Wednesday 30 June 2021

Hasslfree Hayden and Smudgster

 There has been some mention of playing Stargrave on my local game stores Facebook group by a bunch of folk which has kind of got me intrigued a little by it I must admit. When leaving my last job I got given an Amazon gift voucher which has just been sitting there since March so I picked up the rulebook and some small magnets which I'd had sitting in my basket for god knows how long. Anyway it has got me thinking of figures so I have had a rummage and dug out some Sci Fi stuff out of the leadpile. A lot of these are figures I've just picked up because I loved the look of the figures but never really had much of a plan for them. I can also use them for 7TV as Alien Mercenaries I've been looking some to accompany Mekon in my Dan Dare Alien cast.

The first up is Hayden by Hasslefree miniatures. Hayden is a mech pilot and comes under the Grymn section of the store. I also would like to grab the other male pilot as the poses are just fab. I kept the paint scheme simple. I did think about adding camouflage to the trousers but just left them as they were in the end.

Next up is another cool fig I've always loved the look of Smudgster also by Hasslefree miniatures. An Anthropomorphic Pug in Power armour with a Pulse Carbine :D I really want the other sculpt where he is carrying a BFG and about to light his cigar with a zippo lighter. But it always seems to be out of stock. 

All my Alien Mercs so far with Hansa Nairoba from the Gates of Antares range (A Kev White sculpt also) I always loved the cyber enhancements on this mini. I had planned to use him alongside Van Saar gangers but then changed my mind so he stands in as all sorts in 7TV but seems perfect for Stargrave!

I have dug out some robots from various sources and may of ahem taken advantage of the Hasslefree Summer Sale which ends today use Summer2021 for 20% off but only until the end of today!

I had to retake some pics but my book also arrived last night so will be this evening read!

Friday 25 June 2021

Pulp Figures Gangland Gal

 Picked up some Pulp Figures and other bits and pieces from my LGS this month. Mainly for 7TV Pulp but some may get used for other games. I am painting random stuff at the moment as a palate cleanser for all the Femdroids and minions I did last month.

First up is on of the Pulp Figures Gangland Girls. This one really made me want this set. She could be a gangland enforcer, Government agent or maybe even a SOE Operative perhaps?

Lovely sculpt by Bob Murch I also love the Gangster with Tommy Gun and the Circus Ring master come magician vibe from one the bottom left lady. The two right hand ones I think will make good spies or resistance types.

Friday 18 June 2021

7TV Day 6 Report of the Day.

So the 7TV Day 6 happened on 12th June hosted by Simon Coldrick at his Board in Brum shop located near Walsall just off Junction 10 of the M6. There was only a small turn out for the event this time with the total number of players attending being 12 which was a bit of a shame. I think the last one there was 25 of us. Some of the regulars couldn't make it so hoping there will be a bigger turn out for the Star Wars themed one in September. Mike Strong organised the event and planned out the Episodes and who was on which side before hand so there was equal Heroes and Villains players. As usual there were plenty of twists and turns depending on the outcomes of the games.

Everyone all brought 40 rating casts from the Spy Fi set and its expansions. The event as themed around the Argonauts player guide and a I think 3 our of the 6 villain casts used that guide for their casts. Mine was slightly Argonaut themed but used the profiles from just the core set as I haven't picked the guide up yet.

Boards were arranged before hand to make sure we all had enough.

The Boards

David Brown's rather excellent derelict factory board.

Wayne Bollands of Tangent miniatures attended the day and bought with him a borrowed set of terrain from GW in Nottingham no less!

This was one of the Store boards I think which had lots of cool billboards on the buildings with Marvel characters on.

Mike Strong's rather superb dock board.

My own humble offering. I had intended on bringing my Apocalypse board but then realised it wouldn't fit in my car. So sort of threw this one together.

Shaun Pike's fab Wild West board 

Tavis Hill's rather excellent UFO board. 


Simon Coldrick's Flash Gordon cast. 

