Sunday 24 November 2013

Gentleman's Gentlemen and Taskmaster

Finished off two more figures last weekend really. But I took some pics mid week and spotted a few mistakes that needed correcting before re-taking the pics. Works really ramped up and I can feel the start of a cough/cold coming so hobby time has been sparse this week.

Anyway first up is Mr.Perring a gentleman's gentlemen. Limited Edition figure you only got by buying a special bundle deal. Luckily for me a good friend Doctor Warlock (Drew Wood) had two and sent me one!!

Second figure done is Wargame Foundry's John Bull again another oop/Limited Edition figure I think. Not painted up typically in his usual Union Jack waistcoat. He'll be joining my Criminals as taskmaster (Vice President) Not received the rules still yet so we'll see what happens with criminal gangs.

Little playing with Google Plus's Editing S/W

Sunday 17 November 2013

Empire of The Dead Size Comparison Pictures.

Some of the comments on my previous post got me thinking that there aren't many pictures showing how big some of the Gents and Jackanapes are in comparison to the other figures and some may think that £7.00 is to much for a single figure. Not having done much hobbywise this weekend decided to take some size pictures to show you all what you get for £7.00 now I don't have all the G&J's but they apart from Holmes and Watson all similiar in size even Lady Luck is quite a large figure with her rifle, cape and feathered hat.

All Westwind Empire apart from the second from left which is Wolsung.

 You can see how big Cedric and The Apeman really are here.
 Thw Wolsung Ogre being used as a Dredger type character.
 All the big guys with littles inbetween.
This one show just how chunky Cedric and the Apeman are and why they are £7.00

Hopefully I'll have another few figures done this week depending on how busy work is etc. Fingers crossed!

Friday 15 November 2013

Circ Du Noir Apeman

Another of the Gentlemen and Jackanapes added onto the original Empire of the dead rules.This guy is a brute of a miniature comes with a choice of hats Bowler and a Top Hat he is one of my favourite special characters.

Trapped between man and animal in a body corrupted by a foul infernium experiment. Treated as a freak by society, he acts as an intelligent source and occasionally much more for his masters. Driven by hatred of his own form he will stop at nothing to prevent further corruption of the natural world.

I shall pick up another eventually I think so I can do a bowler hat version I had though of magnets but i'd already pinched the bowler to use on my Dredger conversion.

Butler is nearly done leaving two more figures to finish before letting myself start any of the Requiem figures. Works become really busy due to one of my colleagues breaking his elbow and it will be 6 months before he can even drive so.......busy times ahead nevermind!

Have a good weekend folks!!

Wednesday 13 November 2013

Colonel Moran

Finished off Foundry's version of Colonel Moran. Its a really nice dynamic sculpt. I tried to give his jacket a scruffy stained appearance as he doesn't really come across to me as the gentlemanly type. I really quite like the rifle which I presume is supposed to be his air rifle.

Sunday 10 November 2013

Professor Moriarty

Another figure that's been on the table for a while part finished. Professor Moriarty by Wargame Foundry. At the moment its limited edition and no longer available. But was on sale for a while? No idea where its gone but hey ho he may reappear. I picked him up with Colonel Moran and John Bull from an ebay auction for quite a reasonable price really. This was way back in February but then I got distracted with the Requiem kickstarter which also has versions of Moriarty and Moran in..... They will pass for normal gents anyway so will get used I'm sure :D

Wargames Foundry Colonel Moran and the EotD Circ Du Noir Ape Man are about 50% finished. I then have two more to finish before I'll let myself start painting on the Requiem miniatures.

Thanks to Clint estimating its going to me around 4 months to paint all the Requiem figures basing it on 5 per week Its going to be my personal painting challenge for 2013/2014 as it will be interesting to see how many I do actually get done lol. I shall keep a tally and start the clock when I get the first figures started. most likely beginning of December.

Friday 8 November 2013

Professor Erazmus

Getting myself back into the mood for some Empire of the Dead painting. I finally got this chap finished. Originally he was sold as a Limited Edition figure when you purchased the hardback rulebook. There are also special rules for him so you can use him in game. His background is of an inventor and a scholar of the occult. I can't see myself using him all the while but for one off games he'll come in useful. The Collector part of me wants them all :D

Wednesday 6 November 2013

EotD Kickstarter part two: Reinforcements

The next two packs are reinforcements for both Gentlemen and Brotherhood faction. Both packs add more long ranged punch to there parent factions. Both have been cleaned and prepped with a minimum of fuss.

First up is Set 3 Gentlemen with guns. It contains five figures all armed with long guns. Top left to right are Repeater Rifle, Shotgun and Volley gun. On the bottom row both figures have Man Portable Gatling guns. I've blu-tacked the guns on to show where they go the gent on the left is pretty easy to assemble and the gun fits well it will require pinning I think.

The Second is a bit odd ot assemble. Its held in a really awkward position its took a few of us to work out how to attach it as the location holes don't quite match up with back of the gun. A bit of filing and mine no fits as it is displayed on the Westwind painted versions. I'm not sure whether mines going to stay the same yet as I think the rigours of game play and storage will knock it off quite easy. I may have to pin it in a different way as the location lug for the left arm is quite small and the other is non existent.

See fellow Empire of the Dead Lunatic Robert Audin's view on this same figure. Link to his Great blog.

You can see the loosely held pose on G5.

Second set cleaned and prepped this week is Set 4 Armed Brothers. Again filling some gaps in the range with various fire arms. Top row two more crossbowmen (They are nicely posed figures but the original set had 4 Crossbow armed Brothers so didn't need more in my opinion) and a blunderbuss armed brother. I quite like blunderbuss's I find them characterful looking weapons. Bottom row left to right two rifle armed brothers I really like the firing pose I like the fact his hood is raised up. Third brother along has a shotgun and finally a brother equipped with a volleygun. All single piece castings quite easy to clean up.

Sunday 3 November 2013

The Avengers John Steed mkII

Its took me far to long to get this guy finished. I think what killed the interest was find trying to find the most suitable figure to represent Purdy.

Heres my new John steed anyhow I really like this pose very 'Steed' the figure is from Wargames Foundry 2000AD range Max Normal. Given a shave to remove the Tache and simple repainted in Steed attire. He's a bit big but as a larger than life character and most likely the head of any cast I'll be fielding thats fine with me!

Big Whinge Blogger has been really annoying this week everything is updating on blog rolls really slowly often when posting something new it has only been showing the previous post for a few days before then updating.............

Incase you missed anything here is some links to whats been posted up this week. Work continues cleaning up the requiem stuff. I need to take some pics so i'll post them up on Wednesday.

Play By Forum Fantasy Game.

Dizbusters from BOTLL Zomtober Entries.

Empire of the Dead Kickstart Part One: Supernatural Branch

Onto the pics of Steed

You can see how much bigger he is here. Shame because the pose is perfect!

Friday 1 November 2013

Play by Forum Fantasy game

Over at Board of the Living Lead we are having a fantasy/RPG game where you post orders weekly they get acted out etc. Its a lot of fun a bit of role play will be involved as well. So if you got a bit of time and fancy joining in sign up over at the board and create yourself a character we will help!

We're going to be using Songs of rules sets to create characters

The first adventure is here 'Big Trouble in Foxbury' for the requirements etc check it out.

Not related to this post really but I have to include pics in my posts if possible this is the cover artwork for the Otherworld Miniatures Fantasy rulebook. Which will be using the Action Engine (Crooked Dice, 7TV, 7th Voyage etc). Pretty neat! Not out yet but has finished play testing and photo's are being taken for the rulebook. Getting Excited!