Tuesday 27 October 2015

7TV Second Edition.

I've had a little bit of involvement with the second edition of the 7TV ruleset by Crooked Dice mainly did a bit of beta testing for it earlier in the year played some solo games and co opted my good friend Pulp Citizen into a couple of games. The most recent one being last Tuesday.

The Beta rules are available free to playtest still though I think an update is due as they are starting to finalize and lock down everything ready to go into production with. The rules themselves are a printer friendly version but include everything you need to play the game with the exception of miniatures and dice :P

Free Beta Rules

The new game engine is more slicker and the characters all have there own playing cards which you can sleeve (mine are obviously printed myself) the cards have all the information you need to use them including the ratings (points cost) of the star or extras. Building up casts for games is a breeze now just pick a ratings total and then pick your cards and numbers. 

Theres a lot less statuses now and it makes the game run smoother and faster because of it. Combat is all based on a strike roll vs a target defense stat. Both sides roll a d6 adding the defense then the attacker rolls a d6 adding the strike score and needs to equal or better that target roll to score a hit (or whatever the weapon does).

The game itself has a countdown deck rather than a set number of turns. Each Countdown/Finale card has a random event on sometimes a benefit and sometimes a negative. Typically on a 4x4 table you have 10 Countdown and 5 finale cards randomly selected from a deck. The finale cards at the bottom and the countdown on top. Each player as there turn comes about draws a card or if they choose to selects two cards but this makes the game end quicker.

Gadgets still play a part in the game and each side gets a random selection chosen from the deck at the start of the game.  They include pen guns, sleeping gas jet packs to name a few lol!

Players now use plot points this is generated by the total number of models in there cast divided by 2 rounded up and Stars and Co Stars add an extra point per character. These are then used to activate your characters increase numbers of dice rolls add bonuses, use gadgets play events etc. There are new leadership ability's and your extra's can be formed into units so that if there in close proximity you can activate a squad for half the number you would normally need. This is a great mechanic and adds a tactical edge as you deploy and move your casts across the table. You also have a pool that you can build up from turn to turn so saving precious points for when you really need them.

Winners are resolved by victory points for capturing objectives, injuring/removing Stars/Co-Stars from play and victory conditions dictated by the scenario's your playing. Each Scenario also a Directors cut involving a Maguffin counter (story telling device thanks for letting me know what it was Pulp Citizen).

The game we played the other night was around 40 ratings played on a 3x3 (roughly) table with my new industrial terrain.

The Heroic cast and the Attackers in the scenario we played.
Flamboyant Agent
Dependable Deputy
Angel of Justice
Army Soldier Squad with Corporal (5)
Army Dog Handler and 2 Attack Dogs

The Villainous cast and the Defenders.
Evil Mastermind
Mad Scientist
Double Agent
Failed Experiment
Minion Squad with Commander (7)

The scenario we rolled up randomly was 'The Hit' and Pulp Citizen as the Villainous cast chose to defend. As the Defender the Villains gain a VIP extra who they had to defend and I as the Attacker had to take down the VIP.

The game ran quite smoothly and we only had to refer to the book a few times and things were quickly resolved. The game lasted around 2 1/2 hrs and was a bundle of laughs. Final score was 8 victory points to 5. Pulp Citizen's Mad Scientist managed to annihilate my Flamboyant agent and disable and later take out my Angel of Justice (Capture bubble) as well as capturing 3 out of the 5 objectives. There was some great cinematic moments with the mad scientists timely use of a jetpack, climbing suckers and capture bubble gadget cards.

I managed to axe (break) the Villainous cast by shooting all of his minions despite several returning to the table with the Evil Masterminds endless minion star quality.  I literally nailed the VIP on the final turn burning through all my spare plot points to boost my soldiers rifle shots netting me some vital victory points in the final turn though that was cut and dry as the Evil Mastermind used a medical kit to negate the first hit!

I need more weird stuff especially for the Heroic Casts I've dug out some scientists and inventors to paint up for them. Expect to see plenty of 7TV Spy Fi themed stuff in the coming months as I have been bitten by the bug at the moment :)

7TV Second Edition is now up for pre order from the Crooked Dice Webstore its planned release date is early January sooner if possible. At the moment the pre order has a 20% discount on the boxed game as well as upto 50% off some themed starter casts for it which include a number of figures that aren't released as yet but planned for later in 2016.

