Sunday 26 November 2017

Walking Dead AoW Leon and Derek

Really had to pull my finger out this weekend to get something finished this week. Have been in a right funk unable to focus on anything or have the urge to paint. Fortunately these two were worked on alongside Sandra and Patrick so didn't need a lot to get them finished.

It frees up a bit of space on the paint table and as its payday next week I can pick up some much need hobby essentials as I am out of Spray Primer, Varnish and could do with a new brush.

Sunday 19 November 2017

Hasslefree Luna

Yeah umm got  a bit distracted from painting Walking Dead stuff this week.... A little birdie has been whispering to me about Dungeons Dwarves and Elves. So feeling in the mood for some Fantasy painting I went and dug through my work bench and dug out Luna from Hasslefree miniatures to paint. Luna has been on and off the table for a while. I had base coated the flesh and eyes then procrastinated over what colours to do the clothing in.

Eventually deciding to go for Grey and a cold looking blue I soon got the figure painted. Hasslefree has some very nice Elf models I shall certainly be picking up a couple more to accompany this lovely lady.

Sunday 12 November 2017

Walking Dead AoW Sandra and Patrick

Production slowed down the last few weeks have been mega busy and had some sort of lurgy which has just left me feeling way too tired at night to sit and paint for much time. Can't seem to shake it but managed to get concentrate on a couple of miniatures and get a few more Walking Dead figures done. Some more survivors finished this time round a 'Runner' Sandra and Patrick a 'Bruiser' class character.

Derek and Leon are not far off completion and provided I don't get distracted should be ready in another session or so.