Sunday 31 May 2015

Penguin Crew Completed.

Well was a bit unsure of what to watch one of the nights this week so I stuck on Batman Mask of the Phantasm for a change and finished off all of my Penguin Crew.

I need to find the time to read up on this game as I am going over to Pulp Citizen's for my debut game of the Batman game in a couple of weeks time.

 The Penguin himself

 Penguin Emperor

 Penguin Emperor

 Titan Blue Penguin

Titan Blue Penguin

 Blue Penguin Shield

Royal Penguin

The Whole Crew so far

I need to make some objective tokens so I've also started on those though they require painting still I'm sure they won't take long.

The the markers are loot (Sack of cash), Ammo (the rifle and ammo pack) and Titan Cannister.

Doh just realised the ammo pack on the assault rifle has moved. I was intending on painting the tyre underneath first then gluing the weapon and ammo packs down on top lol.

Went to watch Mad Max: Fury Road on Friday night it was awesome It took until Saturday afternoon for my brain to finish reeling from what we'd watched. It requires a second watching I think as I'm sure there are bits I missed. Its visually stunning and I think its a great addition to the Max Legacy. The characters and factions are ace I'm sure there will be some fab models being converted from it.

Also if you love 80's movie I watched this yesterday afternoon its awesome and full of cheese but I loved it. I don't normally do Parodies but this amused me greatly its only 30 minutes long but I thought it was brill. Its NSFW btw due to the swearing.

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Zombies games and Painting Progress.

Well following on from my previous post further work has gone on with the Shatter Crown Hellesburne figures They know only need hair/beards, Metal areas and the sash across the bodies painting and then I can move on to washing and highlights.

Batman wise another session should see the Penguin Emperor and the Titan Thug finished in the next session leaving Penguin himself left to finish off. I'll take pics when finished.

Zombie game with the Kids
Played the zombie game yesterday with the kids it went quite well. It was probably to easy for them but they got to blast zombies, find food (Custard Creams) and get there full teams to the truck and escape eating Milky Way bars :)
 Team Leila.
Amy (HF Dionne) the Star with twin pistols in blue, Daddy (Studio Mel) to the left with a shotgun, Lilly (HF Jess) to the right with shotgun and Hockey Stick (two handed weapon). Bringing up the rear Brandon (OOP Firemen) with Fire axe(two handed weapon) and Dolly (Billie) with erm a Doll (Hand weapon) well some are quite heavy and seemingly indestructible.
 Team Carmen
Sarah the Star with twin pistols (Kitty), Anxious with pistol(Copplestone Biker), Andy (Ray) with shotgun and bat (hand weapon), William (Dixon) with Crossbow and Lou Lou (Beth) with bolt action rifle.

A few in game shots. Girls started in left and right lower corners and had to reach the red truck picking up food on the way.

Both said they want to play again so win win and I quite enjoyed it. My eldest Carmen says she'd like to try something a bit more complicated so I'll have to have a think about that.

I made a basic twelve card search deck. 4 were medical kits which allowed the team to heal 1 hit point with and the rest where food items with a number on mostly with a (1)but there were 2 cards with (2) on and for each one turned over they got to eat a custard cream biscuit or two :) This cost an action to flip a card. Rather than searching locations I just shuffled the cards and spread them across the table next to buildings and vehicles.

WeaponsOne of the things I hadn't though about was dual weapons as both girls picked a character with twin pistols I simple doubled the dice they rolled. The error I made with this was that I allowed a Star character who added an extra dice to both shooting and fighting and could re roll one dice per turn. So when shooting was rolling 5 dice. I think in future it will allow either and extra dice or enable them to split the fire against two targets perhaps.

Shotguns were to powerful. I think reducing the dice by one and increasing the to hit to 4,5,6 would make it less deadly as it decimated the zombies.

Zombies were easily taken out by most of the ranged weapons some missed but most hit. I am unsure whether to introduce a save throw of some kind perhaps.

Noise generation needs working on we rolled 2D6 zombies on the table at the start and most were despatched by end of the first turn. I rolled D6 reinforcements plus the dice grave for shooting each turn. Then on each turn the D6 increased upto 5D6 on turn 5.

Overall it worked well was enjoyed by all and that the main thing. I shall tweak it abit for next time I think and see how they get on.

Zombies worked well. I allowed them two actions but only one could be a movement. They inflicted some damage enough to get the med kits used and I think at the end two of Leila's characters were down to a single hit point. I am thinking of just allowing a single action to represent the zombies slowness but still allow a free attack when moving into base to base contact.

