Monday 24 April 2017

Batman Miniature Game Rick Flag

Just returned from a lovely Easter weekend and the rest of the following week as we sauntered off to lovely Devon for a break with family. Weather was kind and it flew by and ended to soon!

I had hope to return home to this figure arriving in the post but sadly its been delayed. Fortunately as I wanted him for a Tournament on the 28th Pulp Citizen has come to the rescue and loaned me his Rick Flag so I can get it painted and will replace it when mine eventually comes.

Rick Flag Is a Sidekick in a Law crew . But in the movie he is commander of the Suicide Squad and in love with Enchantress one of the members (no further spoilers).

In game terms he can be included in the Squad as he is listed amongst its members and can be the Boss. The Suicide Squad have some cool rules like Suicide Mission meaning they have to score a number of VPS each turn or risk a random member being blown up. The Leader/Boss is always exempt from this rule however as are a few members who have the Volunteer rule like Flag and Katana they can still be put in the pot for selection but nothing happens if you they get selected.

My current planned list I am taking to the Tournament is pictured above. Harley is a sidekick and can also be the boss. This means she can't be blown up, Rick Flag and Katana are volunteers so can't be blown up either if randomly selected. I am hoping not to lose to badly that it comes to this!

Harley her self is highly mobile and has some nice buffs like Confusion which weakens opponents and prevent them from using some traits that require Special Counters to be used. Harley also has her bat and a nice ranged attack with her pistol.

Captain Boomerang is there to generate VP's with hit Primary Target loot then go sit on my opponent's objectives lobbing boomerangs at any who come near.

Rick Flagg is to advance and pick off henchmen with his guns and hopefully get into a position to use his multifire rule boosting his rate of fire if he doesn't move.

Deadshot is also there to provide some more long ranged shooting mowing down henchmen. His Bullet Time attack which allows him to move and shoot with two ranged weapons will be used to blow a chunk in my opponents crew. Or in concert with Harley's Confusion (lowers def/att) to try and take down tougher higher defense targets.

Katana is there to fill out the crew and pick off weakened henchmen and protect Harley a little.

All my Movie themed Suicide Squad members. I just hope Knight models release Amanda Waller and some Special Forces to accompany Rick Flag.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Batman Miniature Game Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad

Here she is I had to re shoot the pics as my finger was partial over the corner and it bugged me lol.

This is Harley Quinn the Suicide Squad version. Out of the boxed she is the only one who can go on both sides as she is affiliated to the Joker crew as a Sidekick but is also a member of the Suicide Squad a team of villains rather than a crew which follows a particular set of rules.

Thinking about Harley can also go in a Secret Six team which is something I must remember as I also have AO Bane who can be taken in there as well.

Harley Quinn is such a quirky character in the movies and has a really twisted background with the Joker. I hope to do a Joker crew in the future using the Leto Joker and his Cosplayers as the core .

Thursday 13 April 2017

Batman Miniature Game Diablo (Suicide Squad)

In the mood to get some more figure finished I plucked up the courage this week to crack on with the last few Suicide Squad members.

These last two have lingered until last mainly due to them both requiring tattoos of some sort painting on them.

Diablo is plastered in them some of which I had to omit mainly because the areas where they were to go are just to small.

The facias one are done to make his head appear like a skull. I really love his character in the movie and the comics which I have recently read he is awesome

Sadly I am not sure how much I well get out of him. Diablo is quite a cheap free agent at 50 reputation he has some really cool rules but what let's him down is his Regrets trait meaning he has to fail a Willpower test everytime he activates in order to attack anything. It's a flavoursome rule those who have seen the movie will know he has to be goaded into Action because of his past.

I like the rule just which it had been reversed so that you had to pass a test in order to make attacks mainly because Deadshot had the leadership ability allowing reroll failed tests and if you had see the film there is a really cool bit where he goads Diablo into using his powers.

Anyway he is done and I shall give him at least one run out for a game. I am hoping we get different version of him when they release the magic expansion. 

I stuck to the studio scheme but chickened out trying to paint the gang symbols on jacket.

Harley Quinn is also finished but I need to re shoot the pics as my finger is in most of them....

Monday 10 April 2017

Polar Lights Bates Mansion 1/87 scale

Finally got this kit finished. It started out as a small commission for a family friend. They had purchased it but upon opening the kit didn't feel they as a first time builder of such kits that they could do it justice so asked me if I would have a go. Its simple enough kit with a small internal light kit.

I'd not done anything like this before and at first assembling the house was quite easy soaked and scrubbed. Pieces filed and cleaned up. The main body of the house was all in separate sections that link together onto the base.
 The roof sections with the railings attached
 All the remaining odd pieces left off in order to make painting easier.

Here is where I started to struggle. The kit only comes with a base for the top part but includes nothing for the stair case that would travel down to the motel. I asked our friend if they wanted this set of stairs included ad they said yes. The main issue I had with the kit was the lighting I had to think ahead as to where they batteries would need to go as well access to turn on the switch and change the batteries if needed,

I built the base up out of polystyrene in layers and got a rough idea of the layout for it.

So the plan as to build it up but leave a hole for the batteries(inc switch) to live in. The house would then be removable to get to the part. So work began
 I secured the layers down using cocktails sticks and pva between the layers. Then beginning to use polyfilla to add a surface and blend the layers together

 Between drying times I then began to basecoat all the other components.
 The interior was at first painted silver as it was recommended in the instructions as this reflects the light from inside.
 Finally filled out and sealed it now became known as daddies chocolate cake.....

Disaster strikes! Test fitting the lighting and access to lower area resulted in the top cracking. This is when it got a bit of hard work patching and securing down the house and top back to the base. This was probably the most frustrating bit as I'd repair it and it kept breaking again. I ended up having to hot glue gun it all down.

 More painting and adding texture to the cake part of it. 

In the end I decided to weld the house down to the base and leave the roof pieces loose. I then cut a hole in the bottom to get access to the switch/battery housing.

 Finally finished the last few bits Sunday evening I then discovered that when lit and despite a fair few layers of paint that the interior is quite translucent so ended up painting the interior and inside the roof sections with a few coats of black paint just to prevent the light bleeding out.

Some pics with the lighting on. I am quite pleased with the final results

 Mrs Bates!

Saturday 1 April 2017

Batman Miniature Game Deadshot (Suicide Squad)

Firs Batman miniature done for a while he has been sat started since before Christmas I think but as he has not fitted in any lists sort drifted along. I was also having colour scheme quandaries as well so it got bogged down and put away. Anyway I have a tournament coming up end of April and I'm tempted to get take the Suicide Squad. This version of Deadshot brings a lot of firepower like his previous two versions but its his bullet time special rule meaning he can move and fire two of his guns in one turn. Depending on the combo he can put out 7 shots at short range or 5 at medium meaning something is going to die.....

 One of potential Suicide Squad lists. 345 rep Captain Boomerang for his Primary target loot. Copperhead for Bat signal countering as she has undercover. Deadshot for blowing the crap out of threats. Katana for slicing and dicing. Croc to jump out the sewer onto an objective and hold on for defend/hold on for dear life. I have some other configs in the works but need some other models to take these lists.