Wednesday 28 December 2011

A Henchmen, Number 1 and A Lady with a Rude Name

Hope you all had a great Christmas so far. Back to work today for me unfortunatly but i'm hoping its quiet.
Anyway a few more KKBB finished off  from Artizan Designs the Dr Felix and Assitants pack from Artizan .

Namely Stavro Blofeld, A Henchmen( don't know if he has a name or not) and of course Pussy Galore.

Anyway here's the pics

I Doubt I will get a post in before New Year so.....

Happy New Year Everyone

Saturday 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

I'd just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas to all my new Friends/Followers for 2011.

May you all get something shinie in your stockings this year.

Sunday 18 December 2011

More agents of Questionable Virtue and something Spiritual

Been a busy week again this week but had a whole afternoon to myself yesterday so managed to get these started and finished. First up is a pack from Artizan Thrilling tales range 'Department of Ungentlemenly Warfare' I can't find this pack on there website as a set but the figures are there individually.

I like these chap's I think they will make some great agents or henchmen. I like the idea of hidden weapons or gadgets. So in my twisted imagination the chap in the middle 'Mr Peregrin' will be armed with a gadgety umbrella perhaps releasing knockout gas or something. Chap in the Bolla hat and grey suit (sites not responding and I can't remember his name off the top of my head) will be armed with a sword stick.
'Reggie' Obviously isn't very stealthy and he has a Tommy gun.

Next Pack I got done yesterday was from Crooked Dice 7TV range 'Group Captain Jim Barrowight' I really like the pose and in my KKBB games he will lead my British special forces troops (Coming soon). My second attempt at painting DPM which I think is a lot better but still needs some practice.

Heres a pic of my first go for comparison.

Which looking at it is nothing like it lol

This guy was really frustrating I changed the colour of his top and trousers twice. I gave up in the end and just finished him because on the verge of being launched up the garden.

Thursday 8 December 2011

Security Security Intruder Alert

Finished my Crooked Dice Armed and Unarmed Minions this week. Took me a while to get these done but I've been so busy getting house ready for Christmas ETC when I have had time all i've wanted todo is veg and catch up on TV.

Anyhow here are the two packs with some groups shots of my security done previously. I decided not to add numbers on the back at the moment nor the white triangle Its something i'm gonna think on for now. But they are done.

First up is the Crooked Dice Armed Minions cool thing about these guys us they come with a sprue of three heads for each figures. I've decided to use the hard hat ones just because I really like them.

So I have 12 spare heads 6 Grizzled veteran and 6 Young fop for my bits box not bad.

Unarmed they are not unarmed I hear you say. Well these dudes come with an optional pistol hand which i've decided to add. Again I've gone for the hard hat option.

Cool thing is I think i'm gonna pick some more unarmed ones and perhaps add some kind of stun rod or nightstick. Also next year I believe that Crooked Dice have a Minion with flamethrower and a Minion with toolbox and pistol to be released. So they will be on my shopping list.

Heres two group shots of my Guards/Minions/Security types so far

Friday 2 December 2011

WIP Crooked Dice Minion's

I'm currently painting these up with my hover transports however I have a dilema. I have painted the Hard hats Yellow.....But now i'm not sure whether i should of painted them blue or a steel colour...hmmmmm

They are gonna be like my Artizan guards but with helmets.

Monday 28 November 2011

WIP Hover Cars part 2

Done a bit more tonight added a cockpit, sensor array has stayed at the front. Added the jet engine or hover gubbins at the rear. Also added a chin mounted machine gun. I'm happy at the moment I think wings would turn it more into an aircraft. I will have to rub some bits down and may start giving them a lick of paint tomorrow. Depends how I feel

WIP Hover Vehicles

I've been toying over the idea of having some sort of hover vehicles for various things. Post Apocalyptic games and spy fi stuff. Now I've not been able to find many vehicles with what was in my head so I decided to do some google fu and came a cross these over at  Matakishis Tea House. I though thats a cool shape so her is my first WIP I've painted them blue and black for now as they looked like I had just stuck comp mice on sticks.

 I want to add some more bits to them mainly some landing skids like a helicopter or something not sure yet.

All i've done is remove the wire and gubbins and mount them on bases. I'm not to sure about the front bit as yet. Its either gonna be some sort of sensory gubbins or perhaps an energy weapon not decided and its not fixed yet so it may get removed and replaced

Friday 25 November 2011

The Thing MacReady

One of my all time favorite films was 'The Thing' when Rogue miniatures did this guy I just had to have him.

