Wednesday 24 December 2014

Seasons Greetings and Post Apoc Ruin Finished!

Firstly its Christmas Eve! I'd like to wish all who follow and casually visit a Very Merry Christmas to you all and your families (that is of course if its something you celebrate)

Between Christmas prep and doing all the usual kids of school stuff. I have done the finishing touches to my Post Apocalyptic building. I feel like I've learnt tons and it was quite an easy build. Sadly I missed the first deadline of 1st December but have got it done in time for the second Deadline of 23rd December. I'm compiling a list of all the entries for this one so we can have a vote in the Across the Dead Earth Group on facebook.

Anyway onto the pictures apology's for the lighting its pants at the moment.

Of Course we need pics with mini's in!
 One Eyed Sue scopes the landscape looking for any danger.
 Cara dashes out of cover blazing away with her twin pistols.
 SIWOC ghost through the ruins
 Skelch takes cover.
 Ezra Ponders the inner meaning of the writing on the wall.
 Reggie explores the ruined building for loot.
 The man himself admiring his handiwork on the wall.
Ronnie and Shaman explore the building

The Redclaws Exploring the building.

 Skylar advances cautiously across the uneven floor.
 SIWOC my House!!

Jesters gives out orders whilst Yoshi and Skelch watch over them.

Sunday 21 December 2014

Post Apoc Terrain Piece update

Been a chaotic week coming up-to Christmas, Kids breaking up, school plays and everything else. Theres been little time to myself where I haven't just wanted to veg out on the sofa. I have managed a couple of sessions on my ruined post apoc building and the end is insight and hopefully for the second deadline (23rd December) having missed the first at the beginning of the month.

Its pretty much finished really, I've mostly been weathering it and picking out details here and there drybrushing etc. I just need to add the foliage and vegetation growing up the walls so hopefully that should all be done for the next time I post.

Applying washes in various shades. 

 Drybrushing back up to the light grey colour adding more white each time. Also basecoated the wood areas.

Final bits of weathering on the wood. Applied green ink in areas where the foliage is to be attached then stippled on camo green for lichen type effect.

Other bits.
I've started work on some goblins for the fantasy game hopefully they'll be finished by next weekend then I can get them varnished and a game with the kids the following week on the run up to New Years Eve. 

Sunday 14 December 2014

Tobias Filch Gnome Thief/Illusionist.

Finished off another Otherworld miniature this week. The Last of the Gnomes that I have this time the Thief/Illusionist character. I'll probably use him more as a thief rather than a mage. I like this character a lot especially his leather cap that lined with fur. Armed with a trusty short sword a dagger sheathed at his ankle and holding a Finding Stone (I think its kind of a glowing gem). The model has tons of pouches and pockets.

Tobias Filch is a master thief, tinkerer and dabbler in the arts of magic (Which he uses to help find traps, unlock doors and chests, identify items of magical value and of course dispel the odd illusion hiding treasure). Tobias wanders from adventuring company to company often at there detriment to there members personal inventories and purses. Currently Tobias has joined up with some of his own kind Petril and Kat Shortcloak of the Fists of Iron Adventuring Company who are preparing for an expedition into the Dimwood on the hunt for a band of goblins who are raiding nearby 
homesteads and villages.

Friday 12 December 2014

Hasslefree Miniatures Awesome Service as usual

Ordered a few figures from Hasslefree miniatures as a Christmas treat.  As usual top notch speedy service and I got a bonus extra figure (Drya) and some sweets bonus! Merry Christmas Hasslefree! Thanks very much!

Wednesday 10 December 2014

The Warrior from the Night Folk Range.

Finished off the final member of Nightfolk Set 1 you can find pics of the other two members of the pack The Warlock and The Sentinel just click on there names. This guy kind of stumped me a bit really wanted to to the robes purple but wasn't happy with the final colour I was getting. I've since picked up the rest of the Army Painter colour tones Red, Blue, Green and Purple and its really brought the cloak together nicely and he is now finished.

Very much in a Fantasy mood lately I've a few more finished for my Labyrinth project. Working on two more of the Hasslefree Medieval Children and another Otherworld Adventurer the Gnome Thief. Hoping to get those done this week so hopefully finished and will be Sunday's and next Wednesday's posts.

Apologies for the pics light is terrible and they are sort of coming out a bit pale for some reason. The Sun always seems so low and either kills the definition or totally washes out the pics grrr. Bring on Spring!

Monday 8 December 2014

Nexus Miniatures Now Available in Metal

As the title suggests some of the first releases from Nexus Miniatures are now available in metal. Some more will available soon as awaiting stock from the casters etc etc. I've shamelessly stolen the official release info below with prices and shipping details below.
Psychic Prime (FON Operative 01) £3.50 Each
FON Operative Head Sprue 99p Each
Herbivore Mutt £4.00 Each
Carnivore Mutt £4.00 Each
or £7.50 for a Pair

British Secret Agent #2 (the one with the Jumper and Shoulder Holster) £3.75 Each

Resin Casts can also be supplied at Website Prices - please enquire.

Shipping is "flat rate" by Location regardless of quantity -
UK = Royal Mail 1st Class £1.54
Europe = Royal Mail International Standard £3.70
Rest of the World = Royal Mail International Standard £5.05
If you are interested in any - Email with what you want and your Address - and they will send you a PayPal invoice.

When the Caster finally sorts things out, there will be a MUCH bigger release - and the website will be updated accordingly.

Sunday 7 December 2014

More Hasslefree Medieval kids.

This week got two more out of this four pack of medieval attired children finished. Just leaving one more to get done. The little fella with the mace has drove me nuts. I seem to have lost the ability to paint left eyes (not that they were great anyway) but this little sod has taken about 7-9 attempts. So I have given up and he will have to do! Again pics are little pale hes a bit darker than this.

The second little girl in this pack is tooled up with helmet, shield and shortsword in a purple dress as this is my youngest little ones favourite colour. I'm hoping to get them to have a game over the Christmas break using a simplified version of SoBH the incentive will be to search the board and kill goblins (more on that next week) and attain treasure (Sweets of some kind). I'm hoping they will enjoy it anyway.

The Trio Completed just one more to finished off!

Kat Shortcloak Mercenery Fighter

Finally got around to picking up Petril's lady wife in the summer but only recently got around to painting her up.

Kat Shortcloak is the wife of Petril a pair of fighters in the Fist's of Iron adventuring company. While her husband Petril gets up close and personal with his halberd. Kat hangs back bringing down enemies with her trusty crossbow. Kats not adverse to a bit of hand to hand and is quite deft with a shortsword Kat's rucksack is made from the skin from an unusual fat goblin that tried to sneak up behind her exploring a cave once. The Goblins green hue which is an unusual colour for a goblin skin inspired her to have him skinned, cured and turned into a bag that serves to remind her to always watch her back.

Nice characterful sculpt lots of little details but not to many. Quite like the studded leather armour and gauntlets. Layered armour. Backpack (it comes in greenskin). The female Gnome fighter comes in 3 pieces crossbow, body and backpack.