Thursday 1 April 2021

Star Wars Legion Rebel Infantry

 March over I hadn't quite managed to get all the Rebel infantry done. Currently I have half finished  and the other half are progressing with them nearly all base coated ready for washes to be applied. 

Rather than paint them a squad at a time I have painted the figures in pairs. With the exception of the squad leader as I wasn't sure how I was going to do the camo on his coat. The squads share similar colour schemes with only the gloves and the hard outer ring on the helmets being different between the two units.  I may get more infantry later on so will have to think on how I will do those differently. Though to be honest I'd like some different models to change up the squads more. There are some aliens you can pick up but I think they are specialists you add to your normal squads so may have to look at what 3D Print options are available.

These guys have sand coloured gloves with ochre helmet trims.

This set has ochre gloves and the helmet trims are all green to match the rest of the uniform.

This was tricky and was more of an experiment on the camo coat that Han Solo wears in ROTJ as like the path finders all the online images seem to differ in colouration.