Monday 30 September 2013

Zombtober 2013

Well today is the 1st October and this year yup you've guessed its Zombtober time again! 

The plan is simple any mini's blogger who wants to join in with Zombtober basically agrees to paint up 1 Survivor or 1 Zombie figure per week in October.

Hopefully the plan is to post your figure on  each Sunday of the month!

So dig out those figures you've been meaning to paint and come join the fun!

Currently taking part is (click the names for links)

So if you want to take part and we can link to your blog let us know!

Sunday 29 September 2013

Falco Stoutoak Halfing Sellsword

Falco Stoutoak mercenary sellsword currently in the employ of the Fists of Iron adventuring company. Falco as a child was always enthralled by the tales his grandfather used to tell by the fireside of knights and warriors battling great beasts and slaying monsters at the fireside growing up. So much so all Falco ever wanted  to be was to be a great warrior.  Armed with his trusty axe and shield Falco is adept at hamstringing his opponents and bring them down to his level so he can finish them. Often seen as no threat by most enemies due to his size they often realise there mistake all to late as the last thing they see is his axe descend to lop off there heads after chopping them down at there knees!

Another fun character from Otherworld Minatures again I painted this guy in bits his left arm below the should and shield are separate from his body. Bit of an unusual one and quite amusing that Clint from commented on my Dwarf thief post about Halfling tank characters!

Next thing I need to is make up an evil list for some gaming. I've picked up Song of Blades and Heroes and Song of Gold and Darkness (Fantasy Dungeon crawl but with solo play). They both seem fun but simple rulesets SoBH I've read and intend to try in the next few weeks or so.

Size Comparison with a Vacation Alien from Khurasan.

Wednesday 25 September 2013

Milo Tealeaf Halfing Thief

Milo Tealeaf is typical of his race, stealthy, small and quick. Deft with lobbing stones especially from his sling. Milo makes an excellent forward scout as well as having sharp eyes for spotting ambush's and traps. Milo's only downside is his pilfering nature the curse of most Halfling who seem to lack no boundaries when it comes to ownership of personal belongings! Serving currently with the Fists of Iron adventuring company.

Another member bringing the total up to 7! Boy this guy is tiny only measuring 18mm to his eyes he is the same size as one of my 15mm scale Predators! Quite funny to paint the only annoying bit was painting his sword that is concealed under his cloak

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Torgar Oakarm Dwarf Thief

Torgar Oakarm is a skilled thief and member of the 'Fist's of Iron' adventuring company. Torgar excels in the finding and disarming of traps. Handy with a lock pick as well as being stealthy (for a Dwarf anyway) when the need arises. Torgar has his trusty short sword but also use's a ten foot pole to search out traps he is always in the frontline when the 'Fist's of Iron' are chartered for an expedition. Checking the way is clear for himself and his fellow adventurer's.

The fifth member of the party arrives a Dwarf thief. This has been a learning curve with this chap as he comes in three pieces body, pole and left arm and backpack. I ended up painting it all separately then glueing him together afterwards as his face is covered by the pole. At one point I nearly had kittens as I was touching up the bits that's got scuffed fitting the pole and the arm came out the socket and put glue on part of his cloak. Luckily it was just a small smudge and once dry it covered back over with the original colours OK and you can't see it now.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Petril Shortcloak Mercenary Fighter.

Petril Shortcloak is a mercenary sellsword currently a member of the 'Fists of Iron' Adventuring company.  A husband and wife team Petril and his wife Kat are an excellent pair of fighters who work together well. Petril fends off foes with his trusty halberd whilst Kat shoots them down with accurate fire from her trusty crossbow. The Shortcloak's are still young for Gnomes and have a lust for exploring the world, adventure and of course treasure. They hope to one day earn enough gold to buy themselves an Inn, retire and settle down and raise a family

Kat will be another Otherworld figure she's not yet been released officially yet so you will have to wait for her to be replaced before she will make an appearance here.

I think this one of my favourite miniatures in the demi-human range its nice to see an armoured gnome they are often magic users or rogues. I like the fact they have adventuring gear and not just weapons he has a hand axe, wineskin and bed roll as well which are all nice touch's.

Its nice to see that the sizes have bee done really well. Some other gnomes I've looked at are as big as some Dwarfs.

Monday 9 September 2013

Frustrations of a Varnish Variety.

Bit of a Grrr post. I decided to take out some of my other miniatures to take some pics in the sun on Sunday. Not only where 95% of the pictures out of focus and unusable but I noticed some of figures where misted/frosted a bit. What is odd is I varnished these figures in October/November last year and where fine when first done but have gone misty in places grrr.

Pics taken last October and November.

Pics Taken yesterday

See Oakley shirt has appeared faded and the back of his left leg. You can't see it from this angle but the front is the same as well as his hand holding the Axe. Jess is the same the hair is almost white in places the hockey stick jumper and shotgun on her back.  Kitty in the middle isn't so bad theres a faint mist to her making her appear very matt.
After some requested Advice Oakley and Jess have no been stripped and are ready to be re-painted at som point.

Annoyingly the two latested Otherworld Dwarves I painted recently are showing it a little bit. Its not as bad on these two just slightly more matt than normal. I'm really hoping these don't get any worse as it would be crushing to strip and re-paint them as I think they are some of my best figures.

On a cheerier note heres some of the pics in the sun I took yesterday. All Erm 3 of them that turned out!

Saturday 7 September 2013

Brom And Helm Mastiff War Dog's

More additions to the adventuring part a pair of Mastiff War Dog's named Brom and Helm. Not sure whether to give them any sort of background as I can't decide on there story. I have Ranger but don't think the war dogs are really suitable as animal companion.

Again really nice figures from Otherworld Miniatures from there Accesories section. They have some really nice familiars as well. I'm tempted to pick up the animal one as they have some nice birds and even a weasel!

Not sure what to paint up next, I have a Dwarf Rogue, Gnome Fighter based and under coated. A Human Ranger, Halfling Rogue and Halfling Fighter which I haven't done anything with as yet. The Halfling's are surprisingly small about as a big as one of my 15mm Predators!

Sunday 1 September 2013

Brother Theo Wyvernjack Cleric of Tymora

Brother Theo Wyvernjack Cleric of Tymora (Lady Luck) he's always willing to accompany adventuring company's on there quests providing they make a donation to 'The Lady'. Those in need of a healer or destroying of undead infestations often call upon the service of this portly cleric. Equipped with his trusty mace, holy symbol and knowledge of healing Brother Theo always carries numerous potions of healing.

Currently in the employ of Tharzon Hammerfist and the 'Fists of Iron' adventuring company destination unknown.

Close up of the Holy symbol and potion bottles.

Then there was Three!

Another very enjoyable model to paint. I have the two mastiff war dogs started. But also picked up 5 more adventures to add to the party.

Currently reading through the AD & D Players handbook also enjoying various tales of daring do by set in the Forgotten Realms.