Friday 28 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth model design

A Short Video about the model design as the final 24hrs begins to creep up to the launch of the kickstarter at midnight tonight.

Thursday 27 February 2014

Titanium Dropship 2014 entry

Well the pics went up on the Dropship Horizon page today of my entry for the Titanium Dropship 2014 painting competitions. No winners have been announced as yet. 

Here are the pics of my Entry with a few extra I took.
My Blurb to go with the Entry

The Hunters of Nta'Mek-ta
"A pack of blooded hunters led by Nta'Mek-Ta (The Silent Stalker in Yautja language). These figures are part of a larger Aliens Vs Predator project which wil eventually will have the Corporation, Marines,  Aliens and of course the Predators which will probably have a few more hunter packs.

Miniatures are all Khurasan apart from the Yautja hunting falcon which I sculpted myself. Didn't get the ship finished in time but it will do as background for the pics."

My Predator Falcon sculpt simple shaped putty the rest is done by the paintjob. I'm quite pleased really.

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Across The Dead Earth Mini Campaign.

Having received the next version of the Across the Dead Earth Beta rules last weekend I've been having a read through and seeing what changes that have been made. There are some tweaks here and there as well as some cool additions such as Yobs (inexperienced gang members) and also bigger variety of weapons both guns and combat weapons have been added. A few more skill trees have been added a generic one for use by all adding in dual wield and other cool skills as well as a Heavy class for those who like using heavier weapons such as RPG's and Light machine guns.  

I've decided to have a bash at the campaign rules to try them out and see how some of the missions such as loot work and also how the post game system works. Both the starting gangs I have chosen members, skills and gear are up to a value of 200pts. (my choice)

Without further ado I've created a little bit about the area the gangs will be fighting over as well as some background for the gangs and there members.

The Wyre Protective

A small farming community living in the ville known as The Wyre its a small ville that is hidden amongst the thick and verdant forest land that runs along the riverbanks of the Seven. Mostly living off of the forest they breed and live off herds of Wallabies that they have brought with them from the south lands when they migrated up into the middle lands.

The Protective have a number of warrior bands chosen from the toughest and strongest of the many families that make up the community of the Wyre. The bands often spend weeks at a time away from the ville as they range far and wide hunting down dangerous beast's that threaten the herds and marauding gangs coming out of The Rag Market who wish to scavenge in the pre collapse ruins for loot.

Stour Raider's

Jess is the leader of one the group defending Wyre they simply call themselves the Stour Raiders. Jess though to look at is quite small in stature however she possesses a wiry strength and is very clever and quick thinking . All members Jess hand picks those who join the Stour raiders favouring those who can pick there way across the broken land quietly and efficiently. Equipped with her trusty shotgun and a strange pre war weapon she found whilst scouting a Ville known as the Port Jess ruthlessly defends the Wyre from outsiders.

Dixon is Jess's second in command a tireless tracker and hunter he use's his crossbow to bring down his prey whether it be wild beast's, raiders or Sollus. Often Dixon takes the ears from his kills that he deems worthy keeping them on a thong tied around his neck.

Herb is Dixon's older moodier brother another skilled hunter and forager who taught his little brother everything he knows. When Herb was a yob he was very experimental with the wild plants found in the wilds earning him the nickname Herb. This experimentation has proved invaluable knowing the best plants to make poultices and foul smelling remedies that supposedly fend off the wild beast and insects.

Red Rum is the last surviving member of his family he was one of three brothers the older two Morgan and Captain both being killed by a raiding gang whilst protecting the Wallaby herds. Favouring getting up close and personal he loves nothing more than burying his red hafted axe into his enemies soft flesh earning him the nickname 'Red' for the bloody wounds he inflicts with it.

Click the Pic!

From Left to Right Dixon, Jess, Herb and Redrum.

