Friday 25 September 2015

Ghetto Miniatures Kickstarter

A friend of mine is running a kickstarter to get a new game off the ground. Its set in the 70's New York and is gang vs gang skirmish game. Fans of the setting and a certain infamous movie may find it interesting.

The kickstarter is to get the first four gangs sculpted and the rulebook printed. 

Welcome to New York Bop, a new fast paced skirmish game immersing you in Gang Warfare of 1970’s New York. The year is 1974 and the streets of New York are filled with pimps and their hoes, the subway is a crime filled haven and unemployment forces young New Yorkers into a life of debauchery and violence. 

Take control of your gang, chose your weapons and defend your turf in campaigns against rival gangs, looting shops and causing mayhem wither it be in Manhattan or the Bronx. Your gang will evolve with the more battles they win, increasing their ranks and leading you on the path to becoming the King of the Rubble.

Sculpts so far.

Concept art for other gang members

The Black Cobra's

Sunday 20 September 2015

Weekly Update and Zomtober!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well things seem to be settling down slowly but surely. I am thoroughly enjoying married life its strange nothing is particularly different everything just seems happier for some reason :)

I have had a small catch up on some of your blogs this week I hope to have a good catch up this week time permitting.

Morgan my poorly Labrador is recovering well. Stitches have come out and his wound is slowly knitting together where the bugger pulled a few stitches out. The cone of shame is still enforced and bed rest means he's quite fed up. 

Did manage one paint session in this week and have begun work on 2 more Penguin Crew thugs and Mr. Freeze will be a free agent adding some resilience and fire power to the crew.

Only ten days to the end of the month meaning next month is Zomtober!!!!!!! I have had a session of prepartion this morning whilst waiting for the house to rise. Busily cleaning up my Studio KS figures ready for Zomtober. Hopefully between know and the beginning of next month I can get theere bases puttied and get them primed ready for painting.

The Biker or Daryll is my favourite character from the walking dead and one of the Studio figures high up on my list of painting :)

Expect a post with more info soon. This year will be blogs only I'm afraid making it easier to manage. New work laptop should be coming soon so I should be able to begin to attach my camera and upload some pics!!

Wednesday 9 September 2015

I'm Alive!!!

Well been a bit quiet around here on the old blog front. Real has been kind of manic for well several reasons really. 

Firstly on the 26th August I married the lady and best friend of my life Louise and we are now Mr and Mrs Quinton had a fab day and an even fabber honeymoon. 

Secondly we also had a poorly doggie on holiday as he dislocated and chipped a piece off his forearm getting it lodged in the elbow joint. Meaning he had to have an operation to haved the fragment removed and the damaged bone chiselled smooth. Morgan is recovering well and is walking about without as much pain (Major joint surgery so is still limping a bit) But its been nearly two weeks now and seems to be recovering well.

Thirdly at the beginning of August the Company I used to work for decided to transfer the contract I was working on back to them so I have now transferred who I work for. Which has been abit rushed so there were no phones, cars or laptops once we transferred over and of course this all happened whilst I was on honeymoon so its been mental!!!

Kids are back to school, I have a hire car, phone and laptop are forthcoming so hopefully things will begin to settle down over the next week or so. 

I received a surprise parcel from Lord SIWOC from another competition he ran which also ended whilst I was on honeymoon. A very nice parcel from The Zombie Shop comprising of brains a cool deck of cards, a sticker a book and some cool flyers.
Once my new laptop arrives I can start posting photos again as my spare laptop doesn't have a card reader like my old work laptop and its a pain sync camera up.

Hope your all keeping well and hopefully I'll get some time to catch up on some blogs and gets some stuff worked on!!