Alex's Military cast

Peter Jame's Dalek Cast (reskinned Argonauts)

Andy McGarry's excellent Matriarch Finishing School

Tavis's Dalek Cast (Reskinned Argonauts)

My own Nemesis Institute.

Simon Clarke's Diogenes Club

Carl Packham's Spectrum cast.

David Brown's fab Argo Central Cast.

Mike Strong's Filthy...I mean Law abiding Coppers cast!

Shaun Pike's Excellent West World themed Argonaut cast.

Wayne Bolland's Sherlock Holmes lost in time cast.

Game 1
My first game was against Wayne Bolland and his Sherlock Holmes cast. We played on the excellent Dockyard table. The First Episodes saw the casts trying to track down the Athena Clue. Each objective collected a mind test was performed to see if it was the Athena Clue.

Sherlock Holmes and the Femdroid called Mable Grapple over an objective on the bridge. The minions poor gun fire but Sherlock Holmes swiftly used a bulletproof Umbrella and then dodged all the gunfire.

The Soldier unit rushes to support the great Detective.

Ciara Argo jetpacks up on top of the boat grabbing an objective and snatching it before the Good Doctor can reach it.

Lady Britannia having sneaked forward and snagging an objective. Engages with Foxy Devine a bitter hand to hand fight begins between the good Lady, Foxy and the Femdroid Michelle. Using her trident the Lady manages to injure both Foxy and Michelle before succumbing to their combined girl grappling.

The Femdroid Mable is brought down by Sherlock Holmes. Whilst the soldiers charge across the bridge but are gunned down by mass gunfire from the Security unit. Doctor Watson wounds Ciara who uses her jetpack to fly over Sherlock and grab another objective of the nearby quay. Sherlock Holmes use some sort of steam powered contraption to escape the advancing squad of heavily armed ladies. A continuity error see's the Femdroid Mable reappear next to the scientist and begins to advance upon Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock tries in vane to bring to down Foxy Devine. Professor Von Schitzen and the Femdroid Michelle begin to tackle Holmes stunning him with a blast from her experimental gun bringing the episode to a cliff hanging finish. Does the Great Detective Survive does Watson manage to revive him and escape? Find out the next Episode!

This was a good game for me I managed some good dice rolls and managed to whittle down Wayne's cast to just Holmes and Watson. They were on the verge of both being taken down when a Finale card ended the game. Wayne's charge across the narrow bridge proved his undoing as my minions smg's managed to wipe out most of them. The Femdroids did really well occupying Holmes and then taking down Lady Britannia. I managed to grab 3 objectives and Wayne 1 with none of them being the Athena Clue.

Game 2
I did my usual and forgot to take any photos the remaining games doh! The second game was against Simon Coldrick's Flash Cast (someone forgot to read the memo and used a Pulp Cast despite being the only person to be sent the event pack lol!). Flash was their to take down Ciara Argo and prevent them from testing a new form of battery in her droids. 

Simon C deployed Flash in the centre and his soldiers to the left near the loggers shed. My Own cast was deployed quite centrally opposite. With the Femdroids deploying using their spy ability on the right hand side near a mechanical man.

Flash, Dale, Soldier unit and two Mechanical Men made up Simon's Cast.

I cocked my deployment from the offset putting my Femdroids on my left flank near Simon's Mechanical Men to which they could not use there seduction techniques on. The Soldiers wounded Ciara in the first turn after sweeping forward and grabbing most the objectives. on my right flank. Ciara escaped using a jetpack. The Scientist was gunned down and Professor Von Schitzen held off the soldiers after they pelted grenade after grenade at her. Flash and Dale finished her off. My Femdroids took down the mechanical man on my left flank and Ciara jetpacked down and began to advance with Mable and Michelle towards Flash and Dale. My minions traded shots with Dale and the soldiers but got gunned down after wounding Dale and Flash charged over finishing them off. Ciara used her laser sight and took down Dale the game ended with only Ciara left on the board.