The Razor's

The Razor's are the remnants of a larger biker gang that used roam to roam and raid all over the middle lands. Falling upon hard times after an ambush by State troopers leaving over two thirds of the gang dead or captured. The Razor's flee west in the hope of licking there wounds and increasing there numbers and loot.

Scurve is the leader of the Razor's now. Once the mechanic off the gang he doesn't think twice about using his trusty wrench to bash in skulls when his hand cannon fails to blowing hole big holes in things.

Bran was the gangs fixer a dab hand at patching up the guys when wounded and always seems to have a stash of  his home brewed medical concoctions to  to fix people up when they need it.

Bear is a little crazy when a kid his grandma used to read him stories from a history book she'd found in the ruins of house. It was all about a band of warriors that used to raid and pillage called Vikings ever since then thats all Bear has want to be. Hefting his axe and shield and wearing his horned helmet he loves nothing more than charging his enemies head on and hacking them into pieces.

Raven is one of the newest members of the gang. Found in abandoned building the gang where planning on sleeping the night in. Raven was sneaky enough to steal a knife and a kill a member of the gang who was seeking to have his way with her. Scurve could see what a useful asset to the gang she could be and instead of seeking revenge upon her offered her a place amongst them giving the girl the dead gang members gear. Raven seeing an opportunity to live took it and is now a valued member.

Click the Pic!

Left to right Scurve, Bran, Bear and Raven

The kickstarter starts on Saturday 1st March Can't wait!  Three days to go!

 Love this very amusing pic

Monday 24 February 2014

Khurasan Space Demon's Completed

Got the Drones and Queen based and have varnished them in a Satin varnish its very subtle and you can't really see it in the pics but they do have a slight sheen to them. Theres 12 more to start on but I want a break from doing army size amounts of figures.

Thinking of doing some more fantasy themed figure this week as a good friend of mine Doctor Warlock sent me a spare copy of In Her Majesty's Name and a bunch of  figures mostly various breeds of dog and a classic Troll!

My first pack of Predators (Yautja) are done as well. I entered them in the Titanium Dropship Competition over at the Dropship Horizon blog. I shall post up the pics of my entry once its all been judged and what not. There was no rules against it but I decided to wait anyway :)

Sunday 23 February 2014

Hasslefree Jess

Got Hasslefree Jess finished over a couple of evening this week. My Post Apocalyptic mojo is working at the moment so really enjoyed painting her up. Completely different to the first time I painted her as due the varnish incident I had required her to be stripped and started again. One thing I've found painting 15mm figures it really makes it easier to paint 28mm figures after lol!

We'll be seeing more of her as I have plan's to user as the leader of one of my fledgling gangs for Across the Dead Earth which by the way is one week off from the kickstarter beginning on the 1st March I can't wait really looking forward to!

Pics of the previous paint job Jess now comes in blonde :)

Saturday 22 February 2014

Paint Table Saturday 22/02

Had fairly good week painting wise Bio Chem troopers, Alien Drones and Queen all based and finished. Hasslefree Jess was completed as well (Pics tomorrow). I wanted to start my troll this week and may still do so but I need to pop into my local LGS and get a suitable base for it so it will match up with my other fantasy themed figures. I've dug out some more unfinished bits to have a go at. Mainly a few Otherworld Miniatures Adventurers some Kiss Kiss Bang Bang miniatures from Artizan and Copplestone and a Crooked Dice conversion of a suave spy I started and then stopped painting.

Not sure about the predators yet I might do 3-4 every few weeks or so. My inability to paint large quantities of samey looking figures has kicked in after the drones and the first batch of predators. I may try working on one a week to get some of them done.

Friday 21 February 2014

Copplestone Castings Bio Chem Troopers

Been a good week on the painting front. Managed to finish off a fair few bits here and there.

First up the Bio Chem Troops. I painted these way back in July 2011! The original first post is here.
At the time I wasn't sure how I was going to base them so left it off for a bit. until nearly 2 and 1/2 years later lol they are finally done.

