Saturday 27 April 2019

Burrows and Badgers Barn Owls

The painting muse has turned back around to Burrows and Badgers this week. This time finishing off a pair of Barn Owls. One of which I have modified by adding a slightly different style helmet. These are both from my first order from Oathsworn miniatures leaving just the Shrew Knight left from that batch to do. I am not sure what scheme to do his beetle yet so will start on the kickstarter batch next as I quite fancy doing a frog and another mouse.

I went for two very different colour schemes for the feathers on both of them.  I started with tau ochre on the right hand owl followed by a strong tone wash. I then did several drybrushing layers adding a bit of bone to the ochre each time finally using bone on its own. I then washed it with soft tone.

The other owl I started with Ushabti Bone, washed with soft tone then lots of drybrushing again adding a bit more white to the bone each time. I then did pure white feather tips.

I've also been knocking out some more scatter terrain out of my fake grass samples I picked up a few years back. I am not 100% sold on them but they will do to help cover the table.

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Crooked Dice Scientists

For every new bunch of figures this year I am going to try and clear out some my older started ones. This time I have got a trio of scientists from Crooked Dice who have as primed and with a little bit started for a good 18 months or more. So whilst I was in the mood to paint white I cracked one with these. They are such nice sculpts with lots of lovely little details like pens, rules, and other little bits which I did notice until I started painting them.

These will be great for 7TV obviously and can be used as various profiles so very useful to flesh out casts and add some cool abilities.

Sunday 14 April 2019

Kitbash Games Alpha Male

Another miniature finished off this week from Kitbash Games this week. Alpha Male this time a metal mini. Cracking sculpt and requiring very little clean up.

You can read Alpha Male's bio here.

 All my Kitbash Games minis so far
With some of my Pulp City collection they size up nicely.

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Alien Invasion Cast for 7TV

I picked up the Alien Starter Cast back in January from my local game store Board in Brum I have always love the Otherworldy Invader model who very much resembles Mekon from the Dan Dare strip in Eagle comics from back in the day. I didn't like the heads that came with and needing some extra warriors I ordered 2 sets of Alien Minion Heads 2 as well as an extra pack of infantry.

Next came colour scheme choices which took some pondering but settled for a Purple, white and silver scheme with a green skin for the Aliens.

I have spent the past week or so furiously getting them painting in preparation for a game Thursday just again against my mates undefeated Shiva cast ( they remain undefeated!)

 The Otherworldly Invader or Mekon

 Alien War Leader and War Priest

 Alien Warriors
 Alien Heavy

 Inhuman Servitor

My 40 Rating Cast I used last week with some extras posing as an Alien Mercenary and a Failed Experiment.

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Wasteland Raiders and Mutant.

With having the 7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter arriving and the Burrows and Badgers ones I felt I needed to tackle some of the backlog before adding even more to the paint queue. So feeling all Apocalyptic after having my kickstarter arrive I had a rummage and found a bunch of Raiders that had been started (mostly just a bit of flesh or trousers done) and dug out my Mutant Brute (I had this from when Westfalia owned the figure but it now belongs to Crooked Dice) who was just sitting primed.

I got the first three were finished earlier in the week hence a different background on those  in the pics below these had the most work done so were quicker to finish off. I had noticed my phone was struggling to focus without a closer background so I have experimented a bit with the backgrounds. I think I need to get some sort of nice backdrop but not sure what to get or how to go about it.

 These are all EM4/Moonraker miniatures with the first one being a conversion of the Savage with flamethrower. I think the head is from a metal Chaos Marine set and I got him second hand and he came with it. Rather than have a second flame thrower I went with converting it into a pneumatic speargun or something but it could also pass for a cutting tool I suppose. I made the spears from flattening and filing some paper clips into shape. I used some left over putty to make a crude pouch.

The Flamethrower guy is the original of the one above untouched again from EM4/Moonraker. The guy on the right was a gift from my good friend Tony Yates and was a giveaway figure from a BOYL event at Wargames Foundry and he very kindly sent it me to go with my raiders. So big thanks to him its a very lovely miniatures and fits in perfectly.

 My Mutant Brute (resin) and the final figure from the Wasteland Kickstarter that Westfalia ran a few years back. Crooked Dice now own the range and he will be up for release on their webite as Karl gets around to adding all the kickstarter items to the store. 

All my Raiders/Savages together a mixture of EM4, Moonraker, Crooked Dice, Foundry, Prince August, Hyacinth Games and Brother Vinni.