Friday 22 February 2019

Kitbash Games Blue Scarab

Mostly been cleaning up and assembling minis of late. Not been much in the mood to paint when I get the time. The mojo is slowly returning though however and last week I managed to get another figure by Kitbash Games finished. Again very kindly given to me by Pulp Citizen I am getting rather excited for the upcoming kickstarter (hopefully next Month) so I can get my hands on the rest of them.

Blue Scarab is a good hero and you can read more on her background here.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Kitbash Games Punchline

With training and just being really busy in general I've found very little time for hobby recently.
I did manage to get a bit of painting in the weekend and got my second Kitbash Games figure finished. This time the Shadow Axis Villain Punchline!

You can read more about the dashing fellow here. Cracking model to paint its single piece and has some really nice details that are easy to pick out.

Next to Roughneck the first one I finished a few weeks ago.

Had a few packages arrive this week and have some plans for the future 7TV days coming up but more on that next time.

Monday 4 February 2019

7TV Day II Board in Brum

Sorry its took me longer than planned to sort out my new phone and to get this post up. Saturday just gone 26th January saw Board in Brum in Walsall host its second 7TV Day event. It was a highly popular event with  nearly 20 players turning up for the days gaming. The bring a board was highly popular again. This time we even had to take down the store boards to make room and we still ran out of space!

The days gaming was set to start out at 1030 play one game with a break for lunch then two more games on the afternoon. It didn't matter if you won, lost or drew. what counted was the voting after lunch for Best Cast, Best Board and then at the end of the day most sporting player.

As usual Mike Strong one of the organiser had some nice twists to the games being played. One of them being that the TV Studios were hard up so lots of advertising need to be squeezed into the shows to maximise profits. This meant every player was randomly given a product and slogan that they need to fit in at some point during there games with a plot point awarded for placement and two if it fitted the moment perfectly. It was a nice touch which led to some hilarious moments. The games scenario's were set for each game so everyone tried the same scenario. These were mostly standard ones using the enhanced Maguffin rules for each one.

Heres all the boards. Mostly 3x3 with a couple that were different sizes.
My Post Apoc board

 Stores Venice board which got taken down to fit in the Bunker board down below
 An Excellent grave yard board which was 2x3
An Excellent city board by Kieron of Cheaphammer.

Matthew Wildsmith took away the best board with this excellent bunker base board.

 Desert themed missile base with flashing lights!
Red Shadow UFO city Board.

Industrial Misslie Silo

Military base and silo. Seems the Apocalypse was firmly on peoples minds this time!

Love the shuttle on this great sci fi board.


 There were some excellent casts brought along to the event. You can see below that they were quite varied but all excellently painted.

For my own cast I went for models that haven't seen use in a game yet so rolled out my St Searles girls. I went for Jackie team Captain, Bins, Dorothy, A Sixth Former team with a captain and single Fourth Former.

Andy Bascomes excellent Mad Sciene cast. Love that Apet

I love this cast. I am going to have to grab that Baron Krapaud (Crooked Dice Grandville Range)

Kieron's Excellent Shredder, Baxter Stockman and Foot Clan 

Alistairs Fabulous and deadly Shiva cast.

Love this Action Force themed cast by James Aldridge.

This Chibi Ninja Cast by Mike Marshall won best cast.

Simon Clarke's Soviet spy cast.

Matt Spooners Crime cast led by Bane

Matthew Wildsmiths Mutated Blue Peter Turtle cast

This was against Matt Spooner and his crime cast. Unfortunately some wires got cross and he hadn't brought enough ratings so I loaned him one of my figs from a spare cast I brought along to boost him to the 30 ratings required. This Episode was 'The Hit' from the production guide. It seemed more natural for me to be the defender and Matt's Criminal Cast trying to assassinate a member of my cast. This was selected by Matt and kept secret from me though after a few turns it became apparent that Bins was the target she must have obtained some sort of information about Bane and his plans for Gotham (Nottingham not USA).
Bane and his gang deploy. The Hitman is positioned up on a rooftop

 The Girls all setup and ready to look for fags, booze or whatever they can get there hands on

 The Sixth Form team take on Bane, a close shave prompts the Gillette 'The Best a man can get' Advertisement. 
 Event cards run amok setting on fire the Sixth Form team.
The Hitman wounds Bins with a rifle shot. Bins rifles through the skip and creates a disguise and escapes.
Bane thins down the girls and Dorothy decides to join Banes side

Jackie takes out the Hitman with a well place Hockey Ball Smash then using her stick takes out the Jack Booted Sadists soldiers then eventually the man himself.

