Saturday 24 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016!

I would to wish all my readers and there families a very Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate it  Happy Holidays!

I hope you all have a great one and get some geekiness in your stockings!

Thursday 22 December 2016

Pulp City Iron Train

Different Supers game miniature finished today Iron Train from Pulp City this guy has been lingering for a good while as I stalled on whether to add another colour somewhere. Just decided to stick with the metallic colours for the steampunk look and get him finished. 

Iron Train is a level 2 Tank and he fights  to the Heroes of Pulp City but is also a member of the Heavy Metal faction. Meaning he can fight alongside my previous characters Nuclear Jones, Dr Mercury and Lady Cyburn. Giving me a Tank, Support, Brawler and a Blaster.

I hope to play more Pulp City next year its game that is a lot fun. I must get back to some of the other figures I picked up earlier in the year.

Thursday 15 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Katana (Suicide Squad)

Fourth member of the Suicide Squad set done. I really love this model and the pose is awesome but it was a royal pig to put together. The arms are separate as are the hands/sword, Sash and sword hilt/tanto.

The sash and sword hilt/tanto weren't a problem just requiring tiny mold lines being filed off and glued in place. The arms/hands holding the sword are where the main problems begin.
Something I've started noticing with CAD designed miniatures is that they always add in these little details like a gap between the hands holding the hilt which look amazing when zoomed in on a pc but once cast are really fragile. Also with how they were on the sprue got weakened just being snipped off. This was even with warnings from others who had assembled her and come across the same issue. If they had just had the hands touching then it would of be far more stronger. As it is I ended up snapping the hands off when cleaning up the piece. 

Anyway I ended up filing it flat and making it all join together as good as possible then just filled in the gaps at the shoulders

I really enjoyed painting her and it has to be one of my favourite characters out of the DC universe.
This version like Captain Boomerang is slightly cheaper at 50 rep compared to her 75 of the Comic version. Squad Katana has taken a slight stat decrease, looses the Adaptable trait and shuriken but gains Bodyguard trait and a Tanto which is Defensive making her quite good at blocking attacks with the rerolls it gives when blocking.

At 50 rep Katan fills some nice gaps in both Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey Teams as well as giving a bodyguard for Law crews. Its interesting to have Commissioner Gordon with a samurai type bodyguard :) Though I suspect when we get Amanda Waller and Special forces to go with Rick Flagg it will make more of a themed crew list.

Sunday 11 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Captain Boomerang (Squad)

Another member of the Suicide Squad finished this week. This time Captain Boomerang the name sounds a little bit corny but I love this guy he is class in the comics and hilarious in the movie.

This version of the Captain Boomerang is similar to his comic version as in he has close range support with his boomerangs and had the ricochet trait as well meaning he can bounce a further hit on to another model nearby the original target situational but great against bodyguards and there charges. 
This version is a bit cheaper meaning his stats are slightly lower and he carries less of a variety of ammo types. However where he shines is that he also has  the Primary Target loot trait (Tho he can only score loot/safes because of another) meaning he can choose any loot objective on the table as his primary target and if he gets hold of it then he can score double victory points from it. 

One of his abilities is a monitoring device which gives him total vision when used allowing him to lob boomerangs around corners which is kind of cool.

In the movie he has a thing for pony toys I think representing him being a bit of a Bronie (male my little pony fan) which is kind of amusing. So to represent his Primary Target Pony (cough cough loot) I decided to have a crack at sculpting one to put on the table. TBH I'd of loved to have bought and repainted a charm or something but they were either way expensive or not what I was looking for. It will do for know until something jumps out at me.

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Arrow (TV)

Another quick victory this week and my 80th miniature of 2016! Only 2 more to match last years output! This was a quick paintjob tbh as the Arrow uniform from the CW tv series is mostly all the same colour. I went for the unhooded head just to have a bit of contrast and his gloves are black though its hard to tell.

This is my fourth Green Arrow leader for my crew he plays very similar to Comic Green Arrow but uses an ability called Multifire in which he can shoot 3 times with one of the 3 types of Arrow (Standard, Serrated and Flash) the only downside is that he can't move at all if uses this ability. I used him in his first game the other night and he led me to victory with Arsenal, Animated Canary, Spartan and the best of the four cops Agent O'Connell.

Painting was simple a base coat of dark angels green, a drybrush of greenskin followed by a further drybrush with spot of yellow add to greenskin to lighten it a little. A Green tone wash was applied all over to help blend it in. As a final touch I use dark tone on the bow, straps, and numerous quivers.

I'm tempted to try him at the next tournament though his back up may change slightly.

Saturday 3 December 2016

Batman Miniature Game Nyssa Al Ghul.

Another character crossed off the list for my League of Shadows. Another Sidekick for them and is a mobile shooter with a grapple gun. Not quite figured out how I plan to user her yet I am thinking of running her with the Alt Talia (crossbow) and a load of Ninja's and agents. I only have 5 figures left to paint and all the current LoS models will be painted!

I love the model and pose but hate the tactical rock she is standing on. I'd rather it have been a rubble heap than roof tiles.