Wednesday 28 September 2022

Danger 5 Nazi Cast

These were originally what I was hoping to get finished for the recent 7TV Pulp Day. However I only managed to get Hitler and Blondie (Hitlers dog) finished with the Shock Trooper squad only being 80% finished. I still also need to get another Co Star done Though I am still working on him but other things have had to skip the queue as I have a Burrows and Badger event coming up on the 1st October and want to get a few more models done for that. 

These were a free sprue that came with Wargames Illustrated a few years back. They are Warlord Games Bolt Action winter infantry. I went with mostly KAR 98K rifles and MP40s for the sergeant/Officer. But the sprue game with all sorts of weapons. Panzerfausts, MP44s, G43 rifles but as I wanted them to fit an earlier period I went with the weapons mentioned earlier. I quite enjoyed doing these both assembling and painting. Though I probably would need to pick up some different paints if I was todo an army as I don't have German Field Grey and the other colours were mixed to match as good as possible to the Historical painting guides I'd been looking at.

I had to improvise with some of the arms so the trooper on the left is actually carrying ammo for a MG34 which the squad doesn't have. If I do decide to get some more and expand them then I will add an Mg34 armed trooper to the squad. The Sergeant and Officer got the MP40's 

Next up is Adolf Hitler himself. This model is from the Danger 5 set by Crooked Dice and is based of the rather amusing Series called Danger 5. Played by Carmine Russo

I went for just a black cross instead of the Swastika and applied the same to Golgo Satana below

Blondie is Hitlers dog both in real life and in the Danger 5 series however it is played by a rather amusing smoking puppet in the series.

I rebased Golgo Satana by Statusque and repainted her shoulder pips and armband to match Adolf's.

The Whole Cast together eventually I will have another officer and I may get some of the excellent Jet Troopers by Pulp Figures to round the cast out a bit.

Monday 26 September 2022

Board in Brum 7TV Pulp Day Part 2

Game 1

So randomly we were allocated opponents. The game was to be a standard battle with bonus VPs for secretly assassinating a member of the opposing cast star/co star. Names were wrote down and then tucked away for the end of the game. 

My first game was against Shaun Pikes Fu Man Chu cast on the lovely Jady Pyramid board. The Pyrmid had a playable interior. All the doors were classed as locked and you had to pass a mind check to unlock a door. Various Objective markers were spread around the board with one on top and a few in side the pyramid.

The Sky Pirates deploy with the security detail heading towards right side of the pyramid Maddy Land and Captain MacRolland head towards the Pyramid seeking an entrance.

The Sky Pirates second engineer Smithy found the jungle floor treacherous and she slipped over in the mud.

Fu Man Choos gangsters advance cautiously through the jungle

The Femme Fatale Miss Goldheart clambers up the side of the pyramid

The Security Detail take advance and take cover near the treeline whilst Dougie Finnbar and the second engineer advance past a film crew.

Captain McRolland Edges around the Pyramid whilst Maddy Lane users her utility belt to climb the side of the pyramid

The Gangsters take pot shots at the approaching Pirates causing them to duck but causing no casualties.

Some dodgy props cause the trees to both move the East of the set leaving both Pirates and Gangsters standing in the open!

Maddy and Miss Goldheart clamber to the top of the pyramid with Maddy just pipping Goldheart and snatching up an objective. 

With a Flurry of shots several gangsters are gunned down. Captain McRolland tries to fathom out how to gain entry to the pyramid

Dougie and Smithy advance and loose off some shots at the gangsters but both end up missing their target. 

Maddy and Goldheart trades shots neither able to gain an advantage.

The First mate takes a wound from the gangster but in turn guns him down

Fu Man Choo's disciple's gain entry to the pyramid and unlock the internal doors. 

The Disciples however cannot fathom how to unlock the second floors locking mechanisms

Maddy uses her shock glove to stun and wound Goldheart

The Security team advance gunning down the remaining Tong

McRolland, Finbar and the First mate breachs the Pyramid. McRolland snatches the objective from under the Disciples nose! The Disciples tries to shoot the sky pirate captain but misses with both shots wounding both his masters with his hasty fire.

Maddy and Goldheart continue their duel atop the pyramid with Goldheart using her Deringer to mortal wound Maddy. However Maddy manages to shoot Goldheart with her ray pistol and she falls from the pyramid stone dead.

The Security Detail form up at the entrance and are unsure whether to enter or to climb the outside.

McRolland drops a cannister of terror gas causing the Villains to flee the pyramid. Dougie charges in to the Disciple master inflicting a wound

The Second engineer Smithy charges up the stairs and takes down one of the disciples with a couple of swift blows from her wrench.

