Wednesday 31 October 2012

20'000 Hits at Brummies Wargaming Blog

Wow with my previous Birthday/Hasslefree Oakley post I reached the 20'000 page views. I never thought I would have got that many hits ever . So a big thank you all for taking an interest in what I post up here in the blogosphere so here are some lovely ladies to hit you back.

Thanks Again Simon aka Brummie

Coming soon a few more survivors and I think I'll be heading back to some 7TV bond henchmen or maybe Empire of the Dead.

Edit .....
Happy Halloween as well doh I Forgot .

Sunday 28 October 2012

Hasslefree Oakley and Happy Birthday Me!

Firstly Happy Birthday me 33 today wow where has the time gone lol doesn't seem five minutes since I was 21.  Scheduled post today as all being well I'm still tucked in bed having a lie in for a change :D

Miniature wise finished off another survivor. Fantastically sculpted by Kev White of Hasslefree. Oakley comes with an awesome array of extras a chainsaw hand (evil dead Ash), an axe with real hand, a pouch for the shotgun in his left hand or a katana in scabbard to be attached to his back. I went with the axe and shotgun pouch for this survivor. The pose is awesome with him crushing a skull underfoot. Loads of detail but not to much. This guy has obviously been through some serious scrapes judging by all the rips and tears in his clothing.

Wednesday 24 October 2012

Hasslefree Professor Beattie

I really like this figure. From Hasslefree miniatures in there Non com and civilian range. Professor Beattie comes with 3 hand options a revolver (one I chose) a smoking pipe and an injector type device. Not sure what I'm going to use him for yet either as a friendly doctor in my survivor party or perhaps he is the one behind the zompocalypse!

Not sure about how the white coat has turned it doesn't seem as crisp as I'd of liked.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Rogue Miniatures Red Rum

So far Zombtober has been an epic fail zombie wise. My order still hasn't shown up yet despite chasing it last week grrr no zombies for me this month it seems. Anyway onto my next survivor addition

Another fantastic figure from Rogue Miniatures 'Gun' range Red Rum is based on the character Jack Torrance from the Shining by Stephen King. I'll be using him as a survivor armed obviously with an axe. Very nice casting I don't recall seeing any moldlines or flash. The pose is excellent  and I look forward to using him in my zombie games. I chose to do my own colour scheme, but its not to dissimilar to the movie version though I have no intention of using him as such anyway.

I already have 'Herb' and 'Agent Ready' and I can recommend them for great service. I shall certainly be picking up some more from this range soon.

 A little pic of Jack in the movie.

Sunday 14 October 2012

The Grimes Family and The Walking Dead Season 3

Firstly Woot Woot Can't wait for tonight Season 3 of The Walking Dead Kicks off and I can't wait. I've been busy watching season one and season two these past few weeks to refresh my memory in anticipation. So I'll be sitting down with a few beers and some popcorn anticipating getting of hold of tonight episode as the new season starts.

Miniatures wise I've been busy painting up Rich and Family obviously based on the cast for The Walking Dead comics. Very nice miniatures again from Studio minatures nicely sculpted and they all had very little flash and mold lines. I love this set of figures and hope the rest of the cast may make an appearance at some point.

They where really nice to paint my only gripe is that Lori's made it difficult (for me anyway) to paint her hair/face/arms as I found it awkward to get the brush in with out undoing bits I'd already done. Carl though small was nicely detailed and a fun miniature to paint. Anyway onto the pictures. I really wasn't sure what colours to use so stuck as close to the Studio Miniatures websites pics as possible.



Friday 12 October 2012

Reaper Miniatures Berkeley Zombie Hunter

My last and final survivor figure from my batch or Reaper Chronoscope miniatures. I do want more of them especially the zombie themed ones but alas money demands it be shared out on other ranges.

Anyway this final lady is Berkeley, Zombie Survivor she is certainly tooled up for zombie fighting chainsaw, shotgun and a machete tied to her hip. I may return to her at some point and add some gore but I'm undecided still. Nice sculpt really like the rips and tears in her jeans as well as the zombie hand still gripping the trouser leg. Grrr I hate eyes nuff said they got re-done a number of time with this figure.

Heres what I mean put them next to each other and they look like bro and sis.

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Reaper Minatures Survivor Gallup

Another Reaper Survivor figure again from the Chronoscope range this time Gallup I'm advised he based on a computer game character. I'm not fussed about that to be honest and just painted him in a scheme of my own devising.

Nice pose I really like the addition of the guitar adds a little more character to him than what he would look like without it. I painted both bits separate as I wasn't sure whether I was going to add it to begin with.

For some reason this miniature and the next one I'm doing when put together to me seem to be like Brother and Sister don't know why they just seem that way.

All the rest of my other survivors have landed and have been based and under coated ready for work to begin

Sunday 7 October 2012

Hasslefree Kitty Survivor

Another figure dug out of the leadpile. Kitty from Hasslefree she has been really stuck in the pile since January I really don't know why its took me so long to paint her because its superb miniature and the pose is excellent. I ended up taking four pics as the twisted pose theres no front and rear view as such. Any enjoy the pics. The Hello Kitty back pack is just a brilliant touch my little one went potty when she saw it.

Friday 5 October 2012

Reaper Terrell Police Survivor

Another Reaper Miniature finished again from the Chronoscope range. This time its Terrell a Police/security guard type survivor I painted him in a different coloured uniform to my previous cops mainly because I don't think the bandanna would look right mixed in with proper uniforms.

So he I guess he is a survivor from a different city's Police department perhaps AWOL wondering the land scavenging for supplies much like Rick and company in The Walking Dead.

Nice pose I quite like the over sized muscles as well. I'm sure he is gonna stomp some zombie ass. Armed with his nightstick and a pistol looks like he is blasting away whilst about to mid swing.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

Stubbs the Hairy Biker

Zomtober is here and as part of that challenge I'm cracking on with my Zombie Survivor figures until my Zombie order arrive next week.

Here we have Stubbs the Biker from Reaper miniatures Chronoscope range. I like biker miniatures quite a lot they are so cool looking. They are just tough badass looking dudes.

 Now to begin with I really wasn't that keen on this figure but I got him thinking he'd bulk out the numbers. But since painting him up he has really grown on me almost to the point that I may use him as the leader of my bikers. A tall and imposing figure he is armed with two pistols ready to dish out some punishment to someone

Monday 1 October 2012


Having seen the challenge laid down between two fellow blogger's Pulp Citizen of Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer and Rob Bresnen of Four Colour Supers Mini's  I've been invited to join them in there challenge to get at least five more zombies painted by the end of October. 

I don't have any zombies at the moment but I will pick up a pack and get them done by the end of the month. I do however have a load of survivors for my zombie games winging there way across the UK to me so I plan on getting a bunch of survivors done as well.

Why don't you all join in and have a go this Zomtober.