Monday 29 January 2018

Moonraker Savage

Just a quick post today. I finished this one before finishing Aunty Entity but forgot to post him up. Another Savage from the old Grenadier Future War line. Now sold by Moonraker miniatures. I am really enjoying these sculpts such character and so easy to paint. I have been working my my through the Bikers/Rebels from the same range. More on that later this week a sI need to photograph them but plan on digging out my old camera instead of using my phone.

Friday 26 January 2018

Across The Dead Earth Multi Player game. Against The Tide.

Last Friday saw myself and a group of friends meet up at the Stourbridge Wargames club for a large multi player game of Across the Dead Earth organised by Neil Jones.

Here is a link to the game setup.

A huge horde of Sollus are advancing across the land. Several gangs have taken casualties and are fileeing the hordes relentless advance. The gangers are tired and need to find somewhere to rest up and escape the horde. Spying some buildings on the horizon the gangs head cautiously across the ruins searching for food or other items that might prove useful and praying they don't find more Sollus.

All we had been told prior was to create two characters each (up to 120pts total so roughly 60pts and no leader skill) and that it was going to be all of us vs the Sollus (zombies). Leader skill would be handle differently and would change from round to round. In the end 2 people couldn't make it so we increased the number of characters of the 3 Scavenger players to 3.

Fortunately me not being able to decide what models to use I had had created an extra crew and brought all my Copplestone Biker minis so was able to re skin a character and use one of my bikers.

Some Rules were added and or changed.
When arriving within 6 inches of a building or ruin a D6 was rolled and this determined how many Sollus were lurking. At the end of each round the Sollus got there turn and each gang player rolled a D6 and these Sollus arrived on from the table edges.

Event cards were dealt to the 3 gang players as normal but instead of a normal hand of 3 we had 2 in play at once.

Leadership was dealt with by firstly rolling off on 2xD6 with the highest score electing one of his gangers as leader for the round gaining the order, extra action and +2 toughness. In the following rounds a vote was done. This was based on how many models you within 12 inches of the previous rounds leader. Each of your models gave you 1 vote. You then picked a model yours or your allies to be leader for the round. (in case of a draw between votes you dice off on 2D6 until one person wins)

We also had secret missions which were a random choice  out of 6. I forget what the others had but mine was Napoleon Complex. In the final turn of the game one of my gangers had to be elected as leader and one of my gang had to survive.

The table set up. The Northern Edge is over on the far side with the farm and out houses. We deployed our gang members along an 18 inch zone along the Southern table edge.. My 3 bikers entered on the road. Jon's 3 in the ruins to the right of the stream.  The other guy (apologies I have forget his name :( ) Deployed to the left of the road.

Numerous crates where spread around and a random loot counter was drawn from a mug.

 Dice were rolled and Adam is leader for round one. Advancing forward a number of Sollus are disturbed in the large ruin. Rage quickly torches them with his flame thrower. Skylar sweeps her way up the steps search for lott on the first floor.

The rest of the gangers advance up the road towards the central ruin.

 A few Sollus groan and stumble out of the building and are put down by Chas's Smg and Dave's Shotgun.
 A number of Sollus drawn by the gunfire follow their way up the road  and begin to separate and surround the gangs 
Adam is brought down by a Sollus and Rage kicks down a Sollus and burns the rest with his flame thrower.

Unable to break free and help Adam. The Sollus begins to feast and Adam joins the ranks of the undead.

Searching the ruins Jon's scout finds a message 'Salvation to the North' The gangers take out the Sollus and form a retreating firing line. Rage and Skylar weave there way through the ruin and head North torching and smashing and burning Sollus left and right in their path.

 A fusillade of grenades and nail bombs. Disables enough of the trailing Sollus to give the gangers some breathing space

Jon's broadsword wielding maniac gets pinned down by the Sollus and cuts them down left right and centre in a desperate fight to let the others escape.
Skylar reaches the Barn and a sister appears brandishing a hand cannon. Blue boy rushes over and the surprised sister guns him down thinking his intentions are not the best (Failed Skill check). However seeing Skylar fighting of a Sollus joins forces. The nun advises of a old pre war bunker hidden in the ruins of an old truck to the East.

 My Bikers fight a retreat heading towards the Barn. Finding out about the bunker they begin to whittle down the Sollus in their path. 

Jons Scout is cornered and pulled down  by a group of Sollus but not wanting to turn in to one of them he pulls a pin on a grenade blasting them and his foes to smithereens. (Got beaten in combat and when they went for the kill used his Sacrifice card).

Jon's Broadsword wilder gets completely surrounded and is eventually pulled down by sheer weight of numbers.

We were running out of time by this point. Taking pictures was forgotten to get the game finished before we need to pack up.

 I managed to gain leadership in the final round and despite being charged by several Sollus near the truck wreck I managed to disengage from them and escape!

I managed to escape with my gang leader achieving both my Secret objectives and taking 15pts of loot with me.

The game was a good laugh and there was some really cinematic moments. However I think Neil (controlling the zombies) was hoping we would play less co-op between and more back stabbing went on. Perhaps next time with more players it will go that way.

Highlights for me was the Rage (named that because he had the Rage skill) who managed to burn everything that got in his way and when caught in combat used his Rage to kick the crap out of everything.

Jon's broadsword wielder was awesome and hacked down loads of Sollus only the lack of spare actions  and passing of skill tests in order to kill off the Sollus being the reason she went down in the end.

The Scout using the Sacrifice card was well timed taking out good chunk of sollus near the Barn preventing them from getting back up like the others.

