Sunday 30 March 2014

Across the Dead Earth Final 24 hrs

Well its the final day of the kickstarter in 14 hrs time it will all be over. Here's a recap of what you can still get if your quick.

 As you can see you get a fair bit for your buck £50 gets you 17 metal figures plus the softback rulebook!

Some High Res pics of the metal figures already produced so far.

Artwork WIP

Saturday 29 March 2014

Paint Table Saturday and Postal Presents

What a beautiful Saturday 17 degrees outside and a great day to be outdoors! Had a lovely surprise in the post this morning a while back I took part in a blog competition run by Andrew Saunders over at Loki's Great Hall and won a prize! To be honest I'd completely forgot and it was a nice surprise to get a parcel through the door this morning and I was more surprised at how heavy it was! I have to see a massive Thank You to Andrew as it is a magnificent prize!

Its an awesome looking plastic kit I shall have to decide how to approach painting it. It would look good as post apocalyptic ruins but that would limit its uses.

As you can see a few figs have left the paint table this week they where posted up yesterday Click Here for a look. Another scavenger is not far off being completed and the plan is to get another 3 done at least this week. I also stripped a couple of my Hasslefree figures namely Baker and Suzi just to paint them better. I also had a play with the Wargames Factory male survivors sprue built a stock kid and then bashed together a guy with a crossbow to use with my Wyre Protective gang I need some more putty though to merge the joins better as the bodies/arms I use aren't supposed to go together.

Friday 28 March 2014

Copplestone Scavengers Part 1

Been meaning to pick up these guys for a while. They are a wonderful ragtag looking bunch of fighters wearing scavenged tattered gear and armed with a wide mix of weapons and equipment. I picked two packs  out of the four sets from Copplestone Castings Future Wars line. From the Scavengers section the two packs I picked are the Scouts and Tankbusters. I plan on using them mainly for Across the Dead Earth as they have a generic look to them. Though some may find there way in to zombie gaming at some point. I may get the characters and the standard pack as well at somepoint as they have shotguns in those packs which will come in handy later on.

The tankbusters I picked up mainly for the guy with the flame thrower and the guy lobbing the molotov and armed with an smg. Though one of the rocket launcher guys will come in hand for Across the Dead Earth. I'll still paint them all up though. I may get an urge do an alien invasion or perhaps a terminator themed game they'd fit in that theme well as well.

First 3 guys finished have just been picked randomly from the ten miniatures of both packs. I felt a bit rusty with these guys and at first the colours I chose seemed a bit to bright so I changed/toned them down a bit so they'll seem different from the paint table Saturday pics. I'll be working on the other 7 figures over the next few weeks as I want to get my eye back into painting more regularly as it seems to have been less and less lately.

First two guys are from the Scouts pack with the guy armed with the flame thrower from the tankbusters. My only issue with these sets was the mould lines that went across the faces they where a pain to clean off. Never had that problem before with any Copplestone figs so not sure why it happened with these guys.

Thursday 27 March 2014

Across the Dead Earth update and Sculpt progress

Been a good week for the kickstarter campaign Stretch Goal 1 was reached adding in the State. The campaign is steadily climbing and approaching Stretch Goal 2 for the Sisters of Acquisition. Some pics have been post of the wip sculpts for some of the family. 

The Bar was also revealed as an add in which I think is pretty cool as an objective or just general scenery in a busy shanty town.

Skylar WIP Sculpt. As you can see quite close to the original artwork.

Ezra Early Armature WIP.

You can see Ezra on the left.

Saturday 22 March 2014

Paint Table Saturday

 Managed to get more of a start on some of the scavengers this week mostly base coated and some washes have been applied hopefully will get these finished off next week.

 The current table.

 Bit more putty work done on these guys filed the bat down in to a better shape added straps for the back pack and shotgun shoulder holster and filed them into shape. The two in the centre are nearly finished pretty much.

Wednesday 19 March 2014

Sister's of Acquisition first sketch has appeared.

First sightings of the Sisters of Acquisition have made an appearance. I love both sketches but Sister Sledgehammer looks like she means business!

The Sisters of Acquisition

Mother “Bloody” Mary

Mary founded the Sisters of Acquisition from perhaps unlikely beginnings: a brothel. Whilst working in the oldest profession, one both profitable and in high demand across the Dead Earth, Mary was frequently asked by her clientele to acquire other pleasures, cigarettes and cigars, wine, whisky and liquors, instruments for binding and even torture…
…Mary became an expert in the acquisition of rare and exotic “loot” and left her former profession behind, although some say she is not averse to relying on certain tricks of that trade to get what she wants. And Bloody Mary always gets what she wants. The Sisters of Acquisition now work as privateers, tomb raiders and bounty hunters under Mary.

