Tuesday 2 March 2021

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

I had started writing this post not long after my previous post however got a bit sidetracked with things going on with work. Anyway for Christmas I got given some Star Wars Legion figures in the form of Cassian Andor and K2S0, Jyn Urso and the Pathfinders Special Force set for the Fantasy Flight (Now AMG) game.

 I have spent January beavering away painting them all and currently only have K2S0 to finish off. I originally planned to use them in 7TV (Which will probably still happen as rumours of a Star Wars themed 7TV day may be planned this year)

They have been an absolute blast to paint and with Disney Plus providing me with plenty of Star Wars inspiration I have gone the whole hog and picked up the Rebel and Imperial Core set. I got a quick demo in from a friend before lockdown occurred at Christmas and the game is quite funny if a little different to my normal types of games.

Starting with the Pathfinders I painted the standard squad leader first. I found images online quite tricky to come. Don't get me wrong there are tons of images but what was frustrating was the huge variance in colouring from one image to the next what is green in one image is then grey in another! He was a bit of experiment colours wise but I think he turned out ok.

Next up a pair of regular troopers again googled loads of images and I think I found who they were based on from some photos of the Art book for Rogue One.

This guy I think has a different helmet in the movie its more similar to the one on the lady below.

This lady is one of the characters who comes to the aid of the Rogue One expedition and is deployed from the U Wing the breaches the shield before it locks down.

This guy has like a sniper variant of the normal blaster according to the equipment cards.

Final the two Alien members finish off the squad of Pathfinders the Lizard like Pao and the hairy Ape like Bistan.

Corporal Pao who replaces the human squad leader I first painted.

Bistan who is a door gunner on the U Wing blowing the leg off an AT AT which is harassing the ground forces. I found him quite tricky to paint as the stills show he has human colour skin but has long grey/white fur with the skin still showing underneath

The Whole Pathfinder Squad.

Next up is one of the main Characters from Rogue One Jyn Urso! Daughter of the Imperial scientist who worked on the Death Star (No spoilers other than that)

Jyn was a bit tricky to paint she is very dynamically posed but the scarves and arms make it a bit awkward to get the some areas of the body. Jyn also came in a lot of pieces with both arms, head and the two pieces of scarf being separate. 

Next up is Captain Cassian Andor, the Rebel spy who is assigned by the Rebel command to assist Jyn find her father and later on in the movie retrieve the Death Star plans from Scariff. Cassian is assisted by a reprogrammed Imperial Security Droid called K2S0 who I absolutely love in the movie and gives has some great one liners. K2S0 isn't quiet finished yet but I hope to have him done by the end of this week as he is about 75% finished.

Cassian was easier to paint up the only slightly awkward spot was his right side of his face being close to his coat hood. You get  quite a few options with this kit they are hard plastic on sprue. K2S0 has options for being unarmed (which I went for as that's how K2S0 is in most of the movie) Cassian has his standard blaster pistol, his pistol when it is converted into sniper mode and then a second blaster which is more of a concealed smaller weapon. I went for his standard blaster as the model and Jyn are equipped as they are when they are both on the Imperial Occupied moon Jedha. I am tempted to get a second set and make the Sniper and armed versions of K2S0.

All my Rebel forces so far. I have gone about the game the wrong way in regards to Force compostion. Jyn/Cassian can be Commanders which are fine and they sort of synergy (well so I am told) the Pathfinders are a Special Forces unit and I need to have a minimum of 3 Corps units and a commander before adding anything else on. The Core set fortunately gives me two Corps units in the form of Standard Rebel Infantry both of which have some different weapon options. I also get Luke Skywalker (In Bespin attire) and AT-RT Walker which has some different weapon options (I am looking into magnetise this one). Which leaves me with one more Corps unit to get. Looking online I can get more Rebel infantry, Veterans or Fleet Troopers I am leaning more towards the Fleet Troopers tbh as they feature at the end of Rogue One and for me fit that them where as the veterans are dressed in the Uniforms the Rebels wear on Hoth.

Besides the core set I also pick up Han Solo and Chewie but my plan is to paint all the Core set Rebels then paint those. Imperials will get painted once I have a playable painted force of Rebels as I plan to start playing Legion and Board in Brum when lock down is over and we can get out and hopefully get gaming again.