely and It took me a few second to clip off the hand and glue them onto Nuke and Anansi's arm was a doddle to just glue on.

The detail is fabulous and and it is not so much that you feel daunted by it either.
 Nuke a level 2 Blaster

Aurelius is a tank character

Anansi is a rather cool looking Infiltrator.
The Trio Assembled
Based and ready to be primed :)

One thing I love about the Anansi figure is the out stretched arm the hand in particular is wonderfully cast. The fingers are all spread out or splayed? they are nice and firm they don't feel like they would be a weak point like you get with some metal models in the same pose.  Plus they are nicely cast sometimes you end up with blobby fingers or hands that lack detail and these are mint!

Monday 15 February 2016

Pulp City Hero Starter Set Review

In my last post I reviewed the Pulp City Supreme Edition Rulebook now onto the miniatures! First up I decided to have a crack at the Heroes Starter set.

There is ton of info on the heroes and villains of Pulp City over at there main site.

Front of the boxed set with fabulously painted versions of the figures within. Handy to refer to I find when painting.
The Rear of the box showing what you get inside.

Getting closer to those lovely pieces of metal. As you can see they are well packaged.
One thing I love about this is set is the figures are all in one piece. L-R Wildman, Ace of Wraiths and Tekkna

Also included in the starter set is a Quick Ref sheet and quick start rules which is a nice touch. Meaning you can get going straight away.

The character cards for each figure in the box stats on the front and then special rules, attacks etc on the rear. What is a great feature of the cards it has everything on there level of character, faction, hero, etc all you need to play the game is there. Of course you can sleeve them as well to protect them.

The miniatures.
Ace of Wraiths such a cool model. Ace is a Blaster character and his background is just as awesome. LINK

Wildman is a Brawler character and comes on a 40mm base. Another neat character love his background LINK

Tekkna I really love the detail on this mini and is a close favourite out of all the minis I have picked up so far.

Clean up took no time at all there was next to no moldlineto be honest and those that were there were removed with a few scrapes from a file. One thing I noticed was the tabs were quite chunky and they fit into the slots on there bases nice and snug. You can of course purchase your own bases for them and just snip it off and pin them to there new ones.

Based and ready to paint!

You can find them and many other gorgeous minis in the
Pulp City Store