Wednesday 29 October 2014

Skylar Across the Dead Earth (Official Release version)

Finally have proper internet back yay! It came back on Monday lunchtime and so have had a catch up. Anyway finished off the Officially released version of Skylar. Another great looking mini and now a much nicer size. Stuck to a simple blue and green scheme. I haven't modified this one at all apart from adding a more prominent blade edge.

All that's left from the kickstarter is to paint up is the Mercenary Sniper Crimson.

I also got a game report to write up from Saturday night but I will get it done sometime this week for this Sundays post. Not done a lot this week painting wise. I have started plenty of miniatures but have nothing nowhere near being finished yet.

The Version 1 Sculpt and Version 2. I like both just the first is that  little bit taller.


Sunday 26 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week 4 and Final Zomtober weekend!

My name is Merle Dixon. Brother to the now infamous and loved by many Daryl Dixon now sadly zombified and put out of his misery by his own flesh and blood.

I love this character from the Walking Dead he's so flawed  yet so characterful. I really wished someone had made a sculpt of him in metal. I decided to take the matters into my own hands and have a bash at making this character out of bits.

Here is my ode to Merle all the parts are from the Wargames Factory Male Survivors set. I think he's come out quite well.

 I've also rebased my Rich & Family by Studio miniatures this week as well. Due to a reorganistion of my storage boxeds (No moe Lurpak boxes) I'm ditching 30mm lipped bases for 25mm rounds (Empire of the Dead Excluded).

All my Walking Dead Themed Characters to date. (Will get boosted massivly come March (When the Studio Outbreak Kickstarter is planned to ship!)

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week 3.5 Hasslefree Laurie

Having painted up the zombies in my possession. I've now turned to survivors.
First of the painting table Is Laurie by Hasslefree miniatures. Loved this sculpt ever since I saw its greens. Have been looking forward to getting hold of it. Went for a totally different colour for the bow purely as I thought a camo bow in brown and tan would seem to on purpose the blue/grey looks more like a scavenged weapon. Laurie will also get added to my other low tech armed survivors for Across the Dead Earth.

Need to get my other survivor finished for the weekend its A Walking Dead themed Wargames Factory Male Survivor conversion. Watch this space come Sunday.

Sunday 19 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week 3

This was quite a chilled week this week as all I had to do really was decide on clothing colours and finish them off. Anyway we have the remaining three members of the Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors pack. Talking of which I caved into temptation last Sunday and jumped in on the Outbreak kickstarter. So many fantastic survivors and zombies will be getting added to the range.

Amy sadly woke up to her two sisters biting her they ate a fair bit before Amy turned and they lost interest shortly after. This is the most damaged zombie of the set with her face torn and a huge chunk of her side missing all the way around.

 Stan was on his way to his aunts wedding with his sister Penny and there parents.  They never made it. A poor injured little girl in a red nightie carrying a doll wondered out into the road causing there dad who was driving to come to a screeching halt. They all got out there car and rushed out to the little girl to see if the could help only for her to pounce on there dad suddenly and bite off his nose. They rushed to pull off the little girl only to in turn to get bitten.

Stan has a chest, back and eye wound.

Penny got bitten on the hand by the little girl. Penny quickly ran off screaming only to succumb to her wound later. aPennys only wound is on her left hand and she is showing signs of recently having fed.

Pic of the full completed set of Tiny Terrors I have to say never have I enjoyed painting zombies so much!

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Wednesday 15 October 2014

Across the Dead Earth Rulebook

Met up with Rich after work yesterday to collect my copy of the 'Across the Dead Earth' rulebook. I'm probably quite biased but I think it looks fabulous. I've been looking forward to reading this for so long after reading pdfs etc for the past few months its just so ace to have it in my hands at last!

Its B5 in size very similar in feel to the In Her Majesty's Name, Fistful of Kung Fu books etc. Weighs in at a total of 87 full colour pages it is full of photos and artwork On each page there is this awesome watermarked effect to each one of some of the scenery.

The book includes all the accessories needed such as the event card and rare item decks as well as set of counters. They are all printed on a good quality card stock with the cards printed on both sides These all need to just be carefully cut out. I think its great as there is no need to cut up your book or print your own just cut them out and play!

Reading through It I found the font a nice size and it was easy to read and follow. The book is nicely laid out especially the boxes with fluff and examples of play. The charts are well laid out and you can find everything easily. 

The Awesome Front Cover.

The rear cover with more inspiring artwork.

A quick flick through the pages below is the skill trees and the gang stats.

The Event and Rare Item cards look awesome love the artwork on the back covers.

The Counters set simple and functional

Being a backer I got some extras with my pledge and got my book signed and with an ace message inside.

