Friday 20 November 2020

Crooked Dice Goblin Missile Troops

Happy weekend folks. Got the last of my goblins I own finished this week. The Misslie armed goblins come equipped with bows and slings. I just have two packs to pick up from Crooked Dice and this will complete my colletion of all the infantry. I do need to get some Wolfriders as well at some point.

It seems Otherworld replaced these with new sculpts they are kind of cool but also kind of expensive. I may get some in the future but there is a lot from CD I want. Ogre's and Orcs being high up on that list.

The playtesting of 7TV Fantasy is really cool and I am really enjoying it. Looking forward to its release next year very much so.

All my Goblins so far. With a King and Shaman


Wednesday 11 November 2020

Hasslefree Dwarf Lord Kain

Well November is here doesn't time fly! Been doing some playtesting for 7TV Fantasy that comes out next year. Exciting times ahead there is tons and tons of cool profiles and I am liking the magic rules that have been added to the system. Anyway wanting to try out more profiles has got me digging stuff out and getting it painted so I can use them and is first of the production line is my to be named Dwarven Lord (Kain on the website) by Hasslefree miniatures. Lots of details on this one he has sat half done on the workbench for a long time so just got him finished off quite quickly.

Various Hasslefree adventurers including an Elf.