Friday 29 March 2019

7TV PULP Miniatures Kickstarter

Just a heads up Crooked Dice are running a small kickstarter for some heroes and villains to support their 7TV Pulp Edition set that gets released end of May at the UK Games Expo. Its a short kickstarter starting tonight and finishing Monday!

There are only 3 pledge levels Heroes, Villains or Both that simple. Delivery is Expected to be June 2019.


Wednesday 27 March 2019

Crooked Dice Apocalypse Kickstarter!

Last week saw the arrival of my Apocalpyse Kickstarter from Crooked Dice. This was the Post Apocalypse themed ruleset I selected the Post Apocalypse core box and a pair of starter sets for my pledge. Choosing the Science Division and Mutant Hill mob sets. It also came with some stretch goals freebies including the Road Warrior, Mean Machine, Pilot and junior.

I really wished I could of saved up some more money as there were so many great figures in the kickstarter I shall just have to wait and pick them up bit by bit.
 The box art and art on some of the profile cards and in the books themselves are to me more stunning than normal for Crooked Dice. I am very much looking forward to the Pulp set coming in May.

The core set contains the full rules including previous errata it comes with 3 books this time as it contains expanded vehicle rules which come in there own book. 130 new Profiles and several new genres are added to the game. Many crossover as you would  expect as many Apocalypse themes vary so wildly.

The Countdown deck is similar but themed in a more Apocalyptic way. Its also revised the wording more clearly as vehicles are expected to play more of a part in this ruleset than in the spy fi version and the cards wouldn't make sense with some of the events that may turn up.

New in the game are Mutation and Gear cards which replace the gadget cards in the normal game. Again depending which genre your cast is chosen from determines which deck you draw cards from sometimes perhaps both!

You get a number of vehicle profiles and a deck of mods cards to customise them with.

Also new in this addition is the inclusion of skid and crash dice and a new template which besides being used for blast effects as in the previous version is used for turning vehicles and determining the types of turns which result in risks the tighter they get.

Onto the casts I chose.

The Science Division comes as a set of 8 though I think this will be split up when it comes to retail.
Top Row left to Right Hazmat Troopers, Hazmat Flame thrower and then Hazmat with a Gieger counter which I can imagine could be used as a regular trooper as a Scientist or technician

Bottom row are two Stars which have a nice Omega Man vibe. A Sentinel and a Hazmat Commander 

The Science Division set has these two fabulous figures as the stars. As you can see they make a good likeness for Neville and Lisa. I can see these being used in regular games of 7TV as well especially Lisa.

The second cast I chose was the Anthill Mob which is themed around Wacky Races but with a Post Apocalyptic Twist to there attire.
 Top Row left is Penelope, then all the rest are the little guys which have a variety of weapons as well as some looking like miniature Warboys and some even have lesions etc on there skin.

Next up the Stretch Goal Freebies Wasteland Wanderer, Pilot, Junior and Mean Machine who I love the figure of.

Monday 18 March 2019

Burrows and Badgers Bravewing Sparrow Warrior and Kickstarter Arrival

Spurred on by the recent kickstarter arrival I enthusiastically added another order into Oathsworn to pick up some more of these wonderful and characterful little and some not so little miniatures.  I still have a few left over to paint from my previous order so have picked this chap up as he was part basecoated and did a step each or two each day just to get him finished. I stopped for a few days pondering over how to tackle his clothing as initially his kilt was just the same plain green as the shield but plucked up the courage to try a simple a pattern. Its not quite tartan but I think the effect works better than I could of hoped for.

Talking of the Kickstarter this arrived around the beginning of February much earlier than scheduled to so was a nice pleasant surprise as It splits it off from some of my other kickstarters due to arrive in March.

Kickstarter wise saw two of the larger creatures be cast in resin due to restrictions in pewter and casting it in one piece.
The Whole kickstarter that arrived with some cool signposts and the mole Blacksmiths Anvil.

 The first of the large creatures from this kickstarter and first of its kind in miniature form is the Beaver

 Second big boy and fourth of its species is the venerable badger mage.

 I really love the Highland Wildcat

 The birds are really fantastic fun to do. I very much looking forward to painting this Kingfisher up.

 Another Fox joins my collection this time a mage. I love the mask and the small flames from the right hand.

 Frog Bursgher again first frog for me so I could do some intriguing colour schemes. I think he is intended as sort of a wealthy citizen but I quite fancy this chap as a dashing musketeer type.

 Mouse guard with crossbow. I love the mice and my second order contained quite a few leaving only a couple of mice to collect now

 Weasel or Ferret with blunderbuss. There is some rather excellent artwork in the Burrows and Badgers book and this is inspired very much by it.

 A Shrew Cook. I love this figure not only does it give you some townsfolk but also fits into a warband if you was to theme one around a shrew family. I am getting through the Redwall books and there is one thing you don't do is upset the cook!!

 Bat assassin one of my faves from the kickstarter I love the pose on this chap.

 Squirrel Archer/Ranger type one thing reading the Redwall books is the feisty squirrel characters I love this model and look forward to painting it up.

 Otter Pirate!! Awesome in my opinion. I have seen some great conversion of this guy already.

 Otter Mage this time. I love the inclusion on spell effects on some these.

 First mole to arrive in my collection this time a Blacksmith he comes with an anvil but I plan to base it separately as a bit of scatter terrain.

 Hare barkeep or veteran. I need to get a weapon for this chap perhaps leaning against a barrel or ale or something. Can't decided what to add or how yet.

These are all cleaned up and based ready for priming and my second order has arrived but I've still need to base them,

 Top Row Shrew Berserker, Mole Friar and Mole Warrioress a pair of Squirrels
Bottom Row Mouse Knights, archer and nun