Tuesday 28 February 2023

I am still alive post......Just busy!!

 Hi everyone apologies its all been a bit quiet here on the hobby front. Real life has been in the way. We've had a new addition to the family, well I say new but we had him New Years Eve and he is 4 months old this weekend. So meet Frankie he is a Lab/Dogue de Bordeaux and we are enjoying having a pup in the family again and its cheered up our older dog Alfie no end having a companion. Frankie has grown super quick and is keeping us all on our toes!

Then the other thing is we are extending our extension and replacing our kitchen which started out really well but has hit a snag where we can't work out were the waste/water pipes enter the house under the extension meaning we are having to lose the kitchen 2 weeks in rather than 8 weeks in!

I've been trying to get some stuff done for a 7TV Apocalypse event on the 18th March next month however all the above has kind of impacted on my hobby time. I was hoping to get a Deathlands themed cast around the man known as  'Trader' and his companions. I've already got a military buggy done for my Joe project which I plan to use and my intention then is to paint up a Hummer with a few weapon systems on to carry more of my cast

So the two on the left will just be members of the crew. We have JB Dix then Trader himself. JB wears a Battered Fedora so I sort of reshaped the hat on this Hasslefree sculpt. Trader always smokes cigars and carries an Armalite AR15 so the old version of Hannibal Smith with an appropriate paint job and painted on beard/stubble should do the trick.

Trader from one of the Graphic Audio covers

The Armourer or JB Dix as is known as in the books.

Ryan Cawdor I did ages ago as dual purpose mini

A Crooked Dice Hummer I had in the stash. I plant to get it painted and just pin on a missile pod and a sort of light autocannon. I'll have these removeable so I can swap out different weapons on them.

Let see what the next few weeks bring!