Sunday 29 January 2012

Double Agents and Survivors

This weeks been a little slow. Finished off a couple of survivors and took some pictures of my Double Agents for KKBB. Really like these double agents they look excellent. They are painted differently to there movie counterparts that they are base on. The right hand one is Major Dalby and in the centre is House Martin both from 'The Ipcress File'. The one on the left is yet unidentified.

First up Is a Griffin Miniatures survivor sadly I can't find any information about this range I'd like to of seen what was in it. At the moment i'm trying to decide on names but hes going to be some sort of mechanic or garage owner. Love the pose as if his about to crack open a zombies skull with it. As for the pistol it certainly is a big ass pistol.

This Guy has been a pain to photo because the skin is quite dark i've struggled to get a decent photo of the facial features. I intend to use him as a trapper type character the sort who lives off of the land and would be a bit of a natural survivor. The miniature is a Brittania Inkerman figures a Malayan Scout I believe. I painted him to be an African American though.

Monday 23 January 2012

This week's Update

Had a bit of a lazy week hobby wise this week. I'm pending an order from Hasslefree so decided to revisit my earlier miniatures I painted and touch them up abit. I did get my  set of Double Agents finished as well but in a rush this morning completly forgot to take them with me to work to take pictures. I may well post them later in the week.

I did some before and after pictures just because my eyes blur detail and only when taking photos can I see the bloody mistakes some quite ridiculous to be honest. The photos are all before then after shots I include two of baker as the changes can only be seen from cert angles. Dionne I'm still not sure about the face.

This week I read Autumn by David Moody. This is the first book in the series and details the start of the Zombie Apocalypse. I found it to be a great read and does things a lot different to your normal Zombie book from how they awaken and react and its a slow burn. I can't wait to get my hand on the next book but have got to wait for the Library to get hold of it.


Monday 16 January 2012

Sheriff Johnston

My First Zombie Apocalypse related figure of 2012. This is a fantastic miniature I picked it up second hand for a few quid from a guy I know over at the LAF forums. I found out that he is a Team Frog Studios Miniature 'Sheriff Justice' he is listed as being a vampire hunter but I think he will be a great use for all sorts of games and for me it will be a survivor. Armed with pistol and a sawned off shotgun hes ready for anything.

I stripped him off the original paintjob using Dettol (great stuff). I haven't done anything to the base as its already textured. I left the orginal slotta base on as next to a standard 25mm its the right hight and not far off the diameter. I probably should of took photos prior to matt varnishing him but never mind. I'm quite chuffed painting time was about 2-2 1/2 hours.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

More KGB and Some Great Blogs

I've become a lot more diverse lately with what i'm interested in and now follow some 80+ blogs covering various topics. At the moment i'm resisting some of the periods and trying to stick to my main two hobby topics Spy-Fi and Zombie Apocalypse. But we shall see.......

Anyway here is a few that I've really enjoyed reading.

A great starting blog by a fellow Brummie has some greatly painted Crooked Dice figures in it. A mixture of Doctor Who and Captain Scarlet check it out.

For those interested in the Falklands war another great blog I found is this one whilst looking for British DPM Camoflage schemes. It has some Nicely painted figures, vehicles and terrain. Some good ideas/proxies for some units.

Everyone knows Shelldrakes fantastic Zombie blog and Forums but he also has an alternate blog and he's doing some Vietnam skirmish games. Its off to a good start and will be doing a lot of other projects this year.

Another great blog is Shadowking's he does a great mixture of things from Atomic Cafe, Crooked Dice, Reaper  miniatures and Zombies as well as his own artwork (which is excellent by the way). Go and have a read

This blog is awesome. Lots for everyone here Not only is he a mad Zombie fan he even released a fab 7OMBIETV themed fanzine for Crooked Dice's 7OMBIETV ruleset. Issue one is out now and Issue two is in the works.

Anyway enough of my ramblings here are some pictures of the latest miniatures off the paint table. The pack is from Copplestone Castings KKBB range and is titled More KGB Men. These will be some extra muscle for allsorts of gaming from Spy-fi to my Zombie apocalypse.

 A group shot of all my KGB from Copplestone Castings really lovelly sculpts.
 I find these great to paint the detail is just enough without being to much
 I've included this close up as I've had a play with the pistols instead of using metal paints and black washes to detail them. I've used various shades of grey and it looks quite effective I may stick to this method in future.

What do you guys think?

Friday 6 January 2012

Mountain Miniatures Secret Agent and Brummies Angel's

Happy New Year Everyone, My First post of 2012!. Been playing with the putty more so than painting this week. My first completed miniature of 2012 is a secret agent from Mountain Miniatures a great little figure the only one at the moment but in the store there is a hint of another coming soon so fingers crossed. The sculpting was really good on this figure and a real joy to paint. I like the dynamic pose and it has a silenced pistol! Might seem familiar to some people I believe Ian Mountain has sculpted some of the Crooked dice range.

Been looking to do like a squad of Lady agents or soldiers so I've been modding some figures this week to scratch this itch. I've called them Brummie Angel's for now. The are all Warmacre apart from the second on the left which is a modded Street Violence figure. I need to add a lick of paint and see what the foundry figure looks like as she is the one I modified and resculpted bits on. The Rear two Warmacre figures are straight out the packet the front right has had the pistol removed and a smg added.

For what she looked like before see below at the wild honey figure and my previous version of the Warmacre gal