Tuesday 28 April 2015

Pulp City Dr Mercury

After playing my first game of Pulp City a few weeks back I got spurred on to starting up my first few heroes to game with. Sorting through what figures I have in my collection I have seem to have a fair few members from the Heavy Metal faction.

Dr Mercury, Iron Train, Lady Cyburn and Nuclear Jones to name them. I have no idea how well they would work together yet as the new cards haven't been released. I will probably get a few more characters to flesh out the group and give me some more playing options. I think Nuclear Jones shall be next on the list to be painted.

I hadn't really browsed the Pulp City site much apart from the store. But I was searching for some pics the other day for reference material and there is a wealth of awesome background for the characters and denizens of Pulp City Dr Mercury's background is pretty awesome in itself and it inspired me to paint him up first. Click Me to Read More.. If you interested in any of the characters or faction have a click of the tags on the site there are some fantastic tales.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Knight Models Penguin Crew Part one.

Thoroughly enjoying all the Salute posts today :) Some fabulous looking games and models coming out.

Hobbywise this week I played a playtest game on Friday night. I can't mention publicly much about it yet. Thoroughly enjoyed it some bits could do with being a bit more clearer to understand which has been mentioned but more on this later in the year when allowed to talk about it more.

Painting wise done a few bits here and there on various figures. Completed wise I got the first two members of a Penguin Crew for Knight models Batman game. Its only a small crew at the moment being the basic Penguin set with the addition of a Titan Thug to boost it to around 200 rep. I've not tried the game but I've read plenty of game reports and its another game I can play with the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen.

The first two finished are a couple of henchmen The Royal Penguin (Assault rifle)  and Blue Penguin (Shield). I have got to smooth down some putty work on a couple of the other characters then I can begin the painting on them also. The figures scale is 35mm which I've had a bit of difficulty painting mainly as even though they are slightly taller there features such as hands and faces are a lot finer.

Always been a fan of the penguin character in tv series and cartoon series characters.  I so wish they would do a Devito version but sadly I think there are IP issues with those movies characters. There are a ton of henchmen options for this crew. Which I hope to add to later in the year :)

Thursday 23 April 2015

Nexus Miniatures Rebels/Mercs

Busy week again only managed to get a few bits done here and there. First up was the first pack of Rebels/Mercs from Nexus Miniatures. 'Porky' Ironsides with his uzi and the 'Do Gooder' Marcus with his Uni-tech blaster pistol (I shall have to get a second model of this guy and use the camera version).

Sunday 19 April 2015

The Shattered Crown

The Shattered Crown.

Hello folks I just want to give a shout out about a new game that will be coming to kickstarter (hopefully in June) from the guys behind Dead Earth Games. Currently its just moved from Alpha to Beta and the guys are seeking beta testers to help put the rules through there paces. At the moment its ran purely through their facebook group. So after having a read and a look through some of the images please pop buy if you'd like to join in and help out.

The Shattered Crown Beta Facebook Group (Click name for link to group)

Anyway the game is called The Shattered Crown its a Fantasy game and here is the current blurb to the game.

 Inspired equally by the historical conflicts and political intrigues of Britain in the 13th-16th centuries and the magic, mystery and adventure of Arthurian legend, The Shattered Crown combines the feel of fielding historical armies with none of the restrictions. Want to create your own Lord, Coat of Arms and Liveries? Go ahead! Want to add a little cinematic heroism with characters of legendary skill and bravery? Get stuck in! Want to outsmart your opponent, leading him to think you're attacking on one flank when actually you're about to unleash a lightning storm against his cavalry? The Shattered Crown's unique activation system, utilising cards and bluffing, plus the extensive spell book, will allow you to do this and much more. Best of all, there's no need to spend hundreds of pounds and hours putting together an epic force that needs a table fit for Arthur to play across, as The Shattered Crown allows you to field any size force from only a few units upwards - with a rich backstory of unfolding civil war to embed it in. 

Like our flagship game, Across the Dead Earth, The Shattered Crown also focuses on campaign play, allowing the advancement and complete personalisation not just of your leaders and heroes, but of every unit in your army!

There has been concept art done for two factions so far Khra and Hellesburne houses there are bios each family and some of the units that they use over on the facebook group. It would be to much in one post for folks to read so I'll do some faction features another time. All the artowkr has been done by Filip Dudek who is an awesome artist and did the alot of art in the Across the Dead Earth book you'll have seen me post his work across the top of my blog from time to time.

If your interested in more of Filip's work then check out his facebook site  (Click me) or his Blog (Click me)

 King Aethor "The Spiteful". Leader of house Khra.

King Aiden Hellesburne

 Azael - Khra hero

 Draal the Headcollector - Hellesburtne Hero

 Khra Mage.

 Hellesburne Witch.

Khra Black Halberdiers.
 Hellesburne Great Blades.

 Khra Princess Nave the first Stag Rider.

Hellesburne Warbears (Awesome enough said).

Of course your now saying well where are the miniatures? This is of course where the kickstarter will come in. Currently a few prototypes have been done and there are tons of pics in the facebook group as well as some masters of the first few. The figures will be metal and the infantry will be multi piece to allow you to create all the different units (Sword, Spear, Crossbow etc) The figures are being sculpted by the talented Russ Charles who did the sculpts for the Fantasy sports game Guildball, The newer Tor Gaming Relics and works with the Clockwork Goblin team as well as a ton of other lines no doubt.

