Thursday 29 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Oliver Queen (DKR) & Zomtober is coming!

Another Batman mini finished. The last few have shared similar pallettes so bits have been done on other models as I've finished others off. This time its Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) as he appears in the Frank Miller comics and movie Dark Knight Returns (Cracking series in 2 parts some ideas are perhaps a little old fashioned) Anyway here he is with his Kryptonite Arrow note he is one armed as well and still able to use his bow!

Quite the quirky character in the film I'll have to at some point pick up the other Frank Miller related items from Knight models and get a crew together.

A leader in Green Arrow he can be taken in a Batman crew with his affinity Batman trait allowing him to be fielded as a Free Agent. However for know I plan to use him as a much cheaper leader for my green Arrow crew he only has two types of Arrow standard and Kryptonite but they cause a little bit more damage. Loses rapid fire like most his other versions but gains bonuses to hit instead making him more likely to hit. Still gets his hook arrow (bat claw) Oliver is a tough old boot with decent endurance and desensitised means he still has his full action counters until he gets taken down. Useful to pair up with Flash (TV) and still have plenty of reputation left for selecting a few Free Agent or cops.

In other news its coming upto Zomtober again yay! Time for zombie and survivor painting!

The rules
The rules are simple. To take part just paint one Zombie or Survivor (or more!) each week, in any scale you like, posting it to your blog by the Sunday (we use Sunday's as the end of each week). So that means one or more minis each week on or before the 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd and 30th of October. Very simple,

Crap I better get cracking for the first entry!

Saturday 24 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Starter Set.

Exciting times are a foot for Knight models and the Batman Miniature game. A new two player starter set has been announced for pre order! Its based around the recent Suicide Squad movie. You get two factions the Suicide Squad (one of the teams from the Flash and Arrow book) and the Leto Joker and his cosplay dress henchmen. 

The box contains 13 metal miniatures but if you pre order (either from Knight themselves or from your LGS or other Batman distributor) You also get a free Batfleck version of Batman! There is a Second version which comes direct only and includes a Bombshell version of Harley in it for an extra 10 euros. It doesn't interest me personally but seems popular with many collectors.

Included in the set is a couple of die cut buildings which are reversible and stackable! Very useful I am hoping they release some more of these buildings as I'd gladly get a tables worth.

The full contents are list below and contains enough to get you up and going and playing the game. Nothings been mentioned about whats contained exactly in this book. The fans are hoping its the complete Batman rule book combined with the Flash and Arrow one.

I've pre ordered mine and can't wait until the end of October when they start shipping.
Pre-orders are open until 12th October and shipping commences 26th October.  I can't wait and its my Birthday the 28th! I shall have to wait a bit longer as I am getting mine through Game Geek which is run by a good friend Andrew Bruce.
The Game Box content: 
- 13 highly detailed white metal miniatures (two complete factions:the Suicide Squad and the Joker’s Crew).
- 13 character cards.
- 112-page full-color Batman Miniature Game rulebook.(containing the complete game rules and a themed Suicide Squad campaign!)
- 2 full-color die-cut card buildings.
- 4 die-cut Lamppost markers.
- 4 die-cut Sewer markers.
- 8 Take the Lead counters.
- 7 Objective markers.
- 4 six-sided dice.

Some better pics of the models themselves.

EDIT : Price wise varies depending on the retailer. Games Geek you will need to contact them to order you in a copy once recieved you will be contacted for payment. Currently advertised at £55 plus postages.

Direct from Knight Models the sets are retailing around 100 Euro for the standard set and 110 for the Bombshell version Plus postage.

Monday 19 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Spartan (John Diggle)

A character from the TV series (I am still working my way slowly through them) John Diggle or Spartan as his alias is called is at first a bodyguard hired by Oliver Queens mother to look after him who then later quits and then is asked to join Team Arrow. (My knowledge ends there ha!) This was again an easy model to assemble. Comes in three possible four parts with a choice of head. Its comprises of body, arms (one piece I think) and a two heads bare and a helmeted. I went with the helmet version purely because I feel these vigilantes need to keep there identities a secret.

Know whats useful about Spartan is rather him being release as a Free Agent he is a Henchmen. Now at 60 rep and $350 funding he isn't cheap (for a henchmen) But usefully he has the bodyguard trait which most good crews lack, Has a Kevlar vest (You ignore the first damage per attack) has a nice short ranged pistol attack but also packs a Taser for in combat! Stats are upper henchmen level but of course the best bit is you can give him Equipment!!!! So In my crew I am giving him a Grapple gun (bat claw), Whistle (Stop trait) and possibly the Helmet (Hardened trait makes him even tougher turns first blood each round to stun) Which though this seems expensive there is plenty of funding spare for other henchmen and as we still can't take more than SWAT team member (no elite boss swat in an arrow crew) Can still fit in some other henchmen with guns!

Paint scheme wise I tried to look up the show costumers and it is mostly black/dark greys so I have gone a similar route but gave the coat a blue tone wash just to break it up a little. I think the scheme works nicely and blends in a little with my cops.

Also recently my prize from the Titan tournament arrived (I came last but still got a prize yay!)
So have recieved the Commissioner Gordon and SWAT crew pack alongside the Mr Pink and Alt Talia tournament cards. I am most pleased with the Gordon and SWAT as I have been meaning to pick them up for ages. The Talia card I already have but its all good as I can try and trade it for another card. Mr Pink is awesome as I can add him to my Penguin and Bane Crews once I have picked up a model for him.

