Monday 23 May 2022

Crooked Dice Goblin King

Concentrating on getting the remaining Goblins finished I got the Goblin King on Thorn by Crooked Dice finished. It was a gorgeous model to finish and I can't wait to have him lead his horde at the 7TV Event in July! I also picked up a few Otherworld minis I was after after they recently announced a price increase. So I have another Goblin Shaman to paint up and I got a druid and some giant Owls which I think will get added to my Elven Warband.

The throne is a gorgeous sculpt in its own right it has so many fab details from all the tiny faces dotted about to the Dwarf being crushed a top a bed of skulls. You can't see in the pics below but behind the King himself there is another row of skulls. 

I plan on taking a small board to the event but I don't have much Fantasy specific Terrain so I pick up some generic ruins by Renedra. They were quite easy to trim off, clean and assemble them all just spend a casual evening watching telly while I did it. I am undecided on whether to base the loose wall sections as I don't think they will be very stable during play. 

This is one each of the frames. The walls on the left side are what I think need basing and it will fit in better with the other pieces. I'm hoping once painted they will mix in with my LOTR Ruins

Thursday 5 May 2022

April Update

 April has been a pretty busy month we have had 3 weeks of building work going on in the house so very little has progressed with the goblins. As the dust around the house has just been unbelievable as nearly ever room upstairs had some work done.

I pledged on the recent Crooked Dice Pirates of Luna City Pulp Kickstarter there are some excellent looking Lion Guard and Lion Shieldmaster's which I plan to use as extras with my Thundercats and eventually Flash Gordon games so looking forward to those arriving. If anyone is interested you can still get in on the kickstarter through the pledge manager on the Crooked Dice Web Store. LINK

I've got two events booked this year. The 7TV Fantasy one in July and a Burrows and Badgers one in October. Talking of which I picked up a few models from the previous Oathsworn kickstarter last month I couldn't join that one due to timings with other projects. But I grabbed the Badger Ranger, Otter Ranger, Cat Huntress and Feist Road Warden of which I love the little Wasp tracker he has in his hand. I've managed to get them cleaned up, based and primed.

Goblins wise. I still need to finish base coating the king and the other 4 models that I need for my 7TV Fantasy Event cast. I am hoping to chip away at these over the next few weeks.