Azael sculpt/render
 Hellesburne Infantry.

Prototype (just loosely tacced together currently) these will be used to create the moulds then cast in metal.

So if your interested please pop by the group on facebook and help take part to make this game great.

Link to Group again (click me)

Friday 17 April 2015

Reaper Chronoscope Agatha Fox

Another miniature finished from off of the paint table this week, Agatha Fox by Reaper miniatures. Sculpted by Andrew Rae its a fantastic sculpt which I've admired for a good while and eventually picked up I think sometime late last year. I really love the style of the clothing it fits in so well with any number of settings all depending on the paint scheme. I love the fact that she is sneaking out a pistol out of her handbag behind her back as well it all adds to the sneak spy vibe. Agatha is a bit smaller than most other Reaper sculpts some of my Zombie Survivors tower over her where as all my other stuff such as Crooked and Hasslefree match up really well.

There is another female spy (well could be any setting) sculpt by Andrew Rae for Reaper an Astrid Berger I shall certainly have to add her to my collection as well seeing how nice this one has painted up. 

Andrew Rae is the guy behind Statuesque miniatures I sadly missed out on some of his other sculpts he did that were superspies or pulp/sci fi noir as they've now been discontinued. I shall have to make an effort to get some of his S.O.E Kill team before the go the way of the dodo as well!

Here she is with Hasslefree Alexander as you can see slightly smaller. I now realise that though not intentionally exact colours wise but Agatha would make a good Agent Fields the agent who intercepts bond at the hotel in Quantum of Solace!

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Killer B Games Henchman

Well I accidentally spotted these the other day whilst searching for a figure to use for a conversion. I noticed a new section called Geezers Royale on the store so being intrigued had a look. I instantly just had to have them all with my love of bond movies, books and other spy fi stuff. Ordered on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend and arrived on the following Wednesday superb speedy service imo. I picked up one of each of the characters as well as a cool looking MJ-12 agent from the preview section and according to the owner (on a Lead Adventure forum thread) there will be some more commando types coming soon. As mentioned arrived very promptly postage was £1.50 bargain! Nice clean castings with just the usual bit of preparation to get them ready for painting. They are perhaps slightly different style sculpting wise to most 28mm minis having slightly bigger heads and being a tiny bit smaller in height but I think they stand up really well with all my other figs.

TNT Thompson is probably the next nearest to being completed but we'll see what happens the next time I pick up the brushes as I have several at a similar level of completion.

There is a set of standalone rules as well which I may have to pick up and have a try with.

But anyway enough waffling I have some Secret agent throttling to do :)

Just so you have an idea when compared with a few other ranges. I am not to fussed at mixing ranges but I know some can get bothered by it.

Crooked, Hasslefree and Killer B

Sunday 12 April 2015

Random rambling :D

Well missed last Wednesdays blog post (whoops this week seems to of run away with itself) so what has been happening this week? Its been really busy had some days off work with the kids as they are on there Easter break. Weather has been awesome so been good to catch up on all those outdoor chores that you put off until the weather is fine. 

Hobby wise I visited the good gentlemen Pulp Citizen from Eclectic Gentleman Tabletop Gamer on Tuesday night and got a wonderful introduction to the game that is Pulp City. It is a pretty cool action packed game and I shall certainly be doing a couple of factions for it. The game if you hadn't heard of it is themed around superheroes with some of the character having nods and winks to various comics/movies/tv series characters and some being quite unique. I have been browsing the site and reading some of the characters backgrounds and there are some brilliant stories in there. Click me to read some. The mini's are fantastically sculpted and getting to see a lot of PC's Painted collection (which is glorious btw) I am feeling inspired to have a dabble at it. The game itself is quite easy to pick up and I think it will be difficult to master you can get a lot of choice in a faction or quite simply by choosing whichever character take your fancy and believe me there is a lot of choice for people to make! They had a very successful kickstarter it seems last year which has begun to ship to its backers recently so at the moment the store seems to be down (no doubt awaiting a mass update!) I have a few minis to get started with though (HUGE Thanks to Pulp Citizen) so I'll get them painted and then can add to them later:)

Painting wise I've sadly done very little I did a tiny bit Monday night (not really worth showing) Thursday saw the arrival of an order from Killer B games new range called Geezers Royale which got me excited to do some more spy fi minis. I managed to get the figures based and base coated Thursday and a fair bit done on one of them Friday afternoon of which I nearly but have not quite finished him. Rather than show them WIP I'll wait and post them when I've got them done later in the week. I'm also doing some play testing for another game (more on that later when its ok to post about it) so have been busy prepping cards and other stuff for it ready for testing.

Last night I spent watching The Big Lebowski for the first time what an awesomely hilarious film :) ( I can't believe its took me this long to view it!) I certainly recommend it! It has me howling with laughter.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Across the Dead Earth Base Camp entry finished

Somehow got my dates mixed up and got this scenery piece finished for yesterday when it didn't need finishing until next Saturday doh! Anyway its done and I can move onto painting some more miniatures.