I randomly selected the tank zombie, small zombies and a couple of gun zombies they all died equally fast though the tank zombie dished out some hurt when in combat. Shooting wise gun zombies did very little but they were despatched in short order as well.

Sunday 24 May 2015

Zombie Game homebrew rules

Well planning a zombie game with my two girls on Tuesday as I have them all to myself and they were very interested in mine and Leon's game we played last week.

I have drafted some simple rules with ideas from various rulesets. It will be kept simple as they are 5 and 7 so will see how I get on with these as they are. If its to simple I can always add in ammo and stuff and make it a bit more complicated

At the moment they will have 4-5 Survivors each armed as the models are equipped. They will take it in turns moving there characters 1 at a time and I will play the zombie player.

Each turn A player will pick one of there characters and they will get to activate once and perform any of these two actions. They will use a character each the zombie player will activate one of theres and so on until all have been moved.

Either Move upto 6"
Search a vehicle or location (building) (I am going to make a simple card deck with med kits and numbered food value which are to be traded in for maltesers)

At the moment for shooting and simplicity I've made the following chart for weapons.

Range is in inches, Dice is the number of dice rolled per attack and the to hit is the target number to score a hit.

All guns will add a noise dice to a pool each turn the dice will get rolled and zombies will be generated on the table on a roll of 5 or 6. Noisy weapons add extra dice to the pool.

Blast is to represent the burst of pellets or larger number of bullets fired.

Dice are rolled and for each success rolled on the dice a hit is scored against anyone in the radius.

Hand to hand weapons are at the bottom this has been just kept easy. When moving into base to base contact they will get a free attack as part of that action.

The Chainsaw I'm considering having the dice rolled against all those in base to base contact.

Zombie rules.

I will move the zombies after the girls have moved one each of there characters. They can only make one action except for tanks and gun zombies who get two but can only perform one of each action.

The girls just need to get there team of characters from one side of  the table to the other to a Vehicle or Truck or something. Spawning wise I will stick 2D6 zombies randomly across the table at the start and each turn will spawn more zombies depending on noise created by players and I think 1D3 or 1D6 per turn depending on numbers on the board.

I will stat up an army unit that can roll on and help out if it goes a bit awry for the girls but I'm hoping it will playout ok.

What do you folks think?

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Hobby Update

Wow my bad! It has been a while since the last post. Apologies its been manic over here. Hobby wise plenty has been going on. Last week on Thursday I went over to the guys behind Across the Dead Earth's house and playtested a game of there forth coming new game The Shattered Crown  its turning out to be quite a fun game. I also have been given a set of the first castings! So I have a unit of 12 Hellesburne Swordsmen that have been primed and the beginnings of base coat.

Also last week I have acquired a set of the Mantic Ruined Village to have a play with. Orginally it was released with the Mars Attacks game but they have recently released several different sets of just the terrain. Its simple to put together and if you have the bigger sets you can build quite intricate structures with it. I only have the small set so opted to go with single story ruins.

Its needs painting I think some of the bigger pieces I may base just for sturdiness. There are a couple of rubble piles that come in two halves I haven't glued these yet as I may use the halves and glue them against the larger panels. As you can see in the first pic it can cover quite a chunk of table the mat is 27cm by 42cm. I think it looks quite cool as a ruined office block, You also get a bag of fences, bins and things like hanging baskets that you can add to them.

Tuesday night this week myself and Pulp Citizen played a fun game of 7TV with the good gentleman beating me soundly 2-1 on victory points only a last minute card saved it from being a 3-1 More game shall certainly be on the cards as it was quite comical. Our next game we have planned will be the Batman miniatures game. So work shall be proceeding to get the rest of my Penguin Crew finished off again I've done some bits this week another henchmen is nearly finished and the Penguin and a Titan thug are well on the way.

Friday 8 May 2015

Across the Dead Earth Engineers Guild F.E.S

Had another good painting session on Wednesday evening and got the final two members of the Engineers Guild Forward Expeditionary Squad completed. Well in time for Saturday. I feel I rushed these a little and already have seen some bits I may tweak later. This brings the total number of gangs that I've painted for Across the Dead Earth upto 5! The only miniature I have left to paint from the whole range so far is the Ltd Edition Crimson!

A shout out for another mate.

ABZ Games are going to be at Carronade in Falkirk tomorrow and are going to be selling all the ATDE gangs for only £10!!!

Sculpted by the masterful Ian Mountain and I feel very closely done to there concept art.
Anyway without Further ado here they are.

Barnabus the gangs leader.

Watt the medic (my favourite out the set I think)

Trick the gangs Scout.


Chinny the Sharpshooter

Daisy the gangs heavy

Couple of group shots of the whole gang.