Saturday 10 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game The Flash (TV)

Speedsters are a new addition to the Batman game universe with characters like The Flash, Kid Flash, Professor Zoom and the Reverse Flash being released for the game. A new sub phase has been added which allows these characters to use 'Speed Force' which grants them buffs and movement outside the normal game sequence.

I wasn't keen at first to be honest as the first releases were expensive reputation wise and I wasn't keen on the character for the Villainous sides (Prof Zoom) mainly his yellow colour scheme is what I don't like  but at 125 rep its a lot of points in one model which on paper doesn't seem to be as useful as other characters of that stature. Also The Flash that was released as a good guy was only useable in a Batman crew and at the moment I am building up a Green Arrow crew and options for that until recent releases have been none existent.

The last tournament I went to lacked any speedsters at all so sort of puts either doubt in there usefulness or perhaps they just haven't been tried enough yet.

Anyway a few more figures have now been released for the game Kid Flash (Free agent for Batman, Green Arrow and Law) and Reverse Flash (most villain crews) which neither really jumped out at me until recently the TV Version of the Flash was released alongside another TV character Spartan(Arrow) who are both Green Arrow affiliated only. This second version of the Flash is only 100 rep and has a sidekick rank leaving me still more choice for Free Agents. So what the heck I decided to give speedsters a try out. I have cheaper Arrow leaders (Animated/Dark knight returns) I can use as an alternative to save a few more rep points for henchmen. Though I know really want the TV version of Green Arrow as I can then field a fluffy TV crew.

The model itself is very nice and comes in two halves split at the waist. Clean up was enough and assembly was ok. My only criticism of this model really  is the detail is very soft and once primed and a few thin layers of red then details such as the padding on the gloves and legs are easily lost. My red is perhaps a bit brighter than I would of liked and the yellow piping was a royal pain in the ass but he is finished and useable. Its one of the weird things with Knight models he is quite slender yet others appear quite chunky it must be either different sculptors as the other Flash mini is a lot chunkier in comparison.

Thursday 8 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Little Spark

Another member of Black Gate Prisoner Set 2 finished leaving just Axe Prisoner to finish off the second set. Little Spark is another of the tough prisoners weighing in at 40 rep and $100 funding. Spark's heavy electric baton lays out the hurt causing double stun damage wounding on 3s with rerolls to hit makes it an awesome combo. The life preserver and cushion he wears as improvised armour gives him the catcher gear trait offering protection from the heavy trait weapons. Sturdy also reduces the counters he loses when take damage allowing him to stay in the fight that little bit longer.

I'm looking forward to trying this guy out and High Security in a list and see what damage they can do. I think I am going to have to look at a Penguin list with this guy in.

Monday 5 September 2016

Batman Miniature Game Prisoner 05

Finished off Prisoner 05 this week or Smoke Bomb prisoner as he is otherwise known as. I have had a couple of prisoners part painted since I did the last few prisoners for the last Batman tournament. I have a wide variety of stuff on the paint bench and fancied something easy to work on and finish I just picked them up and did some more work on them. 

The Previous prisoners can be found here (Click the name)
High Security
Prisoner 01 and 04

I really do like the Blackgate Prison set 2 the sculpts are a little chunkier and as such seem easier to paint up. I only have 4 prisoners left now. Little Spark (nearly finished), Turk, Stick and Axe Prisoners. I also have one of the special tournament cards B.A and a spare Stick prisoner to use for the model. I am currently mulling over how to add chains for his necklaces and a feather for his ear :D

The main use of this guy is his smoke bombs they restrict line of sight prevent people from moving and can generally be really annoying. The pistol is a nice back up weapon but he is quite squishy stat wise.

Friday 2 September 2016

Alpha Squad

Well back from my Holiday this week. Not enjoying back obviously ha! But feeling recharged and we had a really good 10 day break and the weather was awesome. Totally forgot to share more pics of these guys that I used for my Across the Dead Earth gang so will be an easy first post back :)

These were a private commission I was very lucky to be able to get some spare castings from. Myself and Pulp Citizen are going to be getting some games in with them which i'm really looking forward to. I also hope to play more Post apoc games and possible some 7TV2e with them.

Obviously themed on GI Joe I was a huge fan of the Sunbow cartoons as a kid and had tons of action figures and vehicles. I have admired many projects done by others over the years were people have recreated them using conversions to make all there favourites. Its going to be awesome getting these all done.

The members painted so far. I have another 5 of these todo. Then onto there adversaries.
First up is Stalker not one I ever had as a kid tbh. But there were so many to choose from.

Beach head was one of my favourites and I always coveted getting him as a kid sadly none of the stores that used to stock these ever had him in. In later years there was an alt version but it wasn't as good as the original. I love the gear they all carry very much like there larger cousins.

 Spirit I am going to have try and source an eagle to go with guy I am still looking for one that I really like, I wasn't that bothered about him back in the day but love this model none the less.


Gung Ho love this model was never really keen on the originals blue uniform was a much bigger fan of Leatherneck who wore similar attire. 

Sgt Slaughter has to be one of the most Iconic Joes one of the things I loved about the GI Joes and Action forces figures was just the sheer variety of types.

Shockwave another one of my absolute favourites I chickened out on the camouflage though it could do the small marks consistently enough so have just kept it plain.

Painting has resumed I'm working on a private commision for a friend at the moment as well staring at the mass of different things on my paint bench and trying to decide what to do next!