Leader, Hand-Canon, Whip

Cara Loft

A born adventurer and thrill seeker, Cara shuns the affections of others in search of glory and loot. Running into Mary as competition when searching for artwork in the ruined London museums, the two formed an uneasy alliance for their mutual gain. Cara is fit and athletic, able to leap and bound across ruins with ease.

Scout, Pistols, Machete, Whip, Grenade

One-Eyed Sister Sue

One-Eyed Sue gained her moniker and lost her eye to a drunk and abusive “suitor”, who shortly after lost his ability to “suit” and then lost his life. Preferring to keep her clientele at a distance from then on, Sue developed a fondness for ranged combat, and found that the loss of one eyed helped her focus the other.

Sharpshooter, Sniper-Rifle, knife

Sister Sledgehammer

The somewhat imposing, or as she likes to put it, Amazonian, figure of Sister Sledgehammer often attracted a certain type of client when she worked under Bloody Mary in their former profession, the type of client who enjoyed receiving pain. This suited Sledgehammer just find, as she quickly grew to enjoy doling it out with gusto. Now she lives for little else and is the first to get up close and personal with any enemy and would follow Bloody Mary to the ends of the Dead Earth.

Assault, Pump Action Shotguns x2, Sledgehammer, Grenade

Sister Penny

Penny was another of Mary’s “girls” and, alone amongst the Sisters, sometimes misses their former life. Penny has a soft spot for men, thinking them simple and pitiful creatures that need looking after, rather like puppies. She also misses the outfits. Combining these two interests, Penny dressed herself as a nurse and armed herself with a first aid kit. Although she may have a tenderness for her victims, Penny is, like Sledge, fiercely loyal to Mary, and shows no such mercy when called to fight for her.

Medic, Scalpel and Machete, Rifle

Sunday 16 March 2014

Across The Dead Earth Weekly Update

This week see it teetering on the edge of hitting Stretch Goal 1. The State Friday night saw a bumper update with more concept art for them.
 Jester the Leader.

 Squint and Siwoc

Skelch and Yoshi

Stretch Goal 2 Decision.
Voting for backers has now closed and it was quite tight in the end between Post Apoc themed Dogs, and The Sisters of Acquisition an all female themed gang. This will be an add in with the target being set at £9500

A Story including the Red Claw Gang.
Carrion Camping Short Story

Also a new factions background was added 'The Trader Guild' 

The Trade Guild.

Whereas The State consider themselves to be the authority in the F-UK, it’s the Guild of Traders, Trade Guild or simply The Guild, as they are variously known, whom most civilians rely upon. After civilisation and democracy fell in a single day, after the looting and the chaos, the fires, the murders, the suicides, it was the plucky self-proclaimed entrepreneurs who equipped themselves with rucksacks full of tins of dog food and set off to see how many bottles of beer they could swap them for that save the F-UK. With the eternal optimism of the salesman and a firm belief in capitalism, the early PLW (post Last-War) linked straggling survivor communities, spread news and delivered hope. The Gangs came, and travelling hundreds of miles of road alone with as large a supply of valuables as you could manage became untenable. And so the Traders, faced with death at the hands of brigands, thieves and cut-throats did what came naturally, and bartered. Hiring body-guards for a share of the profits worked out well for some traders (less well for others, who hired less patient gang members) and soon the need for escorts between settlements – but, of course, at the lowest possible cost, lead to alliances between traders who might require to stay in a settlement just reached for some time and another who was just leaving in the opposite direction. Thus the Guild was born. Nowadays few traders are non-guild affiliated, as the Guild has military weight to throw around, and likes to prove this point whenever one of its traders is robbed or murdered by finding the culprits sparing no expense in bribing locals in the process) and re-arranging their heads into kebab style ornaments for the nearest settlement. Seemingly, no-one REALLY know who runs the Guild, or where it is run from, as the head of the Guild is only ever referred to as the Treasurer, and their Headquarters as the Wharf.

Saturday 15 March 2014

Paint Table Saturday

Only done a tiny bit of painting this week. I spend most of it converting figures and playing with putty! The guys at the front are an engineering faction for Across the Dead Earth roughly designed alongside the gang featured on these site. Not finished yet need to add backs packs and straps here and there.

The scav's have started to get a lick of paint but are proving to be a pain as I keep find mouldines i've missed and they seem to be in frikking awkward spots like over faces and stuff.

Hasslefree Miniatures has an 90ish minute voucher promotion giving  you 15% off on Wendesday night as they hit 5000 likes on Facebook. So ordered me a couple of figures to round out my zombie hunters and stuff. Picked up McKenzie, Clint and Beth who I've wanted for a while. Top service ordered Wednesday evening shipped Thursday and arrived Friday!