Tuesday 26 December 2017

Post Apocalyptic Raider 'Eight Ball'

Ok so managed to get another figure finished before 2017 closes. I shan't say again that this is my last miniature again as who knows what will happen this week lol.

Eight Ball joins my raider clan and is a conversion from a Hasslefree Fantasy Football figure. It was a simple conversion. I drilled a hole in the top and bottom of her left hand and then added a plastic baseball bat from the old Wargames Factory Survivor sprues. I clipped it in half then glued it in the holes in the hand to make it more secure. The top of the bat has been made more post apocalyptic by adding some barb wire that I picked up online. I had planned to used it for adding to scenery. I shan't say that the Walking Deads Negan character bat Lucille had any influence over this choice as I built this model a good while before having seen him on the show back in this Post from Feburary 2016!

My Raider clan is coming together nicely I still have a good few more to add. Mostly the Classic Grenadier Scavengers. Though I still have the not 'Master Blaster' to paint up and is sitting looking at me on my paint table at the moment.

Also in the New Year there are some awesome Post Apocalyptic Characters coming out from Crooked Dice as well as a boxed set expansion for second edition. Rumours are there are some new Vehicle rules in it and it will cover Post Apocalypse in broader terms than just focusing on zombies. I am really excited for it.

These Gorgeous girls are due for release January 1st 2018

This Dastardly looking Apocalyptic dog was teased on Christmas Day. I haven't a pigeon when he will be released or who will accompany him.

Friday 22 December 2017

Crooked Dice Henchmen

Probably my final two miniatures of 2017 as the Christmas holidays are now upon us and its time for family and not for hobby (well maybe a little bit lol). I didn't really plan to finish this duo from Crooked Dice I started work on Jaws as the pallette was rather similar to Minerva whom I finished last week. Nick Nack was finished quite quickly mostly painted in black then picking out the a few bits of his shirt hear and there and his after squinting a lot at him his tiny derringer.

Jaws is my favourite Bond Henchmen and my third version I have done of him now. This has to be my favourite version it captures him perfectly. I mounted him on a larger 40mm base as I plan to re-skin a Marauding Monster archetype as the infamous character. Switching around some effects and printing a new card using the card generator on The 7TV Studios Casting Agency 

 Nick Nack is just one of the memorable henchmen. This again capture him perfectly. I am not sure which archetype to base his character on I have got to put my thinking cap on for this one.

 Just to show the size of the duo next to what I would call an average 28mm figure.

Monday 18 December 2017

Statuesque Miniatures Minerva

Finishing off some odds and ends on the paint table this week. This is Minerva from Statuesque minatures Pulp Alley range. Single piece casting and comes in as part of a duo with Captain Wolf. I really love the Pulp Alley range done by Statuesque figures the miniatures are just stunningly done. I believe sculpted digitally.

I don't have any plans for Pulp gaming as such but Minerva shall be joining some Sky Pirates also from Statueqsue miniatures as a cast for 7TV. I am kind of thinking of some sort of Octopussy type venture but more on that at a later date as its all still rather vague lol.

Saturday 9 December 2017

The Three Lions (Version 2)

Bit of a random figure finished this week. I have picked up many bits for a number of Alpha Squad conversions. Some needing that perfect bit still. Now this is not about the conversion I'd intended but a happy accident in the process of removing the head from the body I needed. The figure I was converting was Widow from Hasslefree miniatures I'd intended to add a new head to the body to create the miniature I needed.

However the head came off in great condition. Then it struck me years ago I had done a New Avengers cast. Steed and Gambit were easily done but I couldn't find the proper bits to do me a Purdey conversion (Joanna Lumley) her hair is such a unique style in the reinvented TV series that you just don't come across models with that style of hair. Widow's hair style was perfect! I just need a a new body for this head.

 I had a rummage in my lead pile going through various Copplestone, Artizan and Crooked Dice figures I had spare but sadly many were to large in features for the more delicately sculpted Hasslefree head.  Then I remembered I had stripped one of my Classic Pandora King minis (lol I had 3). A removal of the head was simple enough. However I paid a blood price on this one (So you know the conversion is a good one!). Once a Plaster was applied to stop the bleeding all that need doing was just a bit of trimming and reshaping the remains of the neck into like a collar of sorts. Drilled and pinned the new head and job done.

Paint scheme was trickier I didn't fancy doing black on the body suit as its always trickier on these sort of clothing to get it looking right. So I spotted another outfit in a dark blue. So I decided to follow that line of thinking. I added some red on the belt and some white piping to get the Union Jack colours squeezed in. I am quite pleased with how it turned out though my photo skills are lacking this week with such poor lighting outside and my shoddy camera phone.

Rewatching some episides of The New Avengers I think the pose of Pandora is pretty perfect now.

Left to Right Mike Gambit (Copplestone agent with Crooked Dice minion head,) John Steed (Crooked Dice Flamboyant Agent) and of course Purdey (Crooked Dice Pandora King Classic and Hasslefree Widow).

I am quite pleased with results and think they look quite good.

More on the Alpha Squad conversion another time as I have got some putty work to do on that one. 

Monday 4 December 2017

Alpha Squad Jinx, Sandstorm and Freedom.

Well the funk is over kind of I ended up having some time off work due to a persistent lurking cold turning into something proper. Silver lining allowing me to get some painting done this week in between feeling achy and shivery lol!

So first up is a Ninja for the Alpha Squad Project. Again one I never really had as a kid but was in the GI Joe movie which I watched far to often. The female ninja known as Jinx. More recently she was in the second Gi Joe movie Retaliation. Jinx is from the same ninja clan as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow and from memory is a blood relative (cousin) of Storm Shadow.

Next up is a pair of animal companions something that they often released with the various Action Figures was some sort of animal sidekick. The more famous ones being Timber (Snake Eyes) and Polly (Shipwreck).  These have been lurking around the paint table for a while now. They are Reaper Bones figures from the Familiar Pack 1 its a funny material. I cleaned them up ok and spray primed them without issue but couldn't get in the mood to paint them.

I picked this set up mainly for the Hawk to use as Freedom (Spirits Companion) yes I know he is meant to be an Eagle but I was unable to find a suitable eagle sized model and this looks the part really. Also in the set was a fox which I thought would double up as a Coyote whom I could use to represent Sandstorm who accompanied the later versions of the Desert Trooper Dusty.