Thursday 28 May 2020

Burrows and Badgers Hedgehog Huntress

Another Burrows mini finished from the recent kickstarter. This time the Hedgehog Huntress. Lovely characterful little mini. I struggled with defining the spines from the fur getting their in the end but it took to many steps to get to where I wanted her to be.

Saturday 23 May 2020

7TV Day Hasslefree Winter Katerina

Hasslefree Winter Katerina is a mini I have wanted since having seen the greens so grabbed it once the KS it was originally part of made it into the webstore in metal. Its a very characterful mini that can be used as an alluring spy, mage, assassin or even royalty.

I painted her dress in the same green to match in with the my Children of the Fields cultists as she can stand in as cultist leader or some of the other special characters that are in there.

At the moment I can't decide on her role in my cast it will either be the Unholy Cardinal Co star or maybe the Diabolical Fiend Star.

I am still working on the ghouls and have been doing a stage at a time then working on character figures to break up the boredom.

Monday 18 May 2020

7TV Day Cast Mantic Ghouls

Ah well it was probably inevitable I guess but the 7TV day has been cancelled and we have all had full refunds. Karl at Crooked Dice is going to take over the organisation of the event rather than WI but will still be reorganised at Wargames Foundry for another day.

We still plan to build our casts and share them online nearer the time that the event would of taken place as an joint cast showcase.

Anyway the Ghouls are finished I probably only need around 6 of these for the cast the rest will be spare if the Wendingo manages to create any ghouls using its special effect ability.

I plan on getting a more special ghoul model eventually to use as a ghoul king but the ones with weapons/hair will do as stand in's for now If I decide to make two packs out of these.

Saturday 9 May 2020

Burrows and Badger Scatter Scenery and Baggage.

These have been lingering base coated for waaay to long arriving not with the recent kickstarter but the one that arrived in February 2019!!! So between finishing characters off I have chipped away at these items and got them completed.

 A bit of graffiti from a well known fox family that is against the royal household.
These baggage item belong to a Stoatbart Wagon kit. I need to assemble the MDF wagon and paint it alongside the crew who pull it. I need to get a base for It I think though.

Saturday 2 May 2020

Wargames Illustrated 7TV Day July 2020

Really not sure if this event is going ahead or not yet in the very strange climate we all currently find ourselves living in. However I am treating it as an excuse to get a new cast done for it Using the deadline is a good motivator. However money is quite tight at the moment due to the COVID 19 situation so its being saved away for essentials only. So there will be no purchases of hobby stuff in future until my wife can go back to work. This means I shall be using what mini's I have in the pile to build this cast.

Its a super hero themed event with some optional 'powers' rules to try out. People who have volunteered there allegiances mostly seem to be on the heroic side of things which has encouraged my to go villainous for this one.

My idea currently for it centres around a dark witch who has supernatural powers over the undead. Looking through the Pulp set and the recently released Menagerie of Terror cards and then mooching through the leadpile I have devised a Ghoulish themed list. Its a little rough still at the moment as I need something else to round out the cast.

So we have the witch model supplied by Hasslefree as my Star (profile to be decided) I also have the Ancient Evil model that came from the Crooked Dice Pulp Kickstarter last year. The Black Goat which is also from Crooked Dice will stand in for a Wendigo (which is classed as massive on the profile and the model mostly matches its description.) I have been meaning to build a Winterley cast around the Black Goat but haven't had the spare hobby funds to pick up  the extra models I need for it. This gets it painted at least. Then also from the lead piles is 10 Mantic Ghouls that I had picked up to use as gibbering maniacs for another cast idea. But again dual purposes for these.

Some of the ghouls will be part of my initial cast but one of the star qualities of the Wendigo is turning your opposing cast members into Ghouls so I will need spare models in order to do this. Meaning I will need to plug the gap with something else. I had though of Large bats or Werewolves but unfortunately don't have the models for those. So at the moment its cultist types or assassin's which are whizzing round my head. Though that might change the theme slightly.

The leader will either be the Mummy or the Witch but I have differing profiles and either Stars, Co Stars or extras that they could stand in as.

Work is underway at any rate having cleaned up assembled and primed most the figures shown above.

The clothing will be green like my cultists that I have already done. A couple of them may get a bit of white added in as I need a Ghoul King to be like a pack leader for them.