Thursday 23 March 2017

Apocalypse Ilse Geronimo

Another miniature I've had for a while and finally got around to paint him. This is a Kev White sculpt (Hasslefree) but is owned by Akula and is part of his private commissioned Apocalypse Isle range of which spare castings are available. Its a cracking sculpt called Geronimo. I am going to use him as the leader of a band of River Pirates in my Post Apoc games but would obviously make a suitable zombie hunter etc.

I've got one of the pirate sets sculpted by Shany Hoyle and hope to pick up the armed civilians as I think they will make good 'Saviours' for Walking Dead themed games.

There is a wide variety of sculpts available so take a browse something might take your fancy

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Frostgrave Cultist Barbarian

I really like the Frostgrave setting I am yet to try it but plan to build up two force so I can play some games with the kids or down at the club. I fell in love with this figure as soon as I saw and Frostgrave or not it was on my list to get. I love Mark Copplestones sculpting style and have admired his Fantasy 15/18mm range that he did and this guy replicates that stile nicely but in 28mm obviously. The Plastic Barbarians are really nice and I plan to build some associates to accompany this one. I may pick up a further box later on and build a larger force for some bigger size skirmish games. (Rules to be decided or made myself).

This figure comes in a twin pack accompanying a thief which will get painted up at some point. I spend ages chopping off the integral base. I'm not sure if it was worth it or not yet as it took a long time of careful clipping and finally lots of filing.

Sunday 12 March 2017

Studio Miniatures Norm (Daryll)

First up off the paint bench in a while is Norm from Studio miniatures aka Daryll Dixon. This is a lovely sculpt I really like how the crossbow has been cast. My only issue with it was the straps either snapped off or didn't cast properly and I didn't notice upon arrival from the Kickstarter that was done a couple of years ago. I've replaced it with some paper fold in half then trimmed to the right width then coated in superglue.

I hope to finish get another couple done from the kickstarter as I am enjoying the current season of the Walking Dead.

Thursday 9 March 2017

Checking in 1,2,3

Its been a funny month or so here at Brummie Towers. Ultra busy with real life the wife is healing nicely and much better thank you for the well wishes!

Hobby wise I am a bit lost at the moment have been pottering with bits here and there but I am lacking focus.

I have managed to assemble for the Batman game Commissioner Gordon and the 3 Swat members he comes with. Half a dozen Sky Pirates from Statuesque, The Henchmen from Crooked Dice as well as some agents and Daredevils though these got a little further being primed in grey!

Randomly I pre ordered the Frostgrave Folio from Northstar via Nickstarter. I am still yet to play this game having picked up the main rulebook and Thaw of the Lich Lord expansion sometime last year. The books are lovely and I like the setting itself. I must try and get two factions up and ready so me and Carmen get some games in. I need a mage and I need to sort out some henchmen/soldiers for both sides my adventurers though suitable aren't really equipped to suit that well.

The Folio itself is a collection of the small pdf add on's that were released some scenarios and the rules to include Captains.

Anyway that was last month and this week they were despatched and arrived in very short order. This is my first Nickstarter and I must say I am really chuffed for Pre ordering through it. For the cost of the book plus shipping I got the book, a free sprue of Barbarians, a Mage and Apprentice and some metal bits to convert one of the plastic barbarians into the scene on the cover all for £12.40 including shipping!

 The package that arrived.

The Mage, Apprentice and Conversion bits

 I really like the Plastic Barbarians so much so I am going to pick up the full set up at some point to make a raiding party for Fantasy gaming in general.

Painting Wise I have managed to get a bit done over the past few weeks namely the Norm (Daryll) from Studio miniatures and the fabulous metal Barbarian from Northstar (Cultist version for Frostgrave). I've been catching up on Season 6 and 7 of the Walking Dead and am now upto date finally! What a corker of a season so far!

I also randomly picked up a bargain a few weeks back a random sale post on one of the facebook groups for a bunch of Hasslefree figures at £2 each! I bit the chap's arm off and took the lot as fortunately I have been eyeing both sets of these figures for ages. But when having the funds ordering one or another always seems to be out of stock. So I am pleased to of added the Scooby themed Post Apoc Gang and the Mission Improbable Spy set.

Being in a zombie slaying mood I cleaned up the Post Apoc gang and got them based and once finishing the two figures up above hope to make a start. I have made a slight modification to the Louise as I was never fond of the chainsaw she carried mainly because she has Night Vision goggles on her head which seemed a bit off with the gruesome close combat weapon. Fortunately I picked up the Statuesque Pulp weapon sprue which has a very nice pump action shotgun on it.

The converted Louise

Besides its a little close to this pic :D

I'm very keen to do some zombie gaming at the moment. I am looking forward to the post apoc expansion being hinted at for 7TV2 but whilst waiting for that I am going to have another crack at No More Room in Hell by Iron Ivan Games. I tried a few years back to do this game with a Victorian setting for it (Pre Empire of the Dead) I am going to just stick to its modern setting and stick to the rules as written at first.