Friday 27 November 2015

Busy Week, Batman, Buildings and Buttocks!!

Missed Wednesday's post this week but it has still been a busy one hobby wise. Tuesday I visited Pulp Citizen's domain for our 350 rep Batman game I mentioned last month. As well as working on some terrain and painting mini's!

Before I delve into the weeks goings on. Does anybody have any spare Crossbows and quivers from the Fireforge Foot Sergeants boxed set. I am after about 5 for some post apoc conversions and prepared to pay a fair price for some if anybody has any knocking about unwanted.

Batman Game.

I made a few tactical deployment errors to start with which was not putting all my gang the full 10cm on to the board and placing my objectives in awkward spots. My Titan thug and a borrowed tube prisoner tied up the left flank and eventually the rest of my gang managed to throttle the centre and right hand side kicking Black Mask's crew off two of his objectives allowing me to claw back some much need VP's resulting in I suppose a minor victory of  33vp to 31vp (or a draw IMO) at the end.

It was another hugely enjoyable game it last a lot longer but took a little bit longer to get going as it was the largest game played so far and had more figures to manage. I am thinking of starting up another crew possible LAW or maybe even a Batman crew undecided at the moment but leaning towards a LAW crew.

Inspired by PC's new terrain that he has finished recently has given me a kick up the arse to get some work done on the Mars Attacks Ruins I started bloody age ago. I've dusted these off and split the project in half. I have got all the small scatter and the small ruins bases textured and primed. Next job is to get it all painted then will get the bigger ruins done.

Painting.Painting wise I have been working on two figures this week the intention was to get a female raider finished armed with a flail and shield but I got distracted by a second figure I was beginning to basecoat using spare paint from the female raider........

Anyway the figure I finished is this guy as you can tell its a very 'inspired' by version of Wez from the Road Warrior. I only started doing the skin and got carried away its a fab sculpt and i've really enjoyed painting this figure. Even the bloody buttocks!

I really hope that Westfalia Miniatures put these up on general sale at some point I'd really like a second set. I'm very glad I managed to back this kickstarter as for the moment there KS only!!!! Hopefully the female raider will be finished next week.

Dead Earth Games Black Friday Sale

This Friday get 20% all Dead Earth Games Products in there webstore with the code 'BF20'


Sunday 22 November 2015

What a Lovely day!

This week the Apocalypse is upon us once again ha! Had a break from painting suited agents and what not and got Ms Lovely Day finished from Crooked Dice obviously inspired by the character Imperator Furiosa from the recent Mad Max movie Fury Road (If you haven't seen it why not? Its awesome!!!!) and obviously with my love of Post Apocalypse a must have.

Fits in well with my raiders I'll be creating an all female warband for use in Across the Dead Earth and possible This is Not A Test another ruleset I'm looking into with figures from various ranges.

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Nexus Miniatures American Agents

Having a cracking type painting various figures at the moment. Got these two finished this week from Nexus Miniatures. They are obviously not Mulder and Scully cracking sculpts from the talented hands of Ian Mountain. Really enjoyed painting this duo up I want some grey Aliens now and can add some M.I.B's for some UFO hunting!

Talking of Nexus miniatures they have some awesome figures coming out and are up for pre-order whilst they waiting for stock from the casters.

The Seraphis Institute.

Available as a deal for £23.25 or you can order them individually.

Really like this character as well the first Deadling Hero

Sunday 15 November 2015

Crooked Dice Tomorrow Person

 Second Heroic Arch Type completed off the paint table is the Tomorrow Person he has psychic powers so adds a bit of weird science to my Heroic casts which they are sorely lacking at the moment.
Inspired by whatever colours I felt like painting and ending up with the results below possible my favourite of the sculpts out of this set. Clean up took a little longer as there was some flash around the hand near the face which took a bit of careful removal (as I'm clumsy lol).

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Crooked Dice Crackpot Inventor 1.21 gigawatts!

Picked up a set of the Crooked Dice Heroic Arch types at the Derby World Wargames show back in October a cracking set of sculpts. Inspired and in preparation for second edition of 7TV which is still up for Pre Order LINK (Due January possibly earlier) I have been painting up various characters for it. The first of the set finished is the Crackpot Inventor sculpt inspired by a certain time traveller.

Going through my collection I need more characters especially heroic themed ones that can use gadgets etc and also more weird stuff which you'll see on my next post. I also have the Action Hero and Strong Arms wip but they are less of a priority at the moment but I'm sure will appear in no time at all.

Sunday 8 November 2015

Statuesque Miniatures Golgo Satana

Well I finished this figure twice this week. Originally I painted her up with the intention of starting a new faction completely. But unable to find some feisty catsuit minions I have had to rethink my plans. So ended up changing the blue for orange to match my Wild Ducks cast I did before. My thinking coming mainly from the fact the Crooked Dice have just released and plan to release some of there own Soldiers (armed with Sterlings and SLR's) there fantastic minis and I want a force of these two which then leaves out my Wild Ducks as going spare so they are going to be converted into a Despotic Dictator's minion cast instead with Golgo as Co star as a jack booted sadist or Double agent character. The Wild Ducks will get a bit of restructuring they will get new attack dogs (Dobermans I think) and some new additions such as machine gun and bazooka teams.

The Resurrection cast I mentioned before the Rising Eagle Society or R.E.S has been sidelined for now mainly because not being happy with any lady minions I can find for it. I'd love some similar to Golgo with normal heads or field caps with mp40 or a similar smg but can't find any that I like. The Ones I made look ok but they don't scratch the itch for it so the hunt will continue.

First off in blue!

Now in Orange and with the Wild Ducks :)

Some Pics for those that requested it of my whole Batman Crew and the one facing Pulp Citizen in a few weeks time.

Also this week the kickstarter has began for the Stag Riders and Warbears for the Shattered Crown game. (Or whichever Fantasy game you want to use them for) There an awesome price as well Stag riders are £5 Warbears £8 with various great deals for multiples as well as add ons for the heroes and infantry they have got made already go take a look!

Wednesday 4 November 2015

Savage Penguin

Final thug finished off that I currently own for my Penguin Crew the Savage Penguin. I have one more set of thugs, Sickle and the Gotham Penguin to purchase which will give me some stuff to switch out and swap around with.

Brings my Crew up to 339 Rep $1600 dollars with some spare cash for other bits. Got a game coming up against pulp citizen and this will be my biggest game so far and i'm looking forward to it :)

Mr. Freeze
Titan Thug
Penguin Emperor
Savage Penguin
Ice Penguin
Royal Penguin
Blue Penguin Axe
Blue Penguin Shield

Sunday 1 November 2015

Banished Knight

Another figure I finished a few weeks ago and only got around to posting the photos up on here! Dam I'm getting slow lol!

Anyway this is a mercenary unit for the game Relics by Tor Gaming you can't actually purchase this guy as he was part of a game funder exclusive a year or so ago. Its my favourite sculpt out of the range so far another Banished Ridened knight he can be taken by any faction except of course the Ridened themselves. There quite cool characters though the rules are only in beta at the moment.