Wednesday 28 December 2011

A Henchmen, Number 1 and A Lady with a Rude Name

Hope you all had a great Christmas so far. Back to work today for me unfortunatly but i'm hoping its quiet.
Anyway a few more KKBB finished off  from Artizan Designs the Dr Felix and Assitants pack from Artizan .

Namely Stavro Blofeld, A Henchmen( don't know if he has a name or not) and of course Pussy Galore.

Anyway here's the pics

I Doubt I will get a post in before New Year so.....

Happy New Year Everyone

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas to all my new Friends/Followers for 2011.

May you all get something shinie in your stockings this year.

Sunday 18 December 2011

More agents of Questionable Virtue and something Spiritual

Been a busy week again this week but had a whole afternoon to myself yesterday so managed to get these started and finished. First up is a pack from Artizan Thrilling tales range 'Department of Ungentlemenly Warfare' I can't find this pack on there website as a set but the figures are there individually.

I like these chap's I think they will make some great agents or henchmen. I like the idea of hidden weapons or gadgets. So in my twisted imagination the chap in the middle 'Mr Peregrin' will be armed with a gadgety umbrella perhaps releasing knockout gas or something. Chap in the Bolla hat and grey suit (sites not responding and I can't remember his name off the top of my head) will be armed with a sword stick.
'Reggie' Obviously isn't very stealthy and he has a Tommy gun.

Next Pack I got done yesterday was from Crooked Dice 7TV range 'Group Captain Jim Barrowight' I really like the pose and in my KKBB games he will lead my British special forces troops (Coming soon). My second attempt at painting DPM which I think is a lot better but still needs some practice.

Heres a pic of my first go for comparison.

Which looking at it is nothing like it lol

This guy was really frustrating I changed the colour of his top and trousers twice. I gave up in the end and just finished him because on the verge of being launched up the garden.

Thursday 8 December 2011

Security Security Intruder Alert

Finished my Crooked Dice Armed and Unarmed Minions this week. Took me a while to get these done but I've been so busy getting house ready for Christmas ETC when I have had time all i've wanted todo is veg and catch up on TV.

Anyhow here are the two packs with some groups shots of my security done previously. I decided not to add numbers on the back at the moment nor the white triangle Its something i'm gonna think on for now. But they are done.

First up is the Crooked Dice Armed Minions cool thing about these guys us they come with a sprue of three heads for each figures. I've decided to use the hard hat ones just because I really like them.

So I have 12 spare heads 6 Grizzled veteran and 6 Young fop for my bits box not bad.

Unarmed they are not unarmed I hear you say. Well these dudes come with an optional pistol hand which i've decided to add. Again I've gone for the hard hat option.

Cool thing is I think i'm gonna pick some more unarmed ones and perhaps add some kind of stun rod or nightstick. Also next year I believe that Crooked Dice have a Minion with flamethrower and a Minion with toolbox and pistol to be released. So they will be on my shopping list.

Heres two group shots of my Guards/Minions/Security types so far

Friday 2 December 2011

WIP Crooked Dice Minion's

I'm currently painting these up with my hover transports however I have a dilema. I have painted the Hard hats Yellow.....But now i'm not sure whether i should of painted them blue or a steel colour...hmmmmm

They are gonna be like my Artizan guards but with helmets.