The Preorder is open until 29th November 2015.

I've got the pre order of the boxed game in and I ordered some extra counters to play bigger games. I can't wait until January as usual from Crooked Dice it will have high production values and the books will be full of awesome photos and fluff.

You get all you need in the starter set, rules, character cards and counters and dice all you need is figures for the theme of your choice :)

 The Starter casts that won't be available at this price after the pre order.
Love the Police Sergeant in this set. The 3 Coppers are £9 normally!

Love this whole set I need to find some cash for this one.
 Awesome Action hero figure as well as ninjas :D
 I can't wait for the release of this set such awesomely cool soldier minis.
 Love the mad science  cast such a fun one to run on the table as well.
Who doesn't need more minons!!

Sunday 25 October 2015

Zomtober Week 4

Well managed to squeeze in some time to paint some figures this week for Zomtober as well as get a game in of 7TV2e with Pulp Citizen on Tuesday night.

I'd hope to make a dent in my Zombie and Survivor pile from the Studio miniatures Z Clipz kickstarter this Zomtober but alas some events have curbed that slightly. I managed to finish of a survivor and her zombified version. So managed three themed figures for Zomtober including my crawler from week 1.

Though I've just noticed a spodge of brown paint!!!! Dammit!

Sunday 18 October 2015

Mr. Freeze and Ice Penguin

This week has been mental got drafted into a project at work with very short notice. Most days have been 12 hr days not leaving much free time.  I've not managed any more Zomtober stuff I hope to get some stuff finished at some time this week for next weekend.

I completed a few figures a couple of weeks ago but only got around to taking pictures this weekend.

Reinforcements for my Penguin crew a thug armed with a shotgun adding some more mobile fire power to the crew and then a Free Agent in the form of Mr. Freeze who brings yet more fire power and some resilience with his power armoured suit, freeze gun and freeze grenades (Plus I can shout Freeze Raaay! when he shoots!)

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Sad News.

Sorry there was no Zomtober post this weekend. Sadly we had to say goodbye to our Labrador Morgan on Saturday. We're all gutted and heart broken at the moment he has left a big hole in our lives and we are missing him terribly. 

Sunday 4 October 2015

Zomtober Week 1 Entry

 A slow start this week to Zomtober mainly because yesterday I went with Pulp Ccitizen to the Derby World Wargames show at Castle Donnington! A great day out was had by us both it was good to meet up with some bloggers and other online friends and a good browse around the various trades stands.

I even picked up a freebie from the Tor Gaming stand as they were giving away random minis in a tin. Called a can of Whoopass :) I spent a modest amount of cash on a quite a variety of things come to think about it but I'll post more about that later in the week.

So my first entry for Zomtober 2015 is a zombie from the Studio miniatures Z Clipz kickstarter they ran last year. Its an iconic zombie being themed on the crawler from the first Season of The walking Dead. It was an interesting mini to paint quick as she is obviously in half but I wasn't sure whether to paint her on the base or not. In the end I built the base differently to normal and I painted her pinned and glued to the base. Quite a tricky one to photo as well being so flat and low! 

I have started a few other figures for Zomtober which ones get finished next? Well we'll find out as the weeks go on :D

Week 1 Blog roll. (in no particular order)
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Thursday 1 October 2015

Zomtober 2015!!!

Well its that time of year again Zomtober!!! Hard to believe that this year is the fourth! Yes the fourth Zomtober and the build up to of course the festive holiday Halloween! So why not get some zombies and survivor figures painted up and ready for gaming with!

  The rules
The Zomtober rules are simple. To take part you just need to paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by the Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each Zomtober week). So that means one or more minis each week on or before the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of October 2015.

Anyone commenting on this post will get added to the blog list below (and feel free to do something similar on your own blogs - as the word spreads, more and more bloggers can be involved!). We'll be sticking to blogs only this year it was a bit trickier adding in non bloggers from various forums etc.

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Currently on my plans to work on this year is of course all my Studio Survivors and Zombies which arrived from there kickstarter this time last year which was delivered earlier in the year and of course with Season 6 of The Walking Dead starting on the 12th I'll have plenty to keep the creative juices flowing!

Some prep work has been done and I have about half of the figs based and primed ready for a flick of the brush.