Sunday 29 March 2015

Post Apoc Base Camp (WIP)

Well unfortunately on Friday the Relics Tournament for today got postponed due to the event organiser and his family sadly having been unwell all week with food poisoning (Get Well soon mate).

So rather than studying rulebooks etc I've been doing some work on this months Across the Dead Earth facebook groups scenery competition.

The theme this month is a gangs base camp. The only restrictions is it being CD based sized and up and it being mostly scratch built. I had thought about making a sort of hovel out of a vehicle and scrap but then decided to make a sort of makeshift outpost or fortification belonging to the State or perhaps a more militant themed groups lookout post. Rather than going for a more conventional tower I decided to make a tower fortification out of an old truck wreck, Old scavenged wood has formed some rough looking fortifications on top of both the 'buildings' to give some cover for sentries. I decided to shove rubble all around the truck and as a ramp to get into the truck cab.

I did think of making some sort of lighting rig for the telegraph pole and having a wire go away to the trucks engine to power it but I haven't found the bits I want to use for it so that maybe a later addition at another date.

You can see inside the cab that it has all been ripped out and a roughly shoddy wooden floor put in place. I added a tarp to the top so that in bad weather the guards can pull the tarp down and it be sealed a bit more from the elements. Deadline for this is next weekend so this will probably be the focus for this week but I think another couple of sessions and it will be done.

If anyone is after the Engineers F.E.S  there in stock and available to buy :) I have primed mine and got them ready to begin painting as the next comp is a painting competition with two categories the first being a single miniature from the either the Sisters of Acquisition and Engineers F.E.S gangs. The second one being a whole completed gang from across the whole Across the Dead Earth range released so far :)

All Primed and ready for the start of the comp I'm not sure who is going to be the single miniature entry quite yet. 

Also I've started painting up a Penguin Crew from knight models to get in some games with Pulp Citizen but I'll do a separate post about them.

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Brummville Garrison Mounted Division

Well the final entries for my Tournament force are completed. Two units of Dragoon. One Standard Dragoons and one of Heavy Dragoons. These were a lot of fun to paint up especially the Heavies. At the moment I'm tweaking my army list switching units around to match up to the criteria for the 3 rounds to be fought over. I'm hurriedly trying to finish the objective markers this week eek I forgot! These will just be plain stones for now. I'll try and add some runes and glow stuff after.

Currently the force that I'm taking is as follows the 300 pt list is for Game 1, Game 2 adds the 100pts as reinforcements. Both will be combined for Game 3.

Royal Arcanum Guard 45
Grenadiers (3) 66
Grenadiers (3) 66
Heavy Dragoons (2) 60
Heavy Dragoons (2) 60

100pts Reinforcments
Company Sergeant Major 24
Trooper Company (6) 42
Dragoons (3) 33

Sunday 22 March 2015

Nexus miniatures S.D.Z.A Herbivore Mutt

Work continues apace on my Relics force the last two units are painted they just need varnishing and then the tufts etc added to the bases. In between puppet unit drying this week I got a Dinosaur Herbivore Mutt finished for S.D.Z.A as I'm helping with some play testing and I need him for the demo scenario. Decided to just go with a simple green skin tone and kept the ragged cloth a neutral brown colour. Really wasn't sure what colour to do the eyes so went for an orange/red look. I'm quite pleased with how he's turned out I've not really done anything like him before. I have the Carnivore mutt in the queue todo as well thinking of an orange/blue combo for him.

All being well I'll have pics up next week of the last two units for my Relics force. The Tournament is a week today so I need to run a few games and get familiar with the basics ready. I may switch a unit out but only if I get the Highlanders ready in time. 

Wednesday 18 March 2015

The Ridened are coming!! (New Relics Faction)

Who are the Ridened? 

The Ridened are the goblins of the world of Relica and are due out in May (At Games Expo) They will be the fifth playable faction.  I have so been looking forward to this release ever since I saw the concepts for them and the mercenary unit the Banished Knights. Below is some of the concept art that been shown on the Tor Gaming blog and facebooks pages/groups. I've shared some fiction written and posted as well.

As you can see (this is the Gamefunder only version which I have and he is lovely) the Banished knights are really close to the concept art. Below I've got put up some more concept art of the Ridened Faction planned units. There are rumours of quite a big release at expo. The Baron, Archers, Foot Knights, Kapalop Knights, Watch tower Dragon and maybe the Tropum Knights Squeeeee can't wait.

An introductory short story that appeared a few days ago.

