Wednesday 16 January 2019

Kitbash Games Roughneck

I've been very lucky to have been given some figures to paint for Kitbash Games Upcoming Kickstarter.The kickstarter will have a number of supers themed miniatures to support their upcoming Supers Unlimited game. You can find more info about the game and a number of the characters and factions here.

The first figure I have finished is Roughneck. You can read more about his bio on this page from the Kitbash Blog here. The model is resin and comes in two pieces body and left forearm carrying the bat. Roughneck was really easy to clean up and assemble. I spray primed in grey and then
 painted him up. The Resin is top quality and I had no issue getting good coverage. The details are really nice on the figure and it was a pleasure to paint.

I went for a slightly different scheme just because its what I fancied doing.

Friday 11 January 2019

This Weeks Hobby Goings on

Been a quietish week hobby wise. Getting back into the usual routine and having felt a little bit sniffly has left me feeling a bit tired. So I've not picked up a paint brush all week. I did assemble my Kitbash games figures. I haven't gotten around to picking up some milliput yet to do the bases as when I did get chance to get some Waylands Forge hadn't got any. But the good Gent Pulp Citizen has come to the rescue and has managed to grab me some when passing another model shop. So I shall pick that up at some point and crack on with basing these supers and get them primed and started the weekend.

Gaming wise I managed quite a few this week. Sunday saw me trying Here's Negan for the first time. Firstly solo running all 5 characters myself as I woke up ridiculously early and couldn't get back to sleep. It was a good learning experience and I played through scenario 1 the sort of training mission. I managed to escort Negan off. But he got enraged a few times at the lack of progress or people getting in the way so Rep score were knocked back down a couple of times and Laura got bitten on the last tile.

Second game was with my two girls. I played as Dwight and the girls split the other 4 between them This was a totally different game. Zombies kept pouring in from front and behind thanks to the event deck. Lots of fluffed attacks meant it was hard to  gain ground and Negan got real pissed and even had to be called into help at one point (Free action on of his cards.) This was a tough game with several of the characters being incapacitated and having to recover. a Fire in one of the rooms early on took a few turns to get to thanks to an event card opening a room before a character reached. Raised the threat level to the point where the was no coming back and eventually it peaked and the game ended just as the characters tried to secure the final room.

I'd arranged to meet my mate for some 7TV gaming Thursday night so Wednesday evening I spent trying to figure out a way of choosing the archtypes for my Statuesque miniatures I have. But gave up in the end as I wasn't happy with my choice so have left it be for now and shall ponder on it more another time.  So it left me then to think of a cast to take in there place. A comment made by Vagabond on my plans for 2019 post got me thinking about all my figures that I've painted but never got around to using so I went and picked a load of characters from my 7TV storage boxes that I know haven'y been gamed with and put them all in case and came up with variant lists support by Coppers, Bodyguards and soldiers.
Thursday saw a cracking nights gaming at Board in Brum. I met up with another mate Alistair whom I met at the 7TV back in September. I chose my Sweeney list that I had thought up with a Tough Detective, Depenable Deputy, leading a Bodyguard unit (whom I saw as other flying squad members) supported by a Police Marksman.

We rolled up The Hit and we decided it would be best thematically if I defend the VIP against his Shiva cast which comprised of the Destroyer, Kali, and a squad of minion.

The Sweeney tried to prevent a VIP from being assassinated by the Guru's assassin's.

The Destroyer deployed by Jet pack bringing down the Tough Detective, marksman and and and bodyguard. With the Dependable Deputy being wound and the finished of by Kali's deadly blowpipe.

The VIP fled whilst his body guard held a rear guard action. But was caught in a gas explosion as he tried to have a crafty fag to calm his nerves from his narrow escape.

The Bodyguard bruiser and his remaining colleague emptied clip after clip into he Destroyer but failed to bring the monster down.

Managed a quick second game which I mostly forgot to take pics. We switched around our casts a bit. (Well a lot in m case) This time I had a Flamboyant Agent, Strongarm and Unit of Army Privates let by a Corporal. Against Alistair's Shiva cast.

This time Kali, A Daughter Of Shiva, Marut, and sligtly smaller unit of Minions. But my flamboyant agent, strong arm and soldier unit were mercilessly cut down in a failed ambush against Kali, A daughter, Marut and a squad of minions. They fought a hard fight but the flashing blade of the Daughter made short work of the army unit with Marut picking off the stragglers and wounding thee Strongarm. A massive explosion took out most the minion squad. With the Strongarm knocking the stuffing out he minion commander. The Flamboyant agent managed to knock Kali's down to a single wound before succumbing to her deadly blade.

I know need to plan some sort of cast for the 7TV again at Board in Brum in two weeks time. It looks like its going to be an awesome event with 20 players attending. I'm looking forward to it. Though I haven't a clue yet what sort of theme I want to go for.

Monday 7 January 2019

Statuesque Miniatures Gauge and Pulp girl

Done a bit of miniature preparation this week just gone. Cleaning up some resin and metal figures from Kitbash games Supers range. I need some milliput to base them before progressing further but my LGS is out at the minute so I've turned my attention to my box of shame whilst I source some putty from elsewhere.

