Saturday 18 January 2020

First post of 2020!

Happy New Year everyone. I have been a bit lax of late on the blog front as life has just been so very busy.

I have had little time for hobby stuff tbh. I have had a bit of a clearout and got rid of some diversion projects that never are honestly going to get done or played with.

This has mainly been down to storage issues and a lot of my old figures that I first painted years ago. Some have since gone in the strip pot as I can do a better job on them and also want to strip them off their 2p coins I based them on.

Painting wise I have done a bit here and there. I have a 7TV Day coming up next weekend and have got a couple more cops painted up to boost there numbers.

These are both strip and repainted but this was mainly dictated by a box of figures being dropped and them being too damaged to just patch up.

I also had a sort out of the to paint pile and picking out some figures and just painting then for kicks rather than being driven by any need. So I have got this lovely sniper mini done. Now owned by Crooked Dice this Wasteland Scout is part of a set of four minis that Westfalia miniatures originally sculpted but never produced. I always love the set and when I was offered the greens to buy I put West Falai and Crooked Dixe together and they now belong to Karl's Apocalypse range over at CD.