Friday 31 January 2014

Across The Dead Earth: Upcoming game/Kick starter

Its been bought to my attention lately through facebook of an upcoming game called Across The Dead Earth. Its a post apocalyptic skirmish game set mainly set in the UK and even has zombies in it. There will be multiple themed factions in to.

The background is awesome, the artwork is brilliant and the first few figures have been sculpted by Andrew May in preparation for the kickstarter on the 1st March. Its got me pretty excited so much so when the guys behind it all asked for help on there facebook page to review/testing the beta rules I jumped at the chance!

 I received them Wednesday night from Richard and currently in the process of reading them through. I'm hoping to have a game or two of these beta rules next week and I'll do a post about them then. In the meantime here are some pics of the concept art and the first 3 sculpts.

Ronnie - leader of the Red Claw Gang.

Fatboy, the Red Claw Gang's one man assault squad.

Crimson - Mercenary

Reggie - the latest and youngest member of The Family

Here are the first 3 sculpts done by the very talented Andrew May of Statuesque and Meridian Miniatures.


Fatboy now with RPG!


For more info and some fantastic background check out the Dead Earth website and don't forget to like and share there facebook page both links below.

Link to an Interview on Hitting on a Double 1

Sunday 26 January 2014

Loki's Great Hall Giveaway has begun!

Loki aka Andrew Saunders is going to do various give away's to celebrate his blog reaching 100'000 hits starting this week. Well done mate!

Paint Table Saturday (well +1 day)

Following on from what people have been posting on various blogs I think this is a splendid idea. Started by Sofie at Sofie's Painting Blog. I thought I'd join in though its a day late!

Been a bit busy stripping and re-decorating my eldest's room for her birthday this week so catching up on various blogs today.

Here's some pics of the painting table (tray really) with a bit of most projects I have going on. Its mostly all 15mm figures from my AVP Project but theres 7TV, Otherworld, Stone Haven miniatures and Micro Panzer all mixed as well as various vehicles that I'm trying to decide what to do with.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Alien Batch 1 finished and Yautja Test scheme

Theres been a distinct lack of painted stuff here at Brummies Wargaming blog lately so here we are got the first batch of Alien Drones finished this week and the Queen. I might darken the heads on the drones I've tried to create the effect of light reflecting of the domed head. They are going to be varnished with a satin varnish I've been recommended which is not matt and not to glossy so want to get that appearance you get in the movies. What do you think?

None of the base's are done this will be done in one big batch as I mix paint in with the pva etc when basing them.

Here is the test scheme for the Yautja its not been highlighted or anything yet this is just the base colour's with a black wash over the top. The metal is in two tones its a base of shining gold over black then the edges painted on plate mail. What do you think so far?

Friday 17 January 2014

The Miniatures Man blog Competition

Joakim Ström is having a competition due to him hitting a massive 50'000 hits please go check and have a peak at his blog. Joakim has some excellently done fantasy figures as well as posts about a wide variety of gaming periods.

Saturday 11 January 2014

The Yautja have landed!

Been mostly doing work on the buildings spent an evening gingerly filing off some of the markings from the tops of the buildings and then another starting a small Yautja shuttle/space ship. (Yautja being the proper name for Predator Species).

The body comes from an old computer mouse you may of seen these before as they where going to be a two man grav vehicle for my spy fi stuff that never got finished. I may dismantle the second one and do it up as a second vehicle being as I have quite a few Yautja that will need a ride. Its needs some more detailing at the moment its not based as I will paint it up and do that after it will sort of be tilting forward slightly. The stones will be sort of sensors but they'll be painted over as well. The wings at the rear have come from the packaging that come with most kids toys I've filed them down then pinned them to the body.

The back and the part where the buttons join in the middle need finishing off as there is a hole where there wheel button was and I'm in two minds whether to add some sort of burner/thruster to the back of it.

