Thursday 31 July 2014

ATDE Fatboy and the Red Claw gang completed!

Got a few more figures for Across the Dead Earth finished this week I'll do another post Sunday about the others as they are my own engineer gang and the back ground needs writing up for them

Anyway finished off the Red Claws by getting Fatboy done! Fab figure love this set such a cool bunch of characters make up the set.

 Camera has been giving me much grief this week took me two to three sessions and taking loads just to get these few decent ones.
The whole gang now ready for action!

I need to flesh out the first two characters backgrounds a bit before posting I'm aiming for Sunday but with the kids home time is limited! Also got an order in with Project Zeke for some more of the wrecked cars so will be getting those done asap.

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Post Apoc Scatter Terrain and Ruins and more Mini's!

I've done a bit more work on the terrain front this week. The Post box has been based and various bits of rubble has been added and a sculpted skull and a wheel hub from the bits box. The Phone box will be next once I can find a suitable base to put it on.

The ruins are sitting in limbo at the minute I'm trying to workout whether I should add on some coarse turf for the over grown look or whether to have a go at stippling on some paint for a moss effect.

In other news I've received all my kickstarter miniatures for Across the DeadEarth so can now fill in the gaps (Reggie and Fatboy) paint up the release version of Skylar and I have my hands on 'The State'

I've started converting a new gang for Across the Dead Earth. There being called The Jaguar's led by the infamous Maximillian the master mechanic. Living in the ruins of Fort Dunlop on the outskirts of The Rag Market they have scavenged lots of machinery and tools out of the nearby derelict car plant and moved into a nearby ruined office block adjacent to an ancient shopping district.

The pics a bit crude. Maxmillian was finished being painted last night so will get some pics done later today!

Sunday 27 July 2014

Studio Miniatures New Kick Starter September 2014

I follow loads of miniature manufacturer's on Facebook and have seen some cool stuff posted from Studio Miniatures about an upcoming Kickstarter starting in September!

Theres not many details been mentioned yet but there seems that there are going to be some new survivors and there zombie versions added to the ranges which sounds great.

A sneak peak of some sculpts found on there.

I also entered into a Facebook competition run by them and won! I got a pack of there Tiny Terror Zombies arrive in the post! They are awesome figures!

Friday 25 July 2014

Labyrinth Project Gnome Artificer.

Having caught up with my Across the Dead Earth miniatures on the paint table this week. Decided to get another figure finished off for my Labyrinth project. Its a Female Gnome Artificer from Stone Haven miniatures She had been half done for a while but holiday and normal life things etc distracted me from getting her finished. This will be a slow burn project I think. I have 6 Night Folk figures to paint up but i'm going to continue to get some of my terrain finished mainly the ruins but the post box has been based up and is ready for painting but more on that in another post.

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Red Claw Gang Shayman + McHeed

Final member of the Red Claws that I have in my hands to paint as I shall have to wait for Fatboy I have got a Street Violence Proxy that I'm going to paint up and use for know. He'll be one of a few who'll be used to expand the gang during a campaign. I can't wait to get my hands on a second set of all these guys I already have a second conversion in mind for this figure.
Shay-man is insane. I don’t mean the good way, like me, I mean he’s properly tapped. He calls that Skull on his hat “McHeed” and takes advice from him, which usually consists of making some god awful concoction out of moonshine, mushrooms and herbs and injecting it until his eyes go purple and he starts speaking Dutch.
He knows one end of a syringe from another though, and for some reason he’s the only medic I've ever had that didn't whine all day about being overworked.

Monday 21 July 2014

Red Claw Gang 'Topper'

Another gang member of the Red Claws struck off the list. I kind of gather from his background and his dress style compared to the others that he has quite an independent point of view so I decided to leave off the war paint for this one.

Topper The Grunt.
Whilst Shay-Man may be insane, Topper is simply a sadist. After half our battles together, he doesn’t even remember to ask for his share of the loot – he’s too busy either regaling anyone that will listen to usually wildly exaggerated tales of the destruction he caused or arguing with his brother about who has the most kills racked up this month. Topper eats raw meat and I don’t like to ask where he gets it from when the rest of us have been on dry rations for weeks. Topper laughs like a hyena and can frequently be found clutching his groin following any conversation with Shrimp.

Sunday 20 July 2014

Red Claw Gang 'Pyro'

Tweaked the bits i've missed and Pyro is now finished! Two more to go from this gang Topper Pyro's brother is not far from being finished and Shayman shouldn't take me to long. I have a substitute for Fatboy for now. But I've heard the kickstarter stuff may be ready for September possible end of August Yay!
Pyro the Grunt.
Pyro is Topper’s brother and they share a lot in common, although you wouldn’t know it the way they argue: mainly over which is the superior of their two deadly weapons. Pyro isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, but then he doesn’t need to be, as it’s very rare anyone ever gets close enough to him to take advantage of his dim witted nature.

The Gang so far!

Friday 18 July 2014

Red Claw Gang Leader Ronnie

Took a break from terrain and have got some more paint on some miniatures. First one finished from the latest batch is Ronnie the Leader of the Red Claw Gang. Pyro is not far off done I thought he was finished but spotted some bits that need tweaking.

That’s enough from that stupid old man Adam. You want to end up running errands for old women and rescuing skinny girls from traders, go ahead and sigh up with that regular philanthropist over there. You want adventure, glory and the coolest guns on this island, follow me. My name’s Ronnie, but until you've proven yourself you can call me Sir. The Red Claw are the best, adn we;re the best because we pull no punches. This is survival, but who ever said survival can’t be fun?

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Wrecked Car from Project Zeke Miniatures

Had a weekend of painting terrain done plenty of work has been done to my LOTR Ruins but they aren't quite ready yet. Got sent a lovely Resin Car Wreck sample from Simon the guy behind Project Zeke miniatures (Click the name for the site) It arrived with some of his P-Sec Security Guards and some very cool Luggage. This probably took me about 40-60 mins over a couple of evenings excluding drying times.

I washed it in warm soapy water first then gave it a black undercoat just to make sure the colours would adhere. Painted all the panel Steel Drab, Dark Tone wash, then dry brushed heavily with a dark grey (I was doing the ruins at the same time). Then I dry brushed the raised areas with Baneblade Brown (a sort of stony light brown) then mixed up some browny orange paint which I stippled over it.

Its turned out surprisingly well I was going to do something similar to some of my diecast cars I have sitting around but I'm going to get me some more of these when they go on sale as they are just so awesomely easy to knock out and they look great.

I'm really pleased with how its turned out its boost my confidence a bit so I'm going on a terrain crusade this year. I have lots of old Warhammer card buildings and some other home made bits which whilst ok doesn't look that great. I'm looking to replace them with some decent buildings. Most likely there will be some pre-painted ruins from 4 Ground on the cards but I've also been looking at Warlord Games Ruined Hamlet For Bolt Action

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Tuesday's Across the Dead Earth Game Report Part 2

The Action Continues in Part 2 of last weeks Four way slog of Across the Dead Earth. Apologies it took me a little bit longer to get part 2 written up. PART 1 Click the Link.

Beanie moves up and heals Jade. Only for Fatboy to advance and cop them all with a Rocket Propelled Grenade taking my all 3 gang members down!
Johnny Stomp is blasted twice at close range with Ezra's shotgun remvoving him from play.

Ronnie legs it to the other side of the car from Reggie and blasts away with his SMG but the shots go wild. Reggie opens up and blast Ronnie onto his back.

Crimson clears the jam in her rifle and advances to her stricken colleagues and snipes Pyro through the window knocking him out.

Shayman moves to the top of the stairs and blasts Skylar with his shotgun taking her our of the fight.
(Skelch does love his laser devices...)

Reggie blazes away at Ronnie lying prone on the floor the second burst of bullets taking him out.

Beanie Heals himself (Physcian Heal Thyself Skill) and gets up only for two more RPGS rounds scream out of the ruins and taking them all out of play!
Ezra snags the loot dropped by Johnny and he moves off up the street towards the prone Adam.

Shayman then blasts Eli with his shotgun remving him from the battle.

Reggie snags the loot dropped by Ronnie and drags Adam closer to the car to give him some cover.

Crimson moves in for the kill and slits Pyro throat rifling his pockets for a bit of extra loot in the process.

Adam rolls for recovery but fluffs his roll and is removed from play. Should of waited for the medic!

Crimson takes out Topper with a head Shot removing him from play (Double 6 to hit with the Head Shot Skill)

Shrimp and Shayman come downstairs and give Crimson some lead taking her down.

Reggie heads up into the Rotunda in search of loot.

Shrimp moves over to Crimson and her axe is descends removing her from play.

Ezra prepares to climb the church tower to get the loot at the top.

Ezra spends the whole turn climbing a rope to the top but snags some more loot.

Reggie clambers up and snags another loot counter for the family.

Shayman comes a hunting catching Reggie before he can escape the Rotunda.

Shrimp catch Ezra's as he comes down from the top of the church tower taking him down.
The Family is wiped out. Fatboy leaves the table with the loot he could carry.

Totting up the loot and kills its pretty close but Skelch wins 120pts to Rich's 80pts!

Red Claw's win!

As you can see I made some bad calls this game group my gang together when someone was lurking with an RPG being the biggy!