Friday 27 April 2012

Lost and Inspired

Feeling a bit lost this week hence no post on Wednesday. Not done hardly anything hobby wise. Sold a few bits of old projects that I had floating around taking up space and now have money burning a hole in my pocket.

Have been toying again with the 15mm idea all week and been 'thinking' about what to do in it. Thoughts was to do an Aliens theme a few squads of marines and some bugs.

But on facebook today Hasslefree show the following up and coming from them. I am completely awestruck with them and can't wait for these guys to come out so its back on course to get more Zombie related stuff finished. So my cash is being held onto until these guys come out.

Louise B is still very much a WIP and there is discussion over at the Forum of Doom LINK as to what clothing she should wear. I'm hoping for a pleated skirt and vest top to be honest that way she would fit in with this artwork.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Guns Akimbo

Just the one miniature finished this week. The cracking Summer B again from Hasslefree love this miniature. I only wish she had some ammo pouches for those Mac 10's. Decided on a simple scheme for her. What do you think?

I've got two versions of Hasslefree Ken one armed with the shotgun one the pistol. Now I can't decide on uniform...... I'm thinking I want to paint them to match my Sheriff seen here that way I can use them as his deputies.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Bit of A Muse this week

Been busy this weeks, Kiddies swimming party (I had to go in), fence repairs and working onsite a good way from home has resulted in me mostly being too tired and not in the mood to do much hobby wise. I've done a little just not enough to be worth showing yet. Done work mainly on some of my Hasslefree figure survivor figures and a few Copplestone KKBB miniatures. I really must pick up some plastic glue at some point so I can get my plastic zombies started.

Reading wise I picked up Terry Pratchetts 'Snuff' from the library it has my favorite discworld character in good ol' Sam Vimes. Only about a third of the way through but I love the humour already and forgot how funny his books where. I will have to dig them out the loft and give them a re-read at some point.

15mm or not?
Can't decide or not to get into 15mm gaming or not been watching various posts on peoples blogs and on various forums and there are some absolutley cracking figures that I would swear was 28mm with how good the details are. I think if I did it would have to be sci-fi related I quite like the look of 'Tomorrow's War' by Ambush Alley games and love a lot of Khuasan's range. But what I can't decide on is things like scenery for it.

Whats cheap to get? Do I look at model railway stuff?  Do any of you guys play at this scale and what do use?


Wednesday 4 April 2012

Zombies and Trucks

Been mostly catching up on varnishing miniatures and doing the bases on my next batch of miniatures. I have my first two Zombies nearly finished kindly sent to me by Johnny over at Brains and Guts Great guy and has recently started a fantastic ATZ campaign so go check it out. The Beginning. Here are my first two Zombies completed first go at the undead. I have six Wargames Factory Zombies to build and paint again sent to me by Johnny. I really must get some more I think I will go for the Mantic zombie/ghoul sets to begin with so I can start getting some games in.

Picked up some more vehicles this week for scenery purposes a great find as they come with cargo thats removable. They come as a set of 3 for £5.47 from Tesco's.

First up a recycling lorry the container on the back is great its removeable and also the rear hatch opens so perhaps I can put in a Zombie surprise in there.

Next a Skip Lorry again with removable Skip not much to say really it all moves and can be put in the same position as the recycling lorry above.

Lastly I don't get the relationship with this one as you have two recycling bins on a Lorry with Heavy Duty logos which to me says construction vehicles of some sort? But never the less fits well and as the cargo is removable can be used elsewhere. The Glass recycling bin has two moveable doors so can be used as hiding/search location.