 I'd succeeded in keeping Ciara alive however got wiped out by Simon's Flash cast. The free move they get caught me off guard and I fluffed my own deployment placing the Femdroids on the wrong side of the table. They could prevented the soldiers rapid advance as being spies couldn't be targeted in turn one and their seduce and other effects could of delayed and messed with Simon's plans where as their charms were wasted on the mechanical men! I did manage to test my new battery ( This was a weird objective where I had to steal the scene during my game but only if I did it after my opponent did.) This game was quite funny as we both made rule mistakes or forgot about effects or bits of rules. I guess it shows how rusty we both were!

Game 3

The Final battle was a straight up scrap with depending on results from previous games both sides receiving bonus gadgets and or plot points. Both Alex and myself winning our first games both recieved the Nerve Gas Cannister Gadget. But losing our second games neither recieved the bonus plot points!

I face a Military Mind, Action Hero, Dependable Deputy and a squad of soldiers. We both deployed our forces on opposite side of the central ruin with the alter. I won the initiative and surged forward into the centre a brutal fire fight between the Action Hero and Soldiers versus Foxy and the Security Team decimated both sides. Ciara jet packed over to the soldier unit killing one with a pen gun before subduing a second with sleep spray before dispatching him with a swift chop to the neck. A brawl broke out with Mable and Michelle and the remaining soldiers. Meanwhile Von Schitzen and her experimental gun first stunned the Deputy who was shot down by the minion commander but the performed the same trick on the Action Hero. Foxy wounded by the Military mind sneaked off to grab an objective. The Soldiers were worn down by the Femdroids eventually wiping them out at the cost of Mable. Foxy managed to grab a another objective then the Von Schitzen brought the Military Mind low with her experimental gun ending the game. 

I was very lucky in this game with my defense dice rolling high. The Star of the show had to be the Mad Scientist who pretty much took out all of Alex's stars. The Stunned effect weakening them severely for my Minion commander to finish them off. I have been really impressed with the Femdroid's performance on the day. I was a bit worried about having Plot Points to activate more than the two I took. I would definitely perhaps drop the Von Schitzen or Foxy and taken two more Femdroids instead. I am also keen to pick up the Argonauts guide and maybe take unit of them with a Madamdroid as unit leader.



Forgot to add on the end of the day awards.

Overall the Argonauts won a narrow victory over the forces of Order. However best cast went to David Brown for his excellently painted Argonauts cast.

Shaun Pike took the best board award with his fab Western themed board.

Tavis Hill won the Mik Hollands Award (Best Opponent has been renamed in honour of this great gentle giant who we sadly lost in April)

Tuesday 15 June 2021

7TV Day 6 Catch Up TV. The Nemesis Institute.

 As per my previous Femdroid post here is my Argonaut themed cast using profiles from just the core set. I have picked science themed stars and extras with of course some trusty minions to bulk out the cast. With 40 ratings I get a lot of choice. I did want to take more Femdroids but feared I would struggle with activating them all.

First up we have the main star of my cast Ciara Argo director of the Nemesis Institute. I went with the Insidious Industrialist profile mainly to reflect the use of advanced technology and use cutting edge effect to recycle my gadgets. I used my recently painted Casual May miniature for the Star.

Next up is head of research Hilda Von Schitzen a brilliant technologist from Germany but also quite insane. Mad Scientist Co Star I used the Pulp Girl with her mechanical powered glove fits in nicely and with her outfit fits the background nicely.

Foxy Devine does all the dirty jobs for that need doing for her mistress. I love this figure and hurriedly stripped and repainted it to be used for this weekend. Profile wise I went with the Faithful Lackey profile for a bit of muscle and some free activations with her Leader 2 effect.

Extras wise. A Small Minion squad to give me some shooting and some numbers using my recently painted female minions.

Then some mechanical support a couple of my Femdroids I got done this week and a Scientist extra to repair them and give me some more gadgets to play with. With all my stars I have 5 to play with!