There was a bit of damage here and there so I touched up the paint jobs and cleaned up some of the highlighting nothing major really. These will be useful for all sorts from zombie hunting to Alien incursions and of course Post Apocalyptic gaming as government troops from a hidden vault.

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Crooked Dice Tweedy Mattison

Doctor who is not really my thing and so when I picked up the set from Crooked Dice it was mainly for the lovely policewoman figure to use with my 'Not' Hot Fuzz Characters from Hasslefree miniatures. They look a bit naff in comparison now to how much better my miniatures turn out these days. I may go back and strip them perhaps at some point and redo them.

Anyway this has meant he been put by the wayside as a bit. But mooching around for something to inspire me after Christmas I started work on Tweedy. Finished him off last week adding the last few highlights and then the base took some pics in bit of dry weather Saturday afternoon. He'll come in handy for 7TV as he comes under the Department X cast so he can Join Hugo Solomon and Miss Pandora King.

The Alien drones are based and finished but I've forgot I need to satin varnish them so they'll get done and photo'd again for the weekend doh!

Sunday 16 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Painted Figs

The guys over at Across the Dead Earth have received there first batch of metals from the casters and they've been sent over to Artificer Miniature Painting to get them a coat of paint. 

Here are the first pics on a most amazing looking table built by the guy behind Artificer miniature painting.

Reggie member of 'The Family'.

Fatboy member of 'The Red Claw' gang.

Crimson Mercenary Fighter.

Excitingly the next set of Beta rules are due to be sent out for us to look at tomorrow so I'll be re-reading and creating some of my own gangs later in the week.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Painting Table Saturday 15/02/14

Been a busy few weeks with birthdays and free time spent playing games rather than painting. This weeks there's been some progress and stuff has moved from the paint table to finished! YaY Hopefully If his dam weather give me a break and the sun come out i'll take some pics of what I've finished off.

Some will wait for a bit longer as I've entered them into a competition over at Dropship Horizon the Titanium Dropship 2014 

Miniatures currently awaiting paint this week are 6 Copplestone Future Wars Bio Chem troopers now these where done a few ears back but I never got round to doing the bases. So a few months back I did the putty work and now they are just awaiting to be painted to fit in with my other figs. Should be quick job and varnish and done.

Being in the Post Apocalyptic mood lately and not wanting to spend money on new lead just yet I have dug out some figs to paint as I'm in the mood. Hasslefree Jess has been started (again after being stripped due to the varnish incident last year) just undercoated white and basecoat of flesh. Finally new to the table is Katana Kate from EM4 miniatures sent to me kindly by Lord Siwoc many moons ago she's finally receiving paint though i'll need to putty her base.

The shuttle needs more work building it up I've undercoated it black to see if it helps with making my mind up what to do with the back end of it.........though it hasn't helped lol

Friday 14 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Advanced Gameplay Video

Good morning all I'd hope to post this yesterday however work and time conspired against me.

Anyhow here is the Advanced game play video it explains some of the features I mentioned my battle reports previously a lot better. 

For more info about the game please visit the website there is some awesome background for the various factions its well worth the visit.

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Across the Dead Earth Game Test Game 2 Part 2

Welcome to the second part of Sunday's game report I posted which the first part can be found here.

Hopefully we'll be able to see some of the figures in the metal soon! Can't wait to see them the greens (greys) looked great!

Theres some new factions put up on the site this week. The background for the characters are a lot fun I'm not 100% sure the are going to make it into the final cut but I can really recommend going to have a read. Click the names to read more.

My Favourite themed gang so far.

Onto the rest of the battle report. The first part had both gangs advancing towards each other taking cover and in turn 3 had started to engage each other.

Turn 4.
Rolling for initiative the Family retain the advantage.
 Skylar pulls the pin out of a nade with her teeth and lobs it in a gentle arc towards the two Red claws getting on target sadly the charge must of been weak as it did nothing but blow hot air and dirt over the two lucky fighters!