Across the Dead Earth Signed Postcard

Our names in lights! Its been a great project to be involved with. I made some fab new friends and I look forward to more play testing and banter with them!

Of Course I've already received and painted nearly all my figures. Click the names below to see the completed gangs :)

The Family
The Redclaws
The State

Sunday 12 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week 2

Much better prepared this week. I have two more from the Tiny Terrors pack finished off and the remaining three well on there way to being finished. I may even try and get a Survivor done for Week 4!

Anyway let the introductions begin.

Here we have a little zombie girl called Sophie who was on her way to her Uncles birthday bash when it all went mental and getting accidentally shot in the stomach by some trigger happy redneck.

Here we have Perry best friend to Kevin. Perry has a nasty wound in his back most likely from his friend Kevin. Perry has been feeding recently probably on Mrs Patterson I imagine this is some what unfair to his best friend but them both being zombies don't care any more either.

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Wednesday 8 October 2014

Singh Loyal Man Servant

Finished this chap off on Sunday night finally after he lingered around on the paint table for far to long. Still not sure on the skin tone but calling him done. The figure is from Micro Art Studios Wolsung range 'Abinav Singh' I named him simply as Singh after a similar character from the film 'The Wolfman'.

Work continues on the zombies for Zombtober. I also have converted a WGF Survivor for my final Zomtboer weekend entry.

Sunday 5 October 2014

Zomtober 2014 Week 1

Scraping in by the skin of teeth for this weeks deadline. Works been quite busy and I've been to knackered in the evenings to paint. Anyway things should be back on track and I've finished the first of the pack of Studio Miniatures Tiny Terrors that I won in a facebook competition. Returning from the Derby World Wargame show yesterday I have a few survivors that I hope to get done in Zomtober but I will concentrate on getting this pack completed first,

I will replace these pics tomorrow with my usual proper outdoor pics but for the deadlines sake I've taken some indoor pics in the best light possible for this time of night.

Anyway meet Kevin the zombie. Kevin has a few wounds the main one being his stomach and slight scratch to the head. Kevin has fed recently probably by jumping on some poor unsuspecting victim from under a bed or a cupboard or similar scenario :)

I'll drop some proper pics on the bottom of this post sometime tomorrow anyway Enjoy Zomtober guys theres been some awesome post so far by all those who joined in! Here is this weeks blog roll. If I've missed anyone off just drop me a comment :D

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Saturday 4 October 2014

Derby World Wargames Show

Had a lovely day out at the Derby World Wargames Show was a nice venue at Castle Donington International Exhibition Centre . Two day event running today and tomorrow. Plenty of free parking and the hall was spacious with and well laid out and easy to navigate. It has a nice cafe and good toilet facilities. I got to have a good nosy around and look at a lot of cool figures, vehicles and terrain. There was huge amount of traders though having got home could kick myself as I missed one trader whose wares I wanted to look at but that was my own fault as there was a lot of shiny on display around it I got side tracked.

I managed to snag a few photos of games not as many as I planned but I'll get better at this show report the more I go to :)

I got to meet a few bloggers and friends from facebook as well which was just awesome to meet people in the flesh. Met up with Shadowking and Doctor Warlock at midday at the Ainsty Castings stand and had a good natter and picked up the very first metal castings of The Mutts for S.D.Z.A. Also did a Chocolate Hob Nob supply drop over to the Tor Gaming stand and got to meet up with Gavin Moorcroft the creator of Relics and I got to look at a lot of the figs in the flesh and can't wait to get my stuff from the gamefunder earlier in the year I have the rulebook and a few figs to have a play with need to have a read of the rulebook and decide on an army!

A Few games that caught my eye. There were tons of demo games and displays. I think there was some tournaments on down one end of the hall there seemed to be a wide variety of games going on down there as well.

Rick Priestly was hosting a demo game of Gates of Antares  which the kickstarter got cancelled last year but is still in the works obviously. It looked pretty good the Aliens and some of the characters look decent. Judging by the dice it seems like it borrows some of Bolt Actions mechanics but coming both coming from Warlod that's not surprising.

I have got home and forgotten what this game was looks like it was American War of Independance and I've seen it before on other peoples blogs. It was very impressive and the next three photos are a sweep of the table from left to right.

A small demo board of Dead Mans Hand by Great Escape games (I Think) it looked really cool though especially the hangman's gibbet in the lower left corner.

e show was quite varied for me I picked up a few paints and inks and some figures for several projects.

Wolfen Jagers for Empire of the Dead

Studio and Hasslefree miniatures survivors for various games

Hansa Nairoba, Freeborn Mercenary Captain (Just because I like the figure)

Free sprue of Warlord French Light Infantry and some bases from Wargames Tournaments (These came in the free bag that was handed over on entry)

It was a great turn out I shall definitely be going again next year