Monday 30 September 2019

Zomtober 2019

 Crikey the end of the month seems to of crept up very quickly! Anyway next month is October and it wouldn't be the same without the annual Zomtober month.

The Rules:
To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by that week's Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means posting one or more newly painted Zombie or Survivor minis each week on or before the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th this year.

Myself I plan to catch up on some Walking Dead figures. I am going to aim first of all to get the 5 player characters and the NPC figure from the Mantic Here's Negan Board game. Anything extra wll be a bonus

As per usual we have a blog roll. Which I will update as the people join in.

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Friday 27 September 2019

Board in Brum 7TV Day III

Last Saturday saw Simon Coldrick (Board in Brum) and Mike Strong (organiser) hosting the third 7TV day held at the Board in Brum store in Walsall just off junction 10 of the M6 motorway. It wa good turn out with 20 people attending which after chatting to Simon was the biggest turnout yet. It was good considering a number of people who couldn't make it so it had the potential for being closer toward 25 attendees!

It followed the usual casual format of 3 games only this time the ratings were upped to 40 and the lifting of the 33% Extras was lifted to see how folks handled it. As usual winning or losing played no part really in the day it was all just about meeting up with friends and new folk alike and playing 7TV.

My 40 Rating Cast chosen from the Apocalypse Set.
Mummra (Abomination)
Major Snapjaw (Mondo Muto)
Slithe, Jackalman, Vultureman and Monkian (Beastman Elders)
The rest were just standard Beastman
Vultureman (VIP)

There were prizes supplied by Karl at Crooked Dice and from Wayne at Wargames illustrated who is a huge fan of 7TV. The were awarded for Best Cast, Best Board and Nicest Player.

The first game I was up again Kath and her fab little Western posse. The Sheriff and her Deputies were trying to take Vultureman (VIP) into custody as there was a bounty on his head. We played the Hit and as Defender and already including a VIP extra in my cast made sense to follow this script. The only change was that due to being in a hot and sunny location it was to warm to be running around so everyone was restricted to only making a single move action when activating models.

This was a Star heavy cast with a Tough Detective, Action Hero, Angel of Justice, Strong arm, Dependable Deputy and a single bodyguard comprising the cast.

It was quite tough to face and in the end I got wiped out to a beast. With Vultureman defecting in the finale only for Mummra to burn him alive for his impudence before being gunned down my mass gunfire.

The single move action really hampered my cast as it was pretty much all combat orientated with only Mummra having any sort of ranged attack. I managed to take down Ben (Strongarm) and the Saloon owner(Angel of Justice) which netted me some much needed victory points but with Mummra, Major Snapjaw, and being wiped out etc ended with an 11-6 Victory to Kath.

We had a break then for a chip shop lunch included in the ticket cost. We then voted for Best Cast and Best Board. We all then paired up with new opponents for the second game of the day.

The Second game was Smash and Grab from the Shiva play guide. I ended up playing against Kirsten with her awesome little Horror themed Chibi cast. This time shooting was restricted which didn't really affect either of us as we neither had many ranged attacks. Kirsten was the defender and setup her cast in a central square with 4 objectives on each corner of the square. Kirsten had to stop me from collecting them and escaping from the board with them. It was quite a tough game as I could deploy alongside any table edge. I was also aware that Kirsten could recycle some of her cast (upto 4 Ratings from memory) in Act 2 and the Finale. So I concentrated my cast into two groups deploying from my side the table. It was quite close to start but my superior numbers overwhelmed her cast resulting in them all being wiped out and I managed to capture 3 out of the 4 objectives. Against a shooty cast it may have been different perhaps.

A quick break and then onto the third game this time against Mike Strong's excellent Mountie cast. This time we played a scenario where some the objectives blew about in the wind and you had to make a body test to pick it up. Failure meant it moved off D6 in a random direction and if your rolled a 6 on your test it was the maguffin. You then had to escape off the board with your objectives.

It was a great game I managed to snag the maguffin and another objective but lost most my cast to a combination of the Mountie on horseback riding around and stunning my cast then them being shot or charge by the moose. It was a great tactic and perhaps if I had some sort of shooting or been able to spread out my cast more it would of had less of an effect. Next time mr Strong!!

Mike's brilliant cast with a Moose and Beaver Animal Companions.

Here are some of the casts that were entered in for Best Cast.With Paul Smith winning best cast with his most excellent looking clown cast.

 Here are some of the boards that had been brought along by many of the attendees.

Tavis Hill brought along this magnificent Desert Island board and without a doubt won best board. It was cracking to look at and well deserved.

Another 7TV is planned most likely end of January beginning of February 2020. Date to be confirmed. I will back at Board in Brum next month on the 26th attending a Burrows and Badger event which I must prepare for as I have only played one game so far. I must admit I am looking forward to it and need to either paint some more figures or make a warband out of what I have done already.

Tuesday 24 September 2019

Blog Catchup

Its been really super busy since the kids went back to school. I have been steadily chipping away at stuff so will show what I have been upto since my last post back in August.

Well mostly I have been finishing off the last few figures for the Board in Brum 7TV day 3 event that was held on the 21st September. I need to finish off the last couple of Crooked Dice beastmen for it. The remaining two Vulturemen had some minor conversion work done. One gaining a spear the other a club I slightly tweaked the way the head was facing on the club armed one. I painted them the same pretty much just with toned down clothing and blue loin cloths. The original in Purple will stand in for VIP's and other none warrior like purposes.

This time the event was going to up the ratings from 30 up to 40 which when totalling up what I had meant I was short by a few ratings. I had picked up some figures a few months back with the intention of using them for Burrows and Badgers and it gave me an idea for a co star for my cast. I was using the Apocalypse Profiles for my cast. Mummra as the Abomination, the Character mutants as Beastman Elders and then the rest as standard Beastmen. I found the Mondo Mutant co star which is basically a big gigantic brute of a character that smashes stuff.

So please meet Major Snapjaw a huge mutant. The figure itself is from the Reaper Bones Black line and was the first time working with this new material. I must admit I am very impressed with quality compared to the original white bones. The detail is much better and the model feels firmer and has less flex in it. But it is not brittle. I have mounted  him on a 50mm DS base mainly because I still want to use him in Burrows and Badgers as part of a cold blooded themed Warband and my intention was that profile wise he would count as Beaver due to his size and the Beaver having the swim skill.

It has some really nice details it took me a while to work out what the bits of armour were on his face and right eye socket as there aren't many painted examples on the internet and nobody else seemed to of done the same thing.

I will write up a blog post on the 7TV event in another post later in the week.