 Pyro seeing an opportunity to use his flame thrower runs up and sprays the ruins that Skylar is sheltering in catching her in the burning liquid and knocking her out. (Flamethowers are deadly!)
 Adam moves upto the hedge and levels his shotgun at Shrimp and takes careful aim blowing her onto her back and knocking her out.

 Shayman moves into cover and lets a blast off at Ezra with his shotgun but the ruins absorb all the pellets and the shot misses.

 Ezra returns fire at Shayman but is cheated in turn by the stonework he is sheltering behind.

 Drezyl takes careful aim at Pyro standing out in the open sighting down his guns optics hitting Pyro but the bullet pings off Pyro's helmet and fails to cause any damage.

 Ronnie moves up and fires off a few bursts at Ezra from his smg the shots pattering off the ruins but not achieving anything besides making Ezra duck.

 Reggie moves over to the prone Topper and sticks his size 10's in to no effect and Topper just grunts and remains unconscious.

Turn 5
Drexyl takes a deep breath and aims down his rifle at Pyro blowing him on to his back.

Fatboy charges into combat with Ezra but is unable to gain the upper hand.

Reggie has had enough off stomping on Topper draws his knife and plunges it into his chest. Finally removing him from the fight.

Shayman moves over to Pyro and stabs him with some sort of home-made drug concoction bringing out of unconsciousness. 

Adam moves over to Shrimp fires off a round from his pistol putting her out of her misery.

Pyro moves upto Skylar and putting his boot on her windpipe crushes the life out of her.

Ezra hefts his machete and swings it at Fatboy striking him but failing to cause any lasting wounds. 

Ronnie realising how exposed he is in the open moves into cover and orders Shayman to do the same.
Turn 6.

Turn 5 was by far the bloodiest turn so far with people being knocked out and 2 Red claws and 1 member of the Family being killed and removed from play. Initiative stayed with the Family.

 The scrap between Fatboy and Ezra comes to its conclusion with Ezra slashing Fatboy across the leg taking him down.

 Ronnie uses all his actions to spray large amounts of bullets from his SMG but fails to cause any hits!

 This flank now secure Reggie legs it over towards the sound of fighting on the other side of the farm.

Pyro lets rip at Ezra with flamethrower but Ezra is lucky and only slightly singed!

 Drexyl moves to the opposite side of the chimney draws abead on Pyro again and loose off a burst from his assault rifle knocking him out.

Shayman tries to revive Pyro but is unable to wake him up.

Adam climbs back over the hedge and sprints into the base of the tower following Reggie.

Turn 7 
Iniative stays with the family as they tide is well and truly turned on the Redclaws in turn 6 as they begin to drop like flies!

Ignoring the unconcoius Fatboy Ezra seeing a chance for survival levels his shotgun over the ruins and loose off a blast at Shayman taking him down.

Ronnie sure his smg barrel is bent or something decides to go hit Ezra with it instead. Ezra obviously all keyed up from the life and death struggle gains the upped hand but fails to cause a wound on Ronnie.

Adam moves closer towards the struggle between Ezra and Ronnie.

Shayman tries to use his Physcian Heal thyself skill to get himself back into the fight but remains KO'd
Reggie moves up with Adam to support his comrades.

Drezyl tries a shot at the prone Shayman but misses.

Ronnie concedes the fight at this point as most of his gang are out of action and seeing how outnumbered he has become.

Game After Thoughts

Another great game the event cards didn't play much in this game as the opportunities to play them didn't quite happen at the correct moment but that's the luck of the draw!

The game got quite bloody quite fast. I'm not sure how the killing of people will work in a campaign game as yet. I think its a bit to final.

Later this week I'm going to have a crack of creating a couple of fledgling gangs and we'll get some games going and see what occurs.

I'm looking forward to the next beta release as there are some new toys in there!