Thursday 12 August 2021

Crooked Dice Beastmen Hero 1 Cheetara

I've been keep meaning to grab these for a while as I had already did Mumm-Ra and the Mutants a couple of years back. LINK Fancying something a bit different to paint and having picked them in a recent Crooked Dice order. I ended up prepping these guys first. I have finished off Cheetara first as her colours for her costume I pretty much had all the paints. But the others I think are going to need a little bit more planning though I have started off Lion-O.

Quite a tricky one to photograph. Someone eagle eyed and spotted a black spot on the tip of her nose so I retook the photos for like what feels like the fiftieth time!

Some of the other new toys I got this month from Crooked Dice were the recently released Soldiers of Fortune set which as a huge fan of the A Team I just had to get! I am aware of the Foundry and Studio miniatures sets but I am a huge van of Ernst's sculpting skills. I have the previous version of Hannibal that CD did but wanted the rest of the crew in the same style to match. I am a bit torn now on which Hannibal to use. The Faces are brilliant.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Star Wars Rebel ATRT

 Something Else I have been working on in July is this ATRT or All Terrain Recon Transport from the Star Wars Legion Core set. I am quite pleased to finish this model as this means I have painted all the Rebel half of the core set. This comes with 3 weapon options but in game terms only what card you have equipped matters as its not WYSIWYG. I did try to magnetise it but failed miserably and gave up after the second attempt. I have a second one which I bought really cheap off ebay and I am going to try and magnetise this one as well but will do it during assembly as my attempt on the first one was thwarted by gluing in the forward shield (my impatience in waiting for the magnets to arrive I assembled it thinking it would be quite easy to do!) I think I will have better success doing it this time around but 

I really enjoyed doing this one I got it started I did a bit of experimentation with only washing creases and using drybrushing, sponges to create weathering. The bases are still all basic as I am not sure exactly how I want to