Tuesday 29 December 2015

Merry Be-lated Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone though it be a little bit later than usual. I hope you have all been good and got something nice. Its been a very busy Christmas in the Brummie household this year for some reason not had the time to browse the blogs as usually but things are settling down a bit this week so I shall have a good catch up.

Hobby wise not really got much to show cleaned up and based a few more Hasslefree miniatures and started a dad/daughter project with my eldest in the form of assembling and painting the fire elementalists from Frostgrave I wonder what colours they will be painted? :)

Santa loot has been the following getting there with the theme's this year and treacle toffee nom nom!
Haven't had chance to even sniff the art book yet either!

As for my own stuff got these guys assembled. Need to base and fill some joins on three of them then it will be time for priming.

 Picked this football mini up from Hasslefree not sure what I'm going to do with her yet. Will be Post Apoc'd somehow. I did think of changing the head and adding some sort of weapon to the left hand.

Playing a game of Across the Dead Earth with Carmen this week as well. made to gangs of a similar composition just going to try it with basic rules to begin with :) so there may be a little bit of a battle report depending on how things go.

Friday 18 December 2015

Meet Alfie!!

Ha no hobby time this week! A new member of the family has joined the Quinton household 
Meet Alfie!

Alfie is a 14 week old Springer Spaniel who arrived with us on Sunday. It has been not quite the same in the house with just the one dog and everyone has been moping about and probably a bit down since we lost our younger lab Morgan back in October. Alfie has shined a light back in our lives and has certainly livened things up!

Full of beans and a lot of fun he certainly brought a smile to our face. Never had a springer before and he is comical.

Random Zoomies!

Have a good weekend folks and hopefully some sort of normal service will resume shortly :)

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Wargamer and Who you gonna call?

Not much to show as we reach the halfway point of this week. Feeling much better after last weeks event. Went to the Wargamer show Sunday accompanied by the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen and managed to snag up some bargains.

Managed to snag £27 worth of Crooked Dice minions for the bargain price of £8.50 from Colonel Bills stand.

Minion Commander and Administrator
2 Minions with Batons
2 Rifle Minions
Minon with flame thrower and technician

I also picked up some Across the Dead Earth Mercenaries from Robert on his 7th Heaven Games Stand.

Also a Shadowforge Juliana Jones for a £1 off one of the second hand stands :)

Finally Ainsty Castings had 30% Crooked Dice stuff so took up the opportunity and picked up the Paranormal Investigator 1&2 packs. These have accelerated up the paint queue as my daughter wants to play a game with them and is going to paint slimer. So this week has been about cleaning them and getting them based.

Currently they are like this awaiting to be primed :)

Did it a bit of shopping with the last of my birthday cash from October and these arrived in the post this week as well. They are from Akula's Apocalypse Isle range you can only order them via email. But Matt is spot on and these were turned around in a week from asking about prices to payment and receiving them.

The one on the left is Geronimo sculpted by Kev White and I believe themed by Ian Brumby of Fenris games. I spotted the green on Kev's Hasslefriesian facebook page which at the time seemed like it was to be a gift for a friend. I spotted this the other day on lead adventure on Akula's thread so just had to order it. I quite like Shane Hoyle's sculpts (Did the Westfalia Wasteland figures i've been painting) so picked up the first Pirate pack  thinking they would make good survivor or post apoc figs. I'm really pleased with them and I'm thinking of doing some sort of Canal Pirates for Across the Dead Earth with them once I've sort a couple more figs to go with them.

I may pick up the Armed Civilians as well as they are lovely looking sculpts.

Friday 4 December 2015

Hospital Visit and Scatter Terrain

Been a strange week. Spent Thursday night being rushed off to A&E after
 having a funny turn and collapsing in the kitchen followed by some kind of seizure. It all only lasted about a minute and I have no recollection apart from a horrible heartburn/indigestion feeling just prior to it.

I came around and after being checked out by the fantastic paramedics got taken to City hospital as a precaution and to have some more tests. All carried out by the wonderful staff at City Hospital I got discharged in the early hours of this morning.

Been taking it easy today and I'm fine apart from having a very sore wrist which I must of fell on and having achy muscles all over. Been taking it easy watching movies on the TV and resting.

I've got to go to some sort of fit clinic but I get the feeling they won'y find anything hopefully this will just be a one off thing.

Hobby wise I had been working my way through some of the Scatter Terrain I painted up from the Mars Attacks Ruins sets.

First up some brick piles these have just been stuck together as they come in two halves. Glued onto a base which has then been textured. Lots of drybrushing and a wash here and there and there done.

Next up a bit more variety two sets of wooden fencing which I've to make look old and distressed. 

A Barrier made from a rather thick door, crates and some steel cross beams. I've painted the door as if its a metal door especially considering its thickness. As well as a Stop sign which I've just textured the base and painted so it appears, worn and rusty.

Finally a sign post. There are plenty of the signposts dotted around Birmingham city centre pointing to various attractions and other places. I've repurposed the signs so they point Across the Dead Earth cities The Rag Market (Birmingham) and New Venice (London) I realised after I took the pics that I made a bit of a mistake with the arrows directions. But perhaps that has been done on purpose to confuse the States enemies.

The Lower sign just says water and trade just to fill out the gaps on it.

Just planning to chill this weekend, got the Christmas lights turn on at the local shops down the road we might pop down to and Sunday i'm going to a small local show called Wargamer(sorry website isn't the best)  where hopefully going to pick up some tufts and other bits and bobs.

Keep safe people and have a good weekend.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Westfalia Wasteland Raider no 2

Another Westfalia Raider finished this time a female with a nice flail and shield. No idea if this is based on a movie counterpart either way its a cool mini and will be one of my Scrappers in my Female Raider gang.

In total this brings my Raiders upto 8 next up is the female raider with shotgun. But I want to get some scatter scenery finished for the weekend so that will be next :)