“That’s beside the point anyway Bhogg, it’s a bigger concept than a simple comparison between beasts. It is a notion that will light a fire in the bellies of our entire race!” Bhogg feigned a smile and nodded awkwardly.
“It is the spirit of the heart Bhogg! Dormant in the souls of our people since the dawn of time, it is awakening and finally we shall have a chance to reclaim the Sangreal!”
The passion in Trokees words sent a shiver up Bhoggs spine, although he still barely understood what they meant. He chose his next words cautiously. “So what now then Trokee, what does it all mean?”
Trokee stared intently into the eyes of his comrade as he spoke. “It means the Final Crusade is at its dawn Bhogg, and all the impurities of this world shall finally be purged from it. Word should be sent far and wide to all those who would dare to make us their enemies, the time for retribution draws close; and we shall ride for glory to take all that is rightfully ours!”
Bhoggs face lit up with delight. “War? Is that what you mean Trokee?”
Trokee could not help but laugh at his companion.
“Yes indeed Sir Bhogg, war; war for the Lady and war for the Sir; war for the Hags dwelling deep in the Myrh!”
Both Knights were laughing now as they continued their twilight journey through the dreary woods.

Ridened Barons

In battle the Ridend Barons stalk the fields, directing the brave Ridendean warriors onward into the thick of the fighting. Each accompanied by two of their most loyal Men-at-arms, one bearing the Ridend Barons own personal Coat of Arms and the other acting as musician/signaller, each baron is an inspiring sight to behold. Such divine oaths of loyalty are commanded by the Ridend Barons that those who swear to serve them will not hesitate to march head on into certain doom if they should be ordered to do so.

Ridend Archers – Goblins and bows, classic.
In traditional Ridendean warfare the bow and arrow was looked down upon by the upper classes as being a dishonourable weapon and to employ archers against an opponent of virtue was seen to be a terrible weakness of character and judgement. In modern day Relicia however, the Ridendean nobility has found very little by the way of honour and virtue amongst their enemies and the reluctance they once had in using archers has long since faded into obscurity.

Ridend Foot Knights

Ridened Kapalop Knights

Ridened Tropum Knights

Ridened Tower Dragon

Not a Dragon in the traditional sense but the Ridend think it’s a mighty beast so they make use of it in several roles, this is the first.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Across the Dead Earth Engineers F.E.S and more Scenery Started

Well been another mega busy week. The Dragoons have been finished just need varnishing and basing. The Heavy Dragoons are now primed and ready to be started. I'll do pics when there based.

The Engineers Forward Expeditionary Squad have been released for Across the Dead Earth the minis are fantastic! They've been prepped and based and will get primed this week. We are having a painting competition beginning of April well actually two. Firstly single figure from either of the new gangs (Sisters of Acquistion or Engineers F.E.S) or a complete gang from Across the Entire range released so far. (I'll be entering one of the Engineers and the whole Engineer gang as I've already painted all the others!) There currently up for pre order (10% off RRP but not including postage) But will go live on the store any day now as they've have gone to all the backers already.

The main thing being worked on this weekend is some more scenery for another Across the Dead Earth facebook group. Its theme this time is basecamp and must be CD size or bigger. I've only gone for a slightly bigger than CD size one mainly just due to how busy I am with the Britanans Relics project. Mostly started yesterday morning and it kind of evolved as the day went on as I added bits between other normal life things. Its going to be a 'State' outpost The truck tower needs to the windows boarded up a bit. I may add some sandbags or defensive type structure to the top of the truck cab and the sort of lean to.

 I have a number of these dowels (from a ice lolly I think) Though height wise not perhaps to scale it makes a good telegraph pole. I have several more of these. I might mount them up on some rubble piles and have them scattered about the table. (If I get around to it!) The Climbing rungs are simply staples cut in half bent into shape then superglued into holes drilled in the dowel. I need to make some kind of junction box at the top but I think It will have to be made from putty and also need to find some sort of cable to dangle loosely of course :)

Added in a small corner wall which is the base for the lean to
Floor added to the ripped out interior of the truck. Rubble shored up around it.

 The progress so far. I'm thinking of adding sort of some of lighting rig to the top of the truck down to a generator (But this will be down to time and sourcing the generator bits).
Added some Rolled up tarp so in bad weather in theory they can get some shelter etc.

Thursday 12 March 2015

Sir Terry Pratchett RIP

What a sad day indeed. Sir Terry Pratchett has sadly passed away at 66. One of my favourite Fantasy authors I have read nearly all of his books and thoroughly enjoyed his stories way of writing and his humour.

Thoughts and condolences to the family and this very sad time indeed.

May he rest in peace.

Sir Terry Pratchett, renowned fantasy author, dies aged 66

My first and my favourite though I've enjoyed them all.

Wednesday 11 March 2015

S.D.Z.A Dino Rangers and Revolutionaries/Mercenaries

A Few more packs prepped from Nexus Miniatures this week. I ran out of putty :( Boooo so they are all based apart from 1!! Dammit But will be picking some up tomorrow Yay!

Anyway Prepped and Started are the Dino Rangers 1,2 and 3 These are all in 2 pieces. There heads come on there tabs allowing easy head swaps and also you can get a motorcycle helmet. (Which my next set will have). These come in a pack of 3 for £10 or £3.50 each and the Helmet Sprue being 99p for 2 helmet heads.

