Thursday 23 February 2017

WN Series 7 Competition

Back to the brush I won. Windsor and Newton are currently having a competition to win one of their Series 7 brushes. Just answer the question after watching the short 2 minute video and then fill out the just as small form.


Sunday 19 February 2017

Batman Miniature Game Schoolboy

Been a hectic week had meant to post this last week but never found the time. The wife had a surgery on her leg Monday so have been busy doing all the chores etc the op went well but rest and recovery has been hampered by Mrs Brummie catching the lurgy on top meaning every time she tried to sleep fits of coughing woke her up. On the mend though now so all good.

Anyway on to my post this is my final merc from the Bird and mercenaries booster for the Bane crew. As you can see he is armed with a rocket launcher a weapon only available to 2 or 3 crews now. There is an RPG for Joker crews but they are not quite the same rules wise. 

As per all ranged weapons they have a heavy funding cost weighing in at 33 $500 rep with 2 lots of ammo for his rocket launcher. I'm not sure how much mileage I'd get out of Schoolboy he is not as efficient as an Assault Rifle for damage output but could be useful against swarms with an explosive template and against armoured targets. My main concern is he only gets two shots off and can't move or fire either so if he misses then thats it nothing happens with the shot. I'd struggle to justify his funding in a typical came as you only get $1500 funding and this would be a significant chunk spent.

Interestingly though he has the Soldier of Fortune Trait and is the second with this trait (TNT being the first) If I wish to use more than one character with this trait then I have to include the Sidekick Bird as he is Soldier of Fortune Boss allowing you take more than one. I am hoping we see another one but i'm not sure what they'd be equipped with.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Batman Miniature Game AO Deathstroke

I hadn't planned on getting Deathstroke painted up but Pulp Citizen wants to try out his Green Goblin Spiderman miniature game crew (sort of uses Batman game rules) They whole crew comes in at 400 rep and the Green Goblin is quite a beast of a characters so I needed an upper end character to join my growing Suicide Squad list and Arkham Origin's Deathstroke fits that bill nicely.

I've still get a second version of Deadshot to finished the Will Smith version from the film.

I am quite pleased with how Deathstroke has turned out especially his armour. I have good solid base to doing a Scarecrow or Deathstroke crew as I have the Scarecrow crew set to assemble and paint at some point.

We will see how this character plays out. Deathstroke is quite fast has high defense and attacks as well as armour that can heal some damage once per game making him very durable.