Thursday 28 June 2012

Sale Sale Sale

Basically I'm clearing out some old projects and bits of stuff that aren't going to go anywhere. Mainly Warhammer 40'000 space marines. More will be added as I sort them out in with that are a couple of squads of marines on sprues as well as some weapon sprues Commander, Tactical, and an Assault and metal Veterans, characters, and some oop older MK armours to add as I get round it to it.

Photos and prices here

Wednesday 27 June 2012

More Agents, Lovely Lovely Agents:D

I Love my Agents I just can't get enough of them. Finished this week are a pack from Artizan's KKBB the British Freelance Operatives and Copplestones Trainee Agents which where just lovely again to paint. Work is a foot at the moment on the Guards from Copplestone, the future wars Zombies Soldiers, Reaper Zombie strippers. Work continues as my converted Henchmen Jaws now has a body and is complete just needs basing and painting. Sorry about the pics camera is still AWOL grrr.

I had my Free figure come from The Assault Group facebook Promotion he is my first figure from them and i'm quite impressed and will be picking some more figures and bits.

Thursday 21 June 2012

Scatter Terrain WIP

Been building some scatter terrain today to use both for 7TV and for my Zombie games. I saw some pipe stacks over at Lord Siwoc's blog as well as some groovy plant pots so I have pinched a few ideas from there. At the moment the pipes are not going to be based as I think this will take up a bit to much space storage wise. They have been glued together with epoxy resin and will be painted. Not sure what yet I think perhaps as metal pipes would be easiest but have considered trying to do them as concrete.

The Trees I Can't decide whether to add foliage to or not. These are made from Hedge Clippings, Bottle tops and then filled with filler. These will be like ornamental tubs you some times see. Plant to paint the tubs black and the filler brown as earth.

Question: What would you guys recommend as foliage I've considered perhaps using some cotton wool balls painted and then glued on in various bits. Obviously fluff them out make them tree shaped perhaps any suggestions. They look ok as they are but they are probably a bit more post apocalyptic that way.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Le Horde Begins

Finished my 6 Wargames Factory Zeds this week. I can't say i'm impressed with the details on these miniatures They came from Lord Siwoc so that has saved me a few quid on buying a boxed set. I think if I'd of bought them I'd of been disappointed. Especially trying to make up all the sprue's and make them appear different. Detail is very soft and after only a very light undercoat most detail is obscured. I still plodded on and got them finished they will obviously be just fodder for the guns. I had a play with some milliput and tried to add some burst gut from the fat Zombie. I found out I need more practice and perhaps need to source some research me thinks. These will look fine from a distance.

Total Zombies painted so far 8 if I can get this upto about 30 painted I think I can start getting some games going.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Dibble Dabble Week

Well what can I say the title says it all really. This week I've done bits of all sorts. Based a load of miniatures from Copplestone Castings Gangsters (will be agents in 7TV), Wargames Factory/Copplestone Future Wars Zeds, Also from Copplestone nore Boiler suited guards.

Finished my conversion of Tee Hee, Mr Wint, Mr Kidd (just a paint job on an existing figure). I must apologise on pictures this week lost the camera suspect one of the kiddi winks have hi jacked it I'm sure it will turn up in some random place.

 These are my agents that are nearly fiinished they need the bases finishing off and the front left and centre are only half finished.

 More Guards. I will get more Copplestone ones they are just such nice sculpts. Holding back for the Crooked Dice ones coming soon though.

 Zombies WIP the WGF left are a bit MEH! really soft and once undercoated details is hard to work out even with very thin coats of paint. Right hand side ones are Copplestone Castings Future Wars Zombie Troopers just cleaned these and puttied the bases.

These are from Copplestone Castings  Gangsters range 'Hired Hitmen' pack I picked these up on a whim thinking i could use the bodies to convert with Crooked dice heads but having cleaned them up I am going to keep them as they are. They are really nice figures it wasn't until bought these that I noticed the first figure on left has a little truncheon or blackjack nifty eh!

 Last but not least three of my converted bond villains left to right Mr Kidd, Mr Wint from Diamonds are Forever and Tee Hee from Live and Let Die. Plans for Jaws have fell through the Clix figure i bought was vastly to big for the head. So I'm going to finish these off before my budget (and sanity) will allow me to add to the lead pile.

I found about this last week if your on Facebook did you know you can get a free mini from 'The Assault Group' by 'Liking' there facebook page and then drop them an email. You get to select from there Unique miniatures found here,  just drop them a mail with your name, address and which figure you want. You also get a 10% discount voucher as well bonus! Click on the words above to take you to the relevant places!

Also this week I received a package from Mr Fantastic 'Lord Siwoc' over at 'Brains n Guts' I'm really chuffed as he sent me  two sets from Reapers Chronoscope line the lovely Zombie Strippers and the 20th Century Weapons packs. The best thing though was this awesome Keyring of Lord Siwoc which I think is just pure awesome. Johnny is really a great guy and many thanks again.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Brummies Wargaming Blog!

WOW One whole year of blogging and what a year it has been! I'd like to give a big 'Thank You' to everyone who visits and especially those who leave comments as it all helps to inspire and encourage me to get things finished and completed. I never would of thought that my random postings would be so warmly welcomed and I've made some great friends here and at other places that if it wasn't for this blog I never would of met or known.

I'm quite amazed as I looked through the stats the other day 70 Posts, 12'000 Page Views 91 Followers I'm quite stunned by that last one as I wasn't expecting to gain that amount of interest. So as its my first birthday on this blog I've given it an over haul changing the layout and the theme.

I'm quite chuffed with what I've completed this year. To date so far I've managed to get painted and finished 142 28mm figures over the course of the year. An equal mixture of Zombie and Spy-fi themed figures. It doesn't seem like that many until I got them all out and counted them it amazing how fast the numbers add up.



Saturday 2 June 2012

Sheriff and Deputies

A little update finally got my two Hasslefree Ken's finished off both armed with different weapons and I used separate coloured skin tones to make appear more individual. I'm not sure what I did different with the shotgun armed variants as his shirt  has ended up a shade lighter? to the pistol guy/sheriff. I obviously must not of used the same mixture of paints when mixing up the colours for the shirts but never mind I think it still kind of blends in.