All my gang survived despite a few hairy moments. They fought really well shooting and scrapping there way across the table.

Neil is planning another meet up next month in February so fingers cross we can all make it again as it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I am hoping in the meant time to strip and rebase my bikers for next time as they are the first figures I painted when returning to the hobby and are a bit rough shall we say!

Thursday 18 January 2018

Who Runs Barter Town? Part 2

I picked this figure up last year as soon as it was teased on Lead Adventure. I am painting up ther other figure released at the same time so look for that one next week some time. Its from Four A miniatures and is of couse based on Aunty from Beyond the Thunderdome.

I know many aren't keen on the the third instalment however its one my favourites for the quirky characters and costumes. I have been after a figure to convert for ages into Aunty but was unable to find a model suitable enough with out having to sculpt all of it myself pretty much so was excited to get hold of this one. It was quite quick to paint really only needing a few colours really. The trickiest part was getting a good contrast between skin and hair as they are so close in colour when browsing for pictures to follow.

Monday 8 January 2018

Who Runs Bartertown?

My wasteland ladies have arrived they have been based and the few mold lines removed. All that needs doing is priming and they are ready to go. Whilst working on these I have managed to get a duo finished (Well its on a single base but they really count as a pair). 

This also the final figure from the Wasteland Kickstarter I backed a few years ago. There was another miniature but the KS owner decided the sculpt was not good enough which is a shame as it would of been spot on for Lord Humongus. Currently the molds have been sold on which is a shame as I would love to get a second set for some conversions.

Actually I tell a lie! As I still have the Post Apoc Ogre to do from that Kickstarter but I am unsure what to do with him now. Whether do do him as a large human or paint him to be be a super mutant hmmm.

I like my mini's to be functional and originally apart from his brute strength came with out any weapons. So converted this one slightly by adding a the large hammer. Loosely based on the weapons used in the Thunderdome fight scene. In hindsight I perhaps should of made a spiked mace instead as after researching images to paint them up thats what he seem to carry mostly. But never mind too late now.

When the weather is better and brighter I will dig out the full set and take some pictures of the set.

Thursday 4 January 2018

Keeper of the Seeds (Post Apoc)

My Post Apocalyptic tastes have been tickled and it continues into 2018 with the figures being worked on at the moment.

I loved the Mad Max Fury Road movie. So many great characters and themes to capture the imagination for gangs or crews. One that has struck a cord with me ever since seeing it in the cinema were the Vuvalini or the 'Many Mothers' the clan that Furiosa belongs to and whom intends to cross the wasteland and seek out.

As no one makes any models akin to them I have pondered and struggled immensely to find suitable figures (well those that can be converted easily) So I have to compromise somewhat and I am making my vision of them with what models I can. The Crooked Dice Wasteland Warriors will form a big part of that so I am very grateful for these Female Warriors being sensibly dressed.

I am promised some Wreck Age figures from a friend in the States which will also add another couple of members and I am very much looking forward to receiving that package when it comes.

The Keeper of the Seeds is played by Melissa Jaffer in the movie and is a cool character who is looking after the remaining seeds left after the land turned marshy and no longer able to grow plant life anymore. (pics of just her were hard to come by.)

Left to right Valkyrie Keeper of Seeds and unamed Vuvalini (there were 5 without name) 

A nice drawing showing the skull she use as a pot testing if the soil is any good.

As you can see they are quite wrapped up for desert travel. There is nothing I can find that is similar enough. Without having to do major Greenstuff work to achieve anything like it hence why I am going to be going for a likeness rather than exact.

So first up is Keeper of the Seeds. The base model is Madge by Hasslefree miniatures. I had painted her as a zombie hunter a long time ago and recently last year I stripped for a repaint. There she sat until I had the idea to user has as Vuvalini.

First off I trimmed the shotgun barrels down into a sawn off. I left the stock as I didn't feel confident enough to re sculpt the coat that would be exposed underneath. I had some spare bags from another Hasslefree miniature in the bitz box so filed it down and bent it slightly to fit the small of the back. Luckily there is some sort waist band that once painted looks like a belt.

I was just going to leave it at that but wasn't happy with the hair being exposed at the back. I then decided to sculpt on a hood bringing it around to the front. I then decided to add in some material to use as googles having her wear them. Which was easier than trying to sculpt them on top of her head. Finally I added some shoulder pads to take it a bit further away from the padded coat. I added on some sort of totem leather tooth thing from the Frostgrave Barbarian Sprue as some sort of trinkets or tresaures. I wanted to add another weapon but then realised I had no sensible place to put it. It then twigged where I could put one and I found a water bottle from a WW2 sprue in my bits box with a grenade and knife on. I trimmed off the knife handle and stuck in the top of the boot.

Painting was quite quick I stuck to similar earth tones. With just a spot of colour here and there as decoration and working on the lenses of the goggles which have changed colour several times until I figures out what I had not done properly.

I also made an order this week for the Wasteland Warriors (Those Post Apoc ladies in my last post)  on the Crooked Dice site LINK as soon as they were available. So I am eagerly awaiting them to arrive in the post and looking forward to getting them painted and added to my Vuvalini. Whilst I wait I am trying to keep up the momentum and have worked on a couple more Raider figures that have been lingering for two long in the to finish pile. More on those when they are finished.

Monday 1 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

I'd like to wish all my Followers and Friends a very Happy New Year 2018! I hope you all have a happy and healthy year.

Best of luck with your projects this year I look forward to seeing them!