The other pack I picked up was the Revolutionary/Mercenary packs. These are £3.50 each or them both for £6.50. They are both multi pieces. The guy on the left has a separate head and comes with a choice of arms. The first being a blaster pistol and the second a video camera. The guy on the right I shall be getting a few of he is in two pieces body and head. I already have two I gave his alter ego a second head and postion it in a different way. A couple more will give me some nice bodyguards in civilian clothing.

If your after any of these all the details on how to order and prices  are on my previous blog post.

Monday 9 March 2015

SDZA Dino Mutts and American Agents 01

Well had a break from painting on Thursday night and decided to make a start assembling and prepping some figures that I recently bought from Nexus Miniatures for the game Superhero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse. I picked up several packs but I'll do a WIP of the others next week as I only finished basing half of them and want to post them all together.

The Mutts are Dinosaur/mutant hybrids caused by the initial outburst of the R.D.S virus (Re-active De-evolution Syndrome) and as such are twisted creatures. At the moment there are two types available Herbivore and Carnivore versions. I intend on picking up a couple more of these and converting them to give me a bit more variety. The Carnivore (right hand side) is one piece the Herbivore comes with a separate staff arm.

A size comparison with an average sized 28mm human.

Next up the American Agents  these where both sculpted by Ian Mountan. Named Wulfe Sculder and Katherine Mulley these are a great pair of figures and inspired by a certain tv series :) They are both single piece however Wulfe comes with a hand/pistol on his tab so you switch over the torch if you like.

Said pistol now resides in my bitz box :)

Anyway my Previous posts on these guys where the resin first wave found

F.O.N operatives 1 & 2
Click Here for the Post

British Agent 01
Click Here for the Post

British Agent 02
Click Here for the Post

Copied from the Facebook Group.

You can find pics of all the below minis available by Clicking HERE

Currently available so far and you'll need to send an email for your order (whilst nice shiny pics are uploaded to the store)
I have the following S.D.Z.A. (Super-Hero Dinosaur Zombie Apocalypse) Miniatures here - now, at the Nexus Bunker - now this is a purely pre release thing, and shipping will possibly be a little higher later on when everythings released properly and I find out I haven't charged enough LoL! Either contact me through here or direct at Nexus Miniatures ( for more details.
01 - F.O.N. Operative 01 (Psychic Hero) £3.50 Each
02 - F.O.N. Operative 02 (Beastly Hero) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair
03 - Extra F.O.N. Heads Set 01 (The Wolfman and the Visor) 99p Each
04 - F.O.N. Trooper 01 (comes with F.O.N. Trooper Accesory Sprue I as Standard for now) £3.00 Each
05 - F.O.N. Trooper Accesory Sprue I (Aggressive Head, Rifle, and Stun Stick) 99p Each
06 - Mutt 01 (Carnivore) £4.00 Each
07 - Mutt 02 (Herbivore) £4.00 Each
or £7.50 for the Pair
08 - Uni-Tech Security Officer 01 (Cap and Pistol) £3.50 Each
09 - Uni-Tech Security Trooper 01 (Helmet, Visor Down and Rifle) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair (and yes, you may buy "pairs" of Trooper 01)
10 - Uni-Tech Security Heads Set 01 (Bare Head and Elite Trooper Helmet) 99p Each
11 - Revolutionary/Merc 01 ("Porky" Ironsides, armed with UZI) £3.50 Each
12 - Revolutionary/Merc 02 ("Do Gooder" Marcus, armed with Uni-Tech Blaster Pistol, and separate Camera) £3.50 Each
or £6.50 for a Pair
13 - D-Ranger 01 (Codename Helios) £3.50 Each
14 - D-Ranger 02 (Codename Galicia) £3.50 Each
15 - D-Ranger 03 (Codename Joey) £3.50 Each
or £10.00 for all Three
16 - D-Ranger Helmet Sprue 01 99p Each
17 - Doctor Makalay (Brotherhood Leader) £4.50 Each
18 - Pisacha (Rogue Prime Assassin) £4.00 Each
or £8.00 for the Pair
19 - American Agent 01 (Wolfe Sculder) £3.75 Each
20 - American Agent 02 (Katherine Mulley) £3.75 Each
or £7.00 for the Pair
21 - British Secret Agent 01 (60's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each
22 - British Secret Agent 02 (80's Jacob Nexus) £3.75 Each
or £7.00 for the Pair
Shipping -
UK - £1.80
E.U. - £3.50
Rest of the World - £6.20

Wednesday 4 March 2015

Britanan Dragoons and More Dragoons.

Well more work continues on the Britanan Force for the tournament at the end of this month. Busy weekend again has no time for hobby but got a little bit done last night,

The Dragoons are going to have a Blue uniform with gold and silver helmets. Not quite sure what colour to do the plumes. I think once I've base coated them fully I can make a better decision on it. Still not got any further with the Heavies since the last post. They'll be at least be primed this week,

For those interested in how Relics work there are some great youtube videos by on of the Tor Gaming Rangers (demo guy)

A 300pt battle report between the Orcnar and Britanan forces.