Managed to finally get some decent photos of him. So here we go

KKBB Field Agents (Artizan)

Got some more bits finished last night. The other two agents from this pack to go with Sgt Palmer.

Still no idea who the guys on the left and right are. I imagine they could be from any number of spy fi films.

I have my McReady from the Thing painted but the photos i've took are shocking so i will taking more pictures of him before posting. I might even save it until the 2nd December when the 'The Thing' prequel is released

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Bullets Vs Arrows

Painted this fantastic Zombie hunter by Rogue Miniatures 'Herb' very cool figure. Love the fact he's armed with a modern bow.

Finshed my last two Copplestone Future Wars Bad Guys in Suits. Really seem to drag out painting these. Yet when I bought them I couldn't wait. Guess I couldn't make my mind up on paint schemes. I wasn't to sure about Afro dudes suit colour but I'm warming to it. I intend to use him with my KKBB Soul Section
The dude with two pistols will find many uses from Zombie Apocalypse to KGB agent. I've included a group shot at the bottom of all the other previous figures from this pack.

Apologies about the pictures weather is pants.

On the bench I have a bit of allsorts again. Some Crooked Dice Minions, more Artizan KKBB. Some members of the Ungentlemanly Warfare Department

Wednesday 16 November 2011

It Escaped from the Lab.......

Been thinking about colour schemes for my zeds. Now this figures isn't a Zombie as such its from Darkson Designs AE WWII range a OORD Homonculus I though this could be used again across multi genre a Zombie tank, failed experiment, super mutant etc. This was only a quick paintjob only 2 hrs tops.

I'm just not sure about this scheme for all my Zeds though I can't help thinking the incredible hulk. What do you fellas think I have no other zombies yet they are on my list to get. Probably after Christmas TBH when cash flow is better.

Monday 14 November 2011

7TV, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Since wondering into my local model shop and stumble across some of the Crooked Dice range found in there i'm on a secret agent mission again. We have two Crooked Dice packs this week. Men from the future and the lovelly Agent Pandora King.

Miss King i've painted in a vault dweller suit so again she can be used in more than one type of game same goes as the Men from the Future. I quite fancy the Man From 2000 (in grey) as Villain or Leader of some sort.

 I also got painted my third Copplestone Bad guy in suit and 'Harry Palmer' figure from my Artizan pack I picked up.

Monday 7 November 2011

A Bit of Allsorts this week

Finished off some more bits lingering on the Bench this week. Has a bit of Man-Flu beginning of the week which lasted until Thursday so was to knackered to get any hobby time in hence no post last week.

Right first up we have a couple of Hasslefree figures to be used as Survivors in my Zombie settings or a Mercenary / Tribal in my Post Apoclayptic setting. We have Grant A and Mad dog. Mad dog was just sheer fun to paint! Another Copplestone Corporate Babe done leaving two out of the pack left to paint at some point.

Next up from the work bench is taaa daaa some SOTR Russian snipers. I bought these to use as Militia when I first had the Apocalypse Z rules. But swiftly changed my mind on the ruleset. Now they will used as wandering nomads or hunters in my PA world.

One on the left is a slight converison. I could never understand why a sniper would be holding grenades in both hands? So removed the hand on the right and replaced it with a pointy knife and file down the nade on the left hand and added a jagged speartip in place as a second knife.

Sunday 30 October 2011

Gunny Survivor and Daughter

Besides the Birthday and the inconvenince of colds and work getting in the way. I've been trying to get those odds and sods that have been WIP for a while.

We have 3 miniatures finished this week. My retired Gunnery Sergeant (Foundrys B team Haniibal) armed with his trusty M14 rifle. I had ago at sculpting some ammo pouches out of miliput which turned out ok. I must get some greenstuff to have a play with.

We have our Gunny's Daughter who is 'Billy A' from Hasslefree miniatures. I'm a little bit miffed how the face turned out as she was tiny to paint.

Last of all we have another Copplestone Bad guy in suit with SMG. Really like the pose on this one and it kinda reminds me of Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction though I decided not to paint him that way.

Friday 28 October 2011

Happy Birthday Me!

Birthday today 32 ! OMG where has the time gone. Had a great day chilled out and just come back from the pub after a lovelly meal. A pic of my haul mainly sweets and booze can't be bad. Homemade Chocolate cake by Mrs Brummie, My new Marvel Mug and Pen woohoo.

Had some cash as well so will get some hobby related stuff to at some point. Now to get the kids in bed so I can start on some of that beer