Maddy clambers down and attempts to gain entry to the Pyramid. In a vengeance the Vicious Lieutenant guns Maddy down from behind ending this episode.

This was quite a close fought game the duel on top of the pyramid was epic. The end result was a victory for the Sky Pirates having managed to achieve their assassination target (Miss Goldheart) and also collecting 2 objectives and axing Fu Man Choo's cast. Fu Man Choo was also successful in the final turn by also assassinating his target which was Maddy

Game 2
Second game I totally forgot to take any pics. However I played against Michael's excellent crime fighting cast. We played on the ruined factory board and this game we played the heist I had a random Maguffin carried by my Chief Engineer Maddy.

Michaels Big Game Hunter climbed the Chimney stack whilst the crime fighter and Police mounted a raid up the right flank managing to steal the scene and stun most of the Sky Pirates Security team. With a twist of fate one of the Police Officers was revealed as a double agent (this was a rule that you gained one of your opponents extras if they chose to steal the scene) However the Crime Fighter was in turn stunned by the Chief Engineer Maddy. In a hail of bullets the security detail let rip at the crimefighter and remaining Police officers. An enemy agent sneaked into the central factory stealing an objective but was then mobbed and beaten up by McRolland and Dougie. Michael failed his ax test and his remaining Co Stars fled the scene. This was unlucky on Michaels part I think he should of waited for his remaining cast members to be able to move up and support the attempted raid with the crime fighter/Police.

Game 3
Pitted the Sky Pirates against Tavis's Jungle Ape cast. We played on the Town Square board for this episode. Tavis cast had captured one of our agents (VIP) and the Sky Pirates were enroute to rescue them. The Jungle Paragon (Tavis's main star) had the VIP captured.

Maddy runs forward grabbing the central objective as does the Captain on the right hand side clambering into the vehicle to retrieve it

Smithy runs forward grabbing a third objective some rather large apes appear around the corner of the building.

The Ape Prince and his friends charge the Captain whilst he is inside the car. Jumping up and down taking swipes at him. The suspension manages on the car.

Never work with animals! Of all the casts for this card to be drawn against. This gave me control of pretty much Tavis's entire cast apart from the Jungle Paragon who swiftly retreated back toward their deployment zone. For two whole turns I had the great pleasure of scattering the apes all around. Allowing Captain McRolland to join up with the rest of the cast in the centre. Despite this a massive brawl ensued and we chipped away at each others cast. I gradually wore down his cast and the game ended however I was not able to retrieve the agent in time. 

Tavis's excellent cast in mono tones! 

It was a great days gaming as 7TV days always are with a good atmosphere and games played in good humour. Tavis came away with Best Table and I end up with Best painted cast both receiving an excellent laser cut trophy and a voucher to be used in store. Next one is planned for January/February time with the theme to be decided.

Thursday 15 September 2022

Board in Brum 7TV Pulp Day Part 1

Saturday 10th September saw Board in Brum hold a Pulp themed 7TV Day. It was a smaller event this time with only 8 of us in attendance. It was 40 ratings and we played the usual 3 games throughout the day with a chippy lunch and we all squeezed in with a mini game during lunch with a Co Star from each of our casts fighting for their life against waves of Zombies!

The Five boards that were pup up for the day.

Shaun Pike's most excellent Jade Pyramid (Zigguraut?)  board which included a playable interior! Myself and Shaun duelled with our Co Stars in the first game. More on that in the next blog post!

Tavis Hill won best board with this excellent monochrome Jungle Temple board which even had its own special effects! The Giant Ape temple periodically breathed out smoke! What lurks within its depths?

David Browns ruined factory board. This was a pretty good board to fight over and one I managed to get a game on.

I believe this was one of Simon Coldrick's instore boards. I played my third game on this one against Tavis and his Jungle Ape Cast.

My own humble board which I had brought along just in case it was needed. I have a bunch of ruins I need to get painted and I also picked up a big ruined building to add to this. I hope to have the ruined temple board done for January's event.

Simon Coldrick brought along his Flash Gordon and Dale Arden Cast.

Michael's Brilliant crime fighting cast!

Kirsten Hill had a marvellous Cthulhu themed cast with some superb gribblies and one that even had a glowing pulsing effect!

Some of K's marvellous maguffins!

Simon Clarke's Jungle Adventure cast including King Kong!

Tavis Hill brought along two Monochrome Casts. Some Dastardly Belgians and Heroic Jungle Paragon and her 

David Brown brought along his Rick Rhodes Radium Rangers cast. I do love the scheme on these. 

Shaun Pikes's Fu man chu cast.

My own cast. The Crew of the Lonely Matron. Captain McRolland in command.