Thursday 28 July 2011

SWAT Finished Take 2

Finished the SWAT off properly last night added in the missing highlight.

Something special arrived in the post too.

SWAT Team Alpha

SWAT Team Takedown

And tada something special from a certain Angry Lurker Competition

My little ode to Predator 2

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Foundry SWAT finished

Got my Foundry SWAT finished here is two of there packs SWAT Team Alpha and SWAT Team Takedown. Still need to do the bases on these and all the rest they will be done eventually I Promise

Here we are so enjoy.

Any hints and tips please comment.

SWAT Team Alpha

SWAT Team Takedown

A little sneak peak of something in the works

Saturday 23 July 2011

Happy Happy Happy

Yay finally my copy of 'No More Room In Hell' by Iron Ivan games arrived yesterday and I collected it today woohoo. I'm hoping to have a flick through so I can see what dice etc I need as starting from scratch I realised I don't have any LOL.

Whilst in my favorite shop I also picked up some 'Dixon Miniatures' Yakuza  thinking they could be a gang of survivors or an enemy. I only bought the one pack depending on how well they paint up I might pick the rest up.

I seem to be addicted to modern gangster types. I was reading about all the different types of Yakuza groups on a wiki page yesterday. Was fascinated may have to do some gang warfare type games.

Wednesday 20 July 2011


Going against what I said i'm doing these ten at the same time. Cloth and flesh done. Need to do weapons, webbing, pouchs etc.

Not sure what colour to do on the five guys goggles in the front row? I thought maybe a light browny yellow or a red/orange combo? Any suggestions?

Also leave some of the parts of the weapons black and just add little bits of metal to show black casings on stocks etc?

I'm looking forward to the Bad Guys in Suits. My plan is to paint these SWAT and finish them first and use the Bad Guys as an incentive to get them done.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Upcoming Miniatures on my Desk

Now i'm getting into the flow of things I have quite a few packs of figures to get through before I purchase my next batch. At the moment I have.......drum roll

Base painted/undercoated

Foundry Street Violence SV011 - Swat Team Alpha
Foundry Street Violence SV012 - Swat Team Takedown
Copplestone Future Wars FW26 - Bad Guys in Suits

Prepped (scrubbed/moldlines removed)
Copplestone Future Wars FW18 - Cops with Handguns
Copplestone Future Wars FW19 - Cops with Shotguns

Stuff Still to start which is a much longer list
Copplestone Future Wars FW1 - Hostage Rescue Squad
Copplestone Future Wars FW11 - Female Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW13 - Jungle Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW14 - Bareheaded Troopers
Copplestone Future Wars FW22 - Jungle Troopers Characters
Copplestone Future Wars FW20 - Citizen Militia 1
Copplestone Future Wars FW7 - Mercenaries (Sweaty Mercenaries on pack)

Foundry Street Violence SV037 - The B Team (grrr I got this pack off ebay MIB only to get it and find out it had 2 Murdocks and NO B.A ......).
Foundry Street Violence SV054 - Backstreet Militia

Need to get some Zombies but can't make my mind up about which to get. I'm looking at numbers at the moment and its between Wargames Factory or Mantic's Zombies to begin with.

Nates Fallout Campaign

Was searching for paint ideas tonight and came across this awesome Fallout base miniature site. I am a huge Fallout fan especially of the first few RPG's.

This guy has some fantastic figures and terrain. Great use of mini's from a wide variety of miniature makers as well as some scratch built stuff.

I salute you sir

You must check out the Picasa Photo Album too

My Favorite Fallout artwork

Copplestone Bikers, Copplestone Bio Chem Squad, Hasslefree Lady Soldiers Completed

Finished most my WIP this week. They need to be based but that will be done the weekend.

 Really really enjoyed painting the bikers. Going to get some more from EM4 and Maybe Black Cat Bases Screaming Nighthawks Gang.

These Copplestone Bio Chem troopers where easier to paint than I thought the first ones  I have painted in ten years.

 My lovely Hasslefree Lady Soldiers and my WIP Dionne got to finish her hair and guns. Going to be used as Elite Zombie Hunters or Corporate hit squad or anything else I can think of.....

Please any critism, hints or tips would be great.

Edited........... I have changed the Bio Chem picture as I hadn't realised I cut off a hand and a weapon on the previous picture

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Progress Update with a Piccie

Here we have my Copplestone Future Wars Pack FW5 Bikers.

The three at the rear are finished apart from basing and giving them a layer of varnish.

The front two and my random bid which won me a Foundry Street Violence Figure with an M60 type gun. Skins finished just layering the clothing on. (I think he fits in quite well).

Hoping to have them all painted by the weekend. Can't decide what to do with base there gonna just gave sand added as a texture but not sure on what colour yet.

Ha and I just realised my dog is asleep on sofa in background.

Sunday 3 July 2011

An Update.....

After my week off from painting due to working oncall. Got my 3 of my Copplestone Bikers nearly finished just got one or two bits to finish off and then some basing todo.

Decided i'm going to try and paint my minis 2-3 at a time as when i'm trying to paint up loads in a batch. I'm getting fed up and lose interest and move onto somthing else :o(

Just one some Copplestone Bad Guys in Suits off ebay so can't wait for them to arrive....