This game was closely fought Bin's managed to escape the clutches of Bane, Jackie mopped up on the left flank. The game ended a 12-6 Victory to the girls from St Searles.

Game 2

after a chippy lunch and voting for best cast and board we swapped around and paired for the second game of the day. I played on Shaun Pikes wonderful silo board against Matthew Wildsmith's Mutated Blue Peter Turtles cast. This was essentially a re-skinned TMNT cast from the free to download player guide on the Crooked Dice Website LINK. This time we were playing the Steal unable to decide who was most fitting we rolled for it with Matt winning. A selection of extra Gadgets were picked and Matt chose the Cloths Brush Communicator and gave it to Donatello my objective would be to capture the gadget (Maguffin) from him to score and extra D6 VP's at the end and likewise Matt had to stop me to score the same.

I kind of got sidetracked and forgot to get many pics for this one. It was a close fought game with Bins clawing back a some VP's. Jackie jet packed into Michelangelo but instead of hammering him in to the ground he managed to shrug off the attacks with the aid of his Pizza effect and a medipack gadget. Raphael and Donatello then joined him in laying on some hurt taking out Jackie (The turtles have a ninjitsu attack which effectively allows them to attack twice per action). The countdown deck limited my moves preventing me from reaching Leonardo and swamping him with my Sixth Form Team. Raphael and Leonardo then proceeded to slice and dice my team. I managed to use Bins and the remaining sixth former to take down Leonardo. A countdown card switched places my remaining sixth former with a Blue Peter Security guard who was then gunned down by his colleagues. With the now in your face security guard shooting down my Fourth Former.

Dorothy managed to use her Explosive Cocktails on Michelangelo and taking him out. Whilst Bins stunned April O Neil  with a sleep spray gadget then clubbed her with her Hockey Stick. The Game ended 10 VP to 6 it was close fought and the D6 VP's gained by the Maguffin clinched the victory. 

Game 3

The final game Episode was one I've played at the previous 7TV day but was new to most in attendance at day II. Last time there was a fire in the studio this time the Sewers had back up and foul raw sewage began to flood the studio! To make matters worse a bad curry in the onsite cafe meant everyone was desperate for the toilets outside the studios in the portaloos!
Basically this was escape the board prevent your opponent from doing so. I was up against Simon Clarke Soviet Spy ring. We deployed in the corners and had to escape off a central 6 inch section of the opposite board edge. Each turn for every countdown card we turned over the flooding sewage would advance behind D3 inches enveloping anything it touched.

The game was hilarious. I managed to win first initiative and scrambled my girls across the board using both Jackies and Bins Tactics ability to pull along the Sixth form team. Dorothy formed a readguard to attack and delay the spies. Using an explosive cocktail to take out some of the spies cultists.

Dorothy eventually got mobbed and clubbed down. The Sixth Former team and Bins managed to double time to the studio doors Whilst the fourth former and Jackie harassed the Spies whittling the cast down to justt the Star and Co Star. A fortunate countdown card brought Dorothy back into play and she took on the Opposing Co Star however she could take him down be for the foul smelling gunk swallowed them whole. Jackie knocked out the spy and clubbed him with her hockey stick but not before he shot and killed the fourth former. Bins and the Sixth Formers escaped followed by the Soviet Double Agent leaving Jackie to saunter off in the final turn unopposed.

The Sixth Formers and Bins double time it.

Jackie, Dorothy and Fourth Former fight a rearguard.

It was quite a quick day and we were all done and dusted by 4pm. Prizes were then given out by Mike and Simon. There was some excellent prize support sent down by Karl from Crooked Dice the Best cast winning £50 credit on the Crooked Dice website which went to Mike Marshall for best cast.

Best Cast

Matthew Wildsmith got voted best board which was excellent as you can see the Secret base was incorporated into the board. Matt's prize was again supplied by Crooked Dice which was some early release Post Apocalyptic minis and some rather tasty brushes

Most sporting player went to Andy Bascombe I so love his Apetopus! 

Wayne Bollands from Wargames illustrated came down for the day and very kindly bought bag of goodies which we all got to pick  a random selection from. The figures inside included a good deal of his own 'Wayne's World of Wonder' range sold at Miniature Figurines  in as well as some long oop Crooked Dice figures. I heartily recommend having a look through the range there are some really cool figures. Many based on classic comics. So everyone went home with something.

I think it was a really successful day for Mike Strong and the hosts Simon Coldrick and Jez Allum of Board in Brum. A new date has been set for 7TV Day III on the 21st September which I shall certainly be going to. I also have the Pulp Day in July organised by Mr Bollands and hosted at Wargames Foundry to look forward to!