So needing some characters to lead and pad out my sky pirates I started painting up Gauge and Pulp Girl from Statuesque miniatures. Gauge got finished first as I ended up having to sort out an eye problem with Pulp Girl. I went for a similar scheme to the pirates but went with an earthy green for her trousers to make more like a mechanic. Casting wise I plan to user has a Crackpot inventor, Scientist or Technician depending on Ratings I have spare.

For some reason I really struggled with Pulp Girls left eye. In the end I had to add a line of flesh wash around the eye. I tried to do a glow effect from the gauntlet type gadget in her right hand. Its washed out a bit in the photos here. Casting wise she will be either an Angel of Justice or perhaps a Mad Scientist If I got the villainous route.

Pulp Girl, Gauge and my Sky Pirates I finished last year and forming the core part of my cast. I'll probably be taking these to 7TV Day III in July as its a Pulp themed event. Though they will be getting an excursion this Thursday as I go over to meet a friend at Board in Brum to play some 7TV. I'll try and take some pics I think I am facing a Shiva cast led by the Destroyer! 

All my Statuesque Ladies so far. L-R Gauge, Pulp Girl, Minerva, Golgo Satana then the Sky pirates. I have a number of the male models to do at some point. Phantom Ace, Mak O'Reilly, Captain Wolf and Dr Fang.

The weekend I managed to try out two games of Here's Negan. The first (Solo but with all 5 Saviour's) went quite well with everyone and Negan reaching the exit of Scenario 1. Negan is a git lol I blocked his path twice and he reduced everyone reputation significantly as a number of them were tied so they all lost there hard earned rep. All surviving quite well until Laura got bitten on the last tile but soldiered on.

The Second game involved my two girls sharing there 5 Saviours between us all. Negan was a real git in this one and we only just about made it to the last room before the threat level peeked and ended the game. This was much tougher with a random fire in one of the rooms rapidly increasing the threat level and lots of pants rolls trying to take down walkers. This saw several of the Saviours incapacitated a few times. I have some questions which I couldn't find the answer to but plan to ask in the facebook group for responses.

Once I'm more confident with the rules I'll get the figures painted up and do some game reports . 

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Plans for 2019.

Hmm Plans for 2019 are a bit out there at the moment. Everything is still packed away at the moment  after Decembers clear down. I don't like settin in stone any plans for the coming year I am to much of a gaming butterfly for that and I try and follow my moods as it ensures that I am at least doing something hobby related all the time. I plan on playing and painting more of the same really systems. My only big goal perhaps this year is to play more games in 2019 life was really busy in 2018 and although I got to a couple of 7TV day. I only managed 1 show and even gaming at home was few and far between. I intend on getting out to my local game store Board in Brum at least once a month and also get more games in at home with Pulp Citizen and the family.


I think 7TV is going to feature very predominately in 2019. I am very much looking forward to seeing the Apocalypse set arrive in March and then in the Summer/Autumn the Pulp set is going to be kickstartered or released which is pretty cool as well. There are some guys interested in it at my local store and I already went to a meet up for a couple of games just before Christmas and it was a good laugh.

There are already a couple of dates this year for 7TV days the first being the 26th January at Board in Brum. Then the Wargames Illustrated one in July both of which I am looking forward to very much.

I really want to start getting out and playing the Walking Dead game by Mantic. I've painted a good chunk of what I own so far but haven't gotten around to gaming much with it. Here's Negan should help with that and I'm looking forward to fighting my way through the Sanctuary

I also want to get playing Burrows and Badgers as I have a good number of models but just haven't found the time to play it yet. Terrain is another thing I need to work on for that.
Fantasy gaming is an itch that I have constantly keep cropping up. I just can't seem to find a ruleset that does it for me. Its not so much Burrows and Badgers type of Fantasy but more your typical Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Knights, Adventurers and Orcs etc. I am yet to see the system for it that screams out for me to play or paint more of what I have picked up over the years. Hopefully we will get something for 7TV eventually.


This is always a bit of a funny one for me. 2018 was a great year I managed to paint up 152 28mm size figures, 18 pieces of scatter terrain, 2 vehicles and a Large Strawman. This has to be one of my more productive years painting. I think following my whim's has led to it being so productive for me. Especially December when normally my mojo is very low. I am hoping the gaming nights will influence this as I tend to be quite able to paint if I have a target  or goal.

Projects for 2019

 I have some Supers figures calling my name from the leadpile at the moment so January will see me dabbling at some of those it will fun to do I reckon and be able to some bright and bold colour schemes.

Walking Dead yep Here's Negan player characters are high up the list. But I also need to start tackling the boosters I have as at the moment I have 10 Boosters and an Expansion to paint and there is more I want to add!

Still have more Gi Joe and Cobra figures to paint and convert. I have that Killer Whale to tackle as well as wanting to get more vehicles 3D Printed for it.

7TV day in July is Pulp themed so I want to get some more figures done for my Sky Pirates cast for to take for it. Got several figures in the pile from Statuesque miniatures that I can use for this one.

As usual expect some random stuff from time to time.