Also my package from Finland arrived on Friday with some more figures for this project. I already had the 3 single vacation Aliens (Yautja) from Khurasan but wanted to add in some Khurasan Huntarr (More Yautja) to increase the numbers and so I could play some games where I have Yautja Hunters trying to capture an Alien Queen for egg laying purposes.

There are four packs of Huntarr which strangely have disappeared of the Khursan site recently so I was a bit disappointed but a random browse of the Lead Adventure Forum's bazaar I spotted a pack of each for sale! Huzzah!

I can't tell you what the specific packs are called one is obviously a leader pack and one they heavy plasma burners and there are two packs here that have the typical Yautja weapons and one pack with the retractable spears and one of just wrist blades. These all come with the shoulder burners as well which need glueing on. As a bonus I have recieved 9 spear armed Yautja instead of 8 so happy days. Most of these all have 2 of each sculpt per pack apart from the heavy burner pack which you get 3. I plan on converting some anyhow. I quite fancy having some discs, net launchers and perhaps a whip theres quite a variety of weapons in the various movies. 

The Pack of Leader's

The Wrist blade armed pack.

Spear and wrist blade armed pack 9 figures with 5 individual sculpts

The Shoulder burners for the two packs above.

The boys with the heavy artillery. These will be Blooded Warriors that usually over see hunting parts and carry the heavy weapons.

This next pic is what I intend to make the Yautja  Hounds from the Predators movie from they are going to need a bit of putty work mainly to add spines I intend on adding around 5 spines to each one to give the impression of the movie ones. They are wearing sort of body armour which I don't mind as again there's a large variety with equipment. These originally come from Micro Panzer a Vaethaka Hound unit. These where bought from the same guy who I got the Huntarr from so it was like it was meant to be as I'd earmarked these a year ago for the role! The main thing that held me back was the overseas shipping and only wanting this single pack which in my mind pushes the cost up of the figures.

Saturday 4 January 2014

Aliens Vs Predator Project the Return!

Happy New Year all normality is beginning to return to this Brummie household the kids are due to go back to school Monday and so things are getting back into the normal routine!

As the title suggests my mind has slipped back to Sci Fi again strange how it does that this time of year as it was this time last year this project started off with my first purchases of Exterminators and Space Demons from Khurasan.

Well work has started again. The first 12 Alien Drones are nearly finished as is the Queen. I've started work assembling my space colony out of pots and scrap plastic bits and bobs.

I'm also doing a bit of sculpting mainly having ago at some of the creatures and tech from the movie Predators this being the Tracker Predators hounds and the Predator Falconers robotic bird/drone. The bird is the hardest as it had like 3 seconds of footage in the movie and is hard to find pics of.  The one below of the bird is a fan made one and there is another with two blades on. With how individual Predators equipment is I think I can have a creative licenses with it :-D I don't recall seeing blades on it and the only footage online is this snipped you see it land on the predator on the left hand side.

The Hound mine will have less spines but it will create the impression.

Predator Falcon by Raiyuri

The Hounds I haven't started but I've found I think a good body to start from and will need to just putty on some spines when they arrive from the guy I've bought them off in Finland. The Bird/drone is completely from scratch as I could find anything similar enough to start from there is a few pics below again WIP but its needs more filing down and detail etch into the hardened putty. The first attempts whilst the putty was a little bit cured was no good as I kept destroying bits when trying to apply pressure so I decided to make it bigger and the file it down when hard.

The Drone Side on


Scale shot shows you how small it is.. Its supposed to mount on a predators wrist so still a bit more filing to go yet.

Front of the houses with Bob the Grunt to show scale.

Decide five was a nice number to start.

I have some more buildings to make but I need some bigger bases to mount them on before I can start them properly.

I also hope to make a ship of some kind not a big ass mother ship but a small sort of predator shuttle/craft. Thinking of a small hunting party either carrying 3 perhaps up to maybe 12-15 hunters. I have some ideas about what to start from its not set in stone. I have two maybe three ideas for the main body of the ship but if that doesn't work then there are some GW model kits which I could also use to kit bash into ships again there are no standard Predator ships comics and movies all have massive variety between them.