Tuesday 17 April 2018

Escape from Von Bludd (An Episode of 7TV)

After playing a game of 7TV on Wednesday night with Pulp Citizen my daughter Carmen asked for a game so who am I to refuse! So Saturday morning we set the table back up and picked out some models from my figure trays and made some random casts.

The Scenario was rolled up at random using the Episode guide from the rulebook. We rolled a D6 and ended up with 'The Escape'. In this scenario the defender (Carmen won and chose to be the Defender) has to get half of there starting model total off the attackers deployment board edge. 

Here is the Heroic cast. 30 Ratings

Agent Kitty (Action Hero Star)
Agent Fox (Angel of Justice Co-Star)
Scientist (Extra)
Commander and 5 Security Guards (Extra)

The Villainous cast

Dr Von Bludd (Mad Scientist Co-Star)
Jaws (Marauding Monster Co-Star)
Thug Bruiser and 5 Thugs (Extra's)

Setting the scene.

Agents Kitty and Fox top agents of secret government agency are escorting a Professor Smithers. A scientist specialising in harnessing Solar energy and who is being forced to combine it with powerful laser technology is hoping to defect from the clutches of the Evil and possibly mad Doctor Von Bludd.

Von Bludd is no fool however and has lured the agents into a trap hoping to get rid of this constant thorn in his side once and for all. Jaws his head of security and his thugs spread out on the hunt.

In a suspiciously quite part of town abandoned cars stand in the middle of the road and the lack of folk going about there business make Kitty suspicious. Feeling like a trap is about to be sprung Kitty splits her group with the professor sent up the left side of the road junction near the storage containers with two soldiers as escort. Agent Fox infiltrates near the storage shed at the back of the service station checking the way is clear. Just as she is about to wave the group forward Agent Fox smells a waft of cigarette smoke on the breeze and spots two thugs a large man behind them in a purple suit whispers an admonishment to the smoking man and urges them to pay attention.

Agent Kitty investigates the abandoned diner finding nobody around spotting a suspicious looking package on the counter(picks up an objective) and walks outside and gives the troops sergeant a hand gesture to fan out and watch for trouble.

Agent Fox springs from behind the shed a round house and chop to the throat taking down the thug bruiser in the purple suit. Startled by the surprise attack they thugs are unable to attack back (Spy special effect meaning the are immune to strikes in the first round)

Jaws launches forward on a jet pack smashing one of the guards down and wounding the commander.
A thug advances forward and scoops up shouting back to Von Bludd that there is no sign of the Professor ahead (picks up the hero side their second objective)
The Professor and his two guards leap frog the containers hoping to support Agent Fox.
Agent Fox in a flurry of blows takes out another Thug waving to the guards with the professor to make a run for it.
The melee around the centre continues with neither Jaws or the Sergeant able to break from the scrum. Agent Kitty checks the car for keys to see if the can make a quick get away but comes under fire from a thug and Von Blood both causing flesh wounds on Agent Kitty forcing her to retreat out of the danger zone.
Agent Fox continues to trade blows with the thug seemingly unable to gain the upper hand.
A thug creeps round the back of the fight hoping to assist Jaws (picks up a second objective)

Tired of trading blows agent fox draws a pen gun from her jacket and takes out the thug with a dart to the neck.

Stealing the scene Agent Fox the Professor and escort all escape the table edge. Whispering into her radio to Agent Kitty they are now clear.

A thugs steals around the back of the fight between Jaws and the Sergeant (In position to pick up the fifth and final objective)

Jaws tired of the delaying tactics of the sergeant stuns him with a burst from a sleep spray picks him and snaps his neck. 
Jaws then goes after the other soldier.

Von Bludd activates his own personal jet pack (countdown card allowed an already played gadget to be reused) in a bid to rid himself of the mortally wounded Agent Kitty for good. But Agent Kitty was to nimble on her feet despite the wounds and dodged the shots. 

Realising that victory was no longer in his grasp Von Bludd slinked away in the darkness to lick his wounds and plan his revenge (Von BLudd Failed his spirit test as half my cast had been lost and naturally I rolled a 6 to see how many models were removed losing all remaining cast members in the process).

Tallying up victory points at the end Carmen won a solid victory 9 to my 2. Neither of us achieved 'The Escapes' episode victory conditions as Carmen needed to get one more model off the board to score the need 2 VP's.

However we both scored 2 VP's from collecting objectives. Carmen got another 2 for axing my cast and then a further 5 vps for removing Von Bludd and Jaws. ( I need to check this and find out if axed stars/co star still they count towards VP's when removed rather than from damage).

It was an awesome game taking just over a 2 hours with a break in the middle for snacks. 

Saturday 14 April 2018

Serpent Fanatics Scarface and Lt Clay Moore

A few more reinforcements for Cobra done this week. I wanted some more muscle for a game of 7TV on Wednesday night using my Joe and Cobra figures. I'll write up more about that later in the week.

As I knew they were going to be a similar scheme I painted these three all at once. The only one varying slightly was Scarface with Ochre webbing and red mask. Being a bit more than a Cobra Infantry Officer I wanted him to stand out that bit more and as a known character I added some Cobra decals to his chest and helmet.

Lt Clay Moore Is a bit of a lesser known character one I wasn't familiar with tbh. Apparently he is a convention exclusive figure from 2007 and his rise to fame is from an episode from the Sunbow Cartoon where he ferrets out a traitor from the Cobra ranks and is given leadership of the Cobra Shock Vipers as a reward by Cobra Commander. Ironically he is one of very few African American Cobra members.

The set comes with the head without a mask but I have found a use for it for a another GI Joe if I can find the right body so he has the standard head paint African American skin tone but to mark him out I have also added a decal to the helmet.

Whilst I was doing these I figured I'd paint the female trooper that came as part of this group. There are no special rules for her and she will join the enlisted men. Again this is a nod to the cartoons where the Baroness has a cadre of female troopers in an episode.

A group shot of all my Cobra Forces. I have a HISS Tank to paint up for it.

Monday 9 April 2018

Alpha Squad Snake Eyes

Another Alpha Squad finished off the paint bench this week. GI Joe's Master Ninja Snake Eyes! I have Timber his wolf companion to do as well. I have been flapping a bit about this one I still struggle with layering with the colour black.

In the end I kept it simple. I painted him matt black, dry brushed all over with dark grey. Then used AP dark tone on the areas I wanted to appear black. The Equipment pouches, belts/straps, sword scabbard  and visor I washed with purple tone its very subtle but I like it. The grenades have been given a layer of dark grey then washed it with blue tone.

Saturday 7 April 2018

Serpent Fanatic Destro

Another lurking paint table figure finished off this week. This time a member Cobra's Command. Destro.  I slightly modified this one adding on wrist rockets and grenades that the action figure had. I had tried to make some round grenades out of putty but they looked crap so ripped them off and added on some different style  but at least both symmetrical in size.