Thursday 29 August 2019

Burrows and Badgers Shrew Cook Frenna

Another random mini finished off the paint table this week. Again another cracking sculpt from Oathsworn Miniatures Burrows and Badger range. The Shrew Cook is a brill little characterful sculpt either working as an NPC type character or as I intend to a vicious vengeful Ma for my Shrew warband! Whether she will be a mage yet with some sort of healing power is to be decided.

All my Shrew's so far. The two on the left visually to me don't fit in. I think I may pick up some of the others and make a bigger Sea faring band with a few conversions amongst them.

Monday 26 August 2019

Facebook Competition Prize! Warlord Games MASH Unit

I was pleasantly surprised this week to get a private message on Facebook notifying me that I had one a prize from a Facebook Page that I follow's competition. Creative Painting & Models 24/7 is the name of the page and they run a great little ebay store LINK selling allsorts of great hobby bargains.

The prize being a set from Warlord Games new Korean War range for Bolt Action. The MASH unit and yes they are themed on the show. The set in question is a Mobile Army Surgical hospital. This is quite a bonus as I have two sprues of Warlord American Infantry which I think in a pinch can be used alongside these wonderful looking models.

There is also a cool little MDF Helicopter you can get as well. Just needing a perspex dome to get the right look. I may have to try and pick up a diecast one.

Here is a link to the Facebook Page LINK who also happen to be running another competition this time for a set of Halfling Militia for Warlord Games Fantasy game system Warlords of Erehwon.

 Nice little set of 10 Figures (including the one on the bed. All single piece except the legs for the bet. Nice to see all the bases where included as well.

Wednesday 21 August 2019

Kitbash Games Granite

So another diversion this week and its another model from Kitbash Games. The character called Granite. Now he is meant to be greyish colour really but I couldn't resist painting him up in a similar fashion to the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

In other news all the models I have been posting for Kitbash Games are now on kickstarter!! At the moment there is an earlybird for the first 72 hours of £47 for 9 Resin Figures


Granite faces off against Lady Cyburn from Pulp City!!

Some of the others that I have already painted. 

Crooked Dice Beastmen 3

Managed to get quite a few figures finished off this week. This time it is a couple more Beastmen for my cast for September. This time some Jackalmen conversions one I swapped the club  for a large axe. The second has had his arms repositioned slightly and a shield added.

 The original is on the middle.

Just two Vulturemen to finish off and that is all my Crooked Dice beastmen done. Next is a few Northstar Frostgrave figures which I shall use as Brutes or maybe as a co star.

Sunday 18 August 2019

Burrows and Badgers Alfred the Musketeer

Just a quick one today. Took a break this week from my beastmen project to paint up one of my Burrows minis. This one is a bit special as I have painted him up to represent my little Furbuddy Alfie.

The models clothing very much reminds me of the musketeers so borrowed the colours for his scheme.

Wednesday 7 August 2019

Crooked Dice Beastmen 2

A bit more progress with my Mutant Cast for the 7TV day next month. This time finishing off Monkian and his two Hench apes. Simple conversion again with simpler clothing on the Hench apes. Added a shield and positioned the arms slightly differently on the right hand ape. The left I trimmed off the mace head and added some chain I had spare filing a groove in both end then gluing the link into it.

 All the main bad guys done. Jackalman, Slithe, Mummra, Monkian and Vultureman.

All the cast so far. This comes upto around 25 ratings ish depending on profiles. I am going to use the Apocalypse profile cards for my cast. Working on the next two Jackalman Henchmen. I also picked up a huge Reaper Bones Black mini to use as a Mutant Brute.

Friday 2 August 2019

Crooked Dice Abomination and Beastmen

Wow July has been crazy busy. Daughter left primary school had a prom various high school meetings and transition days and other activities and the month has flown by!

I haven't done a lot of painting to be honest the warm weather and being so busy has really encroached on the free time. All I see to have done is clean, assemble and sometimes prime minis.

The past week has seen get half a dozen figures done for my next 7TV cast for September's 7TV Day 3 at Board in Brum on the 21st.

I have gone with my Mumm Ra and his mutants cast for it. I ordered two more packs of beastmen from Crooked dice and converted all the duplicates with the intention of using them as generic mutants so will get different paint schemes as well to the original four.

 The 8 duplicates all based. I am waiting on some wire spears for the two Vulturemen there poses are a lot more awkward to adjust than the others.
 So repositioned arms slightly and shield added to the left Jackalman and the right one has had a weapon swap.
 The Slithes had weapon  swaps and their ears trimmed as the normal Lizardmen seemed to have smaller features. I shaved off the one jem on the sort of mask. But will paint them as leather and keeps Slithes gold coloured.
The left Monkian has had his mace turned into a morning star. I trimmed off the head carefully then filled a groove in the cut off section then gluing  in some old chain I had in the bits box. As you can see above it sits on the base. The other had the arms repositioned slightly and a shield added. 

Painting wise I got these done last week. The Abomination which is of course a good representation of Mumm ra was done first followed by Jackalman and Vultureman. I left the first Vultureman unarmed and made him more ornately dressed as in the cartoons he is more of an inventor type so I will use him as such on my games. I think I shall use him as a VIP.

My first Jackalman. Quite enjoyed painting this one. The next two will have simpler schemes.

Vultureman who will be my VIP, Doctor, Scientist etc.

 This week after catching up with the new arrivals I painted Slithe and two Lizardmen. The Lizardmen have had weapons swaps, ears trimmed and dress simpler with now gems or bold coloured items.

The whole cast so far. Monkian's coming up next hopefully will have them finished next week. Leaving just two more Jackals and Vulturemen. I also have got a big mutant from the Reaper Bones Black who will be joining this cast but will based for use in Burrows and Badgers but more on that in another post.