Monday 7 November 2022

Burrows and Badgers Rangers of the Darke Wood

Continuing on with more Burrows and Badger miniatures I've decided to tackle some of my larger and massive creature which are slowly building up in my Pile of Opportunity.

First up we have one of my fave models the Badger Ranger. I love the brooding post on this one. Badgers make pretty good archers as they are Strong 3 meaning they add +3 to any damage they inflict when using bows. Combine this was Camo Cloaks/Ambush attacks and using Bodkin Arrows (ignores armour) they can be very dangerous!

Next up another Ranger type but this time an Otter who again have Strong 1 but are also pretty decent fighters all round. I am toying with the idea of a Wildling  Allegiance warband which will either be Ranger themed or a Tribal Toad/Lizard/Frog theme. I already have good few cloaked creatures done already to boost their numbers but they also do a fantastic cloaked Hare which I would love to pick up