Saturday 28 December 2013

2013 Summary

I've been going through the posts of this year and comparing them with what I was up to the previous year.
I was quite surprised by the results to be honest! I was expecting there to of been more miniatures painted this year than previously but after adding them up that wasn't the case by a long shot!

Miniatures Painted: 

115 painted 93 x 28mm and 22 x 15mm 
147 painted all being 28mm 

Games Played:


4 Games Played 3 Empire of the Dead and 1 7TV


2 Games Played 1 No More Room in Hell and 1 7TV

I really though I had painted more figures this year even If I'd finished off what's sitting on the painting table it still would only hit 130. I think after some further contemplation what boosted the 2012 total was speed painting a big chunk of mantic zombies removing those 30 evens up the totals some what.

Games played is definitely an improvement it being 100% more than the previous year. It will be one of my targets next year to double it again hopefully. Painting wise I shall just plod on and see what gets done.

Whats next? Who knows! Still got plenty of figures to paint up for Empire of the Dead, 15mm Aliens vs Predator Project, more 7TV as well as my Fantasy figures. Once things settle down back to normal in the New Year hopefully I can get back into it don't seem to have the mojo for it. All I've managed recently is to check all my paints and added a bit of water where necessary. Painting wise I managed to apply a second coat to all my 15mm Aliens that I had started. I've accumulated some more bits and bobs for 15mm terrain mainly some pots, and bits of plastic to make some buildings out of.

Thursday 19 December 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

I'd just like to wish everyone who visit's my blog a very Merry Christmas for 2013 Ho Ho Ho!

Also I;d like to apologise to all the bloggers whose blogs I follow its been a manic month this year with various family and work commitments keeping me occupied I've just not had the free time I normally have to get around everyone's posts.

 I break up tomorrow for a week so looking forward to relaxing and spending time with the family as well as catching up and hopefully getting some miniatures done!

I've got my 15mm bug back again and I've dug out my Khurasan Space Demons so hoping to get them finished (as well as dusting off it seems as well) and perhaps start the other 12 still sitting in there bag from January last year!

Saturday 7 December 2013

EotD Kickstarter Part 4: Set 7 221b Baker Street and Set 8 Nemesis Criminals

Felt better towards the end of this week but the first half of it was crap as the cold disappeared but the cough ramped itself upto to one of those irritating feckers that starts off as soon as your head hits the pillow.

First up is is Set 7 221b Baker Street and this comprises of yep you've guessed it Sherlock Holmes and friends! This set comprises of (top row) Sherlock smoking a pipe and a choice of empty hand or his violin. The Good Doctor with revolver (this has to be my favourite version of Doctor Watson) Mycroft (Sherlocks Brother) Sir Henry Baskerville and Mrs Hudson. (Bottom Row) its a nice characterful set. I've received the PDF last week as well but still need to have good read and digest what's in there as its quite packed with new stuff. Though some characters still seem to be missing from the rules from the quick glance I've had.

Set 8 Nemesis Criminals continues the Sherlock Holmes theme with various characters from the novels. Top row we have Irene Adler I love this miniature in her left hand she carries a set of brass knuckles whilst in her right her pistol is a multi barrel pepper pot type. Next up is the master criminal himself Moriarty its a nice sculpt I'm not so sure about the angle he's wearing the hat at though but that's just my opinion. Last in the top row is Colonel Moran again with another lovely rifle. Bottom row has some of the lesser known characters from left to right we have John Clay (The Red Headed League), Doctor Roylott (The Adventure of the Speckled Band) Jack Stapleton and Selden (Both from the The Hound of the Baskervilles). Again I need to have a read through the rules as various characters from this are split through some of the new factions. I think these two sets can lead up to some fun one off scenario's based around the tales told in the novels.

Close up of Miss Adler's excellent pistol

Other prep has begun and I've based all my Police miniatures total of 20 bases done. So thats a fifth of the Requiem KS based. I'm undecided on undercoat at the moment I have some white spray that I may use but haven't made my mind up about it yet.

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Ripper Street Series 3 Cancelled by BBC

Absolutely gutted this show is bloody brilliant. Great stories every week, great actors fabulous settings and period clothing. Why did the BBC move it to a Monday prime time slot when I'm a Celebrity  (well they wish there were) is on!

Quite frankly its a rubbish decision by the BBC we need some decent drama not the constant celebrity has been crap. Please sign and share this petition!

Sunday 1 December 2013

EotD Kickstarter Part 3: Set 5 Order of the Dragon and Set 6 Vampire Slayers

Been mega busy this week at work instead of four men there's been two of us and I've had a cough/cold that's meant any time I that I have had to sit down to paint I cough every 5 minutes so no painting this week grrr. So I've continued to clean up some more of the Empire of the Dead Requiem Figures. I'm unlikely to start painting any of these. We have a painting group on facebook called Carry On Painting there's going to be a painting competition starting in the new year to paint a unit each month and to support/egg each other on. The Prize being a painted army etc by the end of it. Feel free to pop by and join in. This will obviously go with my other challenge which is to see how many Requiem figures I can get done in four months. I think this month being busy especially with Christmas coming up I shall spend it getting the figures cleaned prepped and the bases puttied ready for January.

First up we have Set 5 Order of the Dragon. Top row we have Vampire in bat form as you can see its quite a big chap. Next up the madman Renfield, Thrall with man portable Gatling gun this figure has a sword strapped across his back as well its a lovely sculpt and one of my favourites. Bottom row we have The count himself and 3 of his brides Teliaska, Darla and Curshinka. They're all really nice sculpts the only thing that bugs me about this set is the sitting figures in game terms this kind of gives them an advantage as they are obviously smaller targets when trying to shoot at them. I think I'm going to have them sitting on a big rock or something just to boost them up to normal height to make it  fairer. Besides the Thrall and Curshinka there aren't many visible weapons but I think with Vampires you don't really need to see them to know that they are dangerous.

Set 6 Vampire Slayers this has to be my favourite set from all of the Requiem figures it has all the iconic characters in it from the book. Top Row Abraham Van Helsing himself very much to me the grizzled doctor its a really fully of character he has a large ornate cross in his right hand a big bible or perhaps a large bag on his back which could be full of all sorts of gear. The lovely Wilhelmina Harker or 'The Lost Love' as its called on the artwork. Finally in the top row we have Lucy Westenra or 'The Fallen Woman' both the ladies are lovely sculpts I look forward to having fun painting them up. Bottom row we have the rest of the men from left to right we have Quincey Morris the American cowboy and explorer with his Bowie Knife and repeater rifle. Lord Arthur Holmwood armed with revolver and lantern these two in particular I really like from this set and probably are my favourites across the whole range. The remaining two are Jonathan Harker carrying a bible and candle and finally Doctor Seward carrying a large